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    • Corky

       /  November 13, 2018

      ”The IDF said it also struck Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV studios in Gaza City. Reports in Gaza said the Israel Air Force fired warning missiles before striking the building, which was evacuated prior to the attack.”

      I guess that’s the difference between these two sides…and why there can never be a’ two state`” solution.

      • Gezza

         /  November 13, 2018

        The slaughter, land-stealing and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians has sure been stepped up ever since they declared themselves an apartheid state & Kushner and Ivanka & the Zionists and fundies got to Trump and he gave them the green light.

        Hard to say where this will end. The Palestinian cause never used to be a religious fundamentalist one. The PLO weren’t overtly religious. Hamas sadly has no fucking clue. What is the point of banging on about Jihad and Islam, sending these poor deluded kids out to be joyfully shot dead or have their limbs blown off by IDF thugs and wanking on about them being fucking martyrs?

        Nobody gives a fuck about fucking Muslim martyrs in the rest of the world, That martyrdom shite is millenias gone to the Christian and secular West. Hamas is destroying its own people through exploiting this Islamic fundamentalist crap & the Palestinian youth are too indoctrinated – they can’t see it.Hamas has had control for too long, and is so blinded by its dogmatic religion it has no clue how to communicate with non-Muslim countries – and other Arab countries no longer care.