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14 November 2018


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  1. Corky

     /  14th November 2018

    If the UN plays its cards right they may inherit an already made army.

  2. Corky

     /  14th November 2018

    Crikey! I wonder if Robert should stay put at The Standard to save face given a myriad of problems this government has as they slowly sink.

    1- House buyers in Auckland having to pay for their own infrastructure ( on top of rates).

    2- Expensive mulch in Northland.

    3- Jonsey on the loose.

    4- Iain Lees-Galloway waiting to be sacked.

    5- Ambulance officers striking.

    6- Teachers striking.

    7- I forget the others that are striking

    How many strikes happened under National?

    • robertguyton

       /  14th November 2018

      National, Corky?
      Hang on, I’ll just check the polls…
      Oh dear!

      • High Flying Duck

         /  14th November 2018

        If you’re checking UMR, you may as well check your twitter feed for the mood of the nation.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  14th November 2018

      That no 1 was a National policy carried on by Labour. It is actually a good one – it removes the 10’s of thousands of dollars “development contribution” from the cost of each section and then spreads it over 30 or so years. So rates are higher, but section prices drop.
      2 & 3 are the same thing.
      4 – he won’t be because there is no-one capable of replacing him. JA will burn some political capital and keep him on. A bit of a beltway issue anyway really.
      5 – the strikes are becoming a problem. Especially if the “mega-strike” by school teachers goes ahead.
      As for your last bit. National are unfortunately not capitalising on 1-7 as they have their own issues and are not putting any compelling narrative forward. At best it’s “a pox on both their houses!”

  3. lurcher1948

     /  14th November 2018

    Donald Trump,the laughing stock…whom you cannot rely on

  4. robertguyton

     /  14th November 2018

    Nothing from you on this, Pete???
    “So, I was pretty willing to believe Ian Lees Galloway had made a mistake as immigration minister, and tried to do a reasonable but compassionate thing and simply failed to have all the evidence ready when he decided to let Karel Sroubek conditionally stay in the country.

    In reality, we learned today, it turns out the reason the Nats knew so much about this case not because the information was legitimately “in the public domain” like they stated, but because one of their members who ran for a local board is the new partner of Karel’s ex, and they’ve been trying to put a hit out on the minister using deeply personal information, rather than having any legitimate point to make about systemic vulnerabilities in the immigration system or an actual display of lack of judgement.”

    • High Flying Duck

       /  14th November 2018

      Headline for your post Robert:

      “Deeply misleading and irrelevant fact used to try and dig incompetent minister out of hole”

      • robertguyton

         /  14th November 2018

        Useful term for you, HFD: confirmation bias.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  14th November 2018

          It would have been a good addition, but I simply couldn’t fit that into the headline Robert.

  5. PartisanZ

     /  14th November 2018

    “The idea that you would isolate someone from the circumstances that had led to their wrongdoing was simply culturally incomprehensible.”

    “Dr Moana Jackson, one of Maoridom’s most influential legal scholars, has a question for New Zealand: are we “brave and imaginative enough” to stop insisting on one law for all?

    “In the end, the goal of being just, the goal of restoring relationships, is not so much about one law for all but one justice for all,” said Jackson, a Victoria University of Wellington alumnus and honorary doctorate …”

    “He said, “My view is that in the long term you can’t humanise prisons, which are fundamentally inhuman. So discussion, for me, should not be how we train prison officers to be more sensitive and caring but how we train them eventually to see there’s some other way of doing things; that incarceration is not the answer.”

    • Corky

       /  14th November 2018

      I find the man dour and uncommunicative. I also agree with little of what he says. He has a romantic view of Maori life, pre European arrival.

      Quote: re Maori justice.

      ”Before 1840, there was a system that “wasn’t based in London. It grew out of the stories of this land, it grew out of the ineffable hopes of this land, as any true justice system does”.

      ”It was a system – and a language – that didn’t even have a word for ‘prison’.”


      Solving our prison numbers is easy…legalise all drugs. That means many Maori will cease to be in the justice system

  6. Speech at the recent Cannabis referendum conference (Wlgtn).. a bit far for I to attend though 😦

  7. Gezza

     /  14th November 2018

    Prime Rocks – Eric Clapton documentary “Life in 12 Bars – finishes 23.20 pm – very good.