Recount in Florida, US election administration awful

There have been a number of stories on the US election of awful administration on top of ongoing problems of gerrymandering, voter restrictions and difficulties in voting on election day.

The overall result is pretty much settled, with the Republicans assured of a 0-3 seat majority in the Senate (I think a 50-50 deadlock is broken by the Vice President), and the Democrats assured of control of the House with the only likely possibility that they may increase their election night majority.

Both delays and problems persist, and the courts are often involved (with elected officials and judges) in trying to sort out problems.

Reuters:  Voter advocates sue over delays at polling sites

Voting rights activists successfully sued Georgia and Texas asking them to extend voting hours in some counties after problems with voting machines led to delays and long lines thanks to a big turnout in U.S. elections on Tuesday.

This thread suggests a shambles in Indiana:

Florida is involved in tight contests and controversy again:

Of course trump is involved:


Problems vary because each state does voting their own way, and parties are heavily involved in many aspects of the process.

And the biggest problems here are getting more people to vote (our turnouts are relatively high) and quibbling about vote advocating on election day when a a lot of votes are cast early when it promotion and advertising are allowed.

Our Electoral Commission may be a bit slack in dealing with (relatively minor) transgressions, but overall we have a very good electoral system.

Our candidates and politicians and lobby groups are all generally far less controversial than in the US too.

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  1. Corky

     /  11th November 2018

    America..the land of mighty contrast. The most technologically advanced nation on earth..then this.!?

  2. David

     /  11th November 2018

    Pox on both their houses, no politician wants to cede control and the states dont want to cede to the federal government so its a bloody mess. The Florida democrat official suddenly found 80,000 votes and wont let on where she found them, she is deciding which way spoilt ballots go while not allowing any scrutiny from the republicans.
    Hanging chad redux

  3. Blazer

     /  11th November 2018

  4. The Consultant

     /  11th November 2018

    • We have a simple system in new Zealand for IDing voters – they post out an ID number.

      Insisting on additional ID at the point of voting is ridiculous, voters should have been verified prior to the election.

      • The Consultant

         /  11th November 2018

        New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner said voter fraud was not a widespread problem, largely because the law requires voters to show a valid identification at the polls. If an ID is lacking, the voter’s photo is taken, they have to sign an affidavit affirming their identify and then state officials follow up.

        Democrat dominance in their hold on power in New Hampshire means they’re perfectly happy to adopt the sort of vote-fraud prevention measures that they scream about being “racist” elsewhere in the 50 states.

      • David

         /  11th November 2018

        There are 36 million undocumented aliens in the US voter fraud is/could be a huge issue they need a few more checks and balances than us

  5. Patzcuaro

     /  11th November 2018

    Andrew Goss USAF
    Breaking News:

    Broward Country just found 1,000 votes cast for Al Gore in 2000.
    3:01 PM · Nov 9, 2018 · Twitter for Android


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