France, Germany look to strengthen Euro zone (without Britain)

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Sunday for Germany and France to dig deeper as allies in their bid to spearhead a more united Europe, including by overcoming lingering scepticism on issues such as a euro zone budget.

In a speech to the German lower house of parliament on Sunday at an event honoring war victims, Macron said the onus was on France and Germany to pursue those efforts.

“This new phase can be scary as we will have to share, pool together our decision-making, our policies on foreign affairs, migration and development, an increasing part of our budgets and even fiscal resources, build a common defense strategy,” Macron said at the Bundestag.

“We have to overcome our taboos and overcome our habits.”

Macron, who later met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin for talks, evoked a world “at a crossroad” in his speech, pitting nationalist movements “with no memory” against more modern, progressive ones.

“Europe, and within it, the Franco-German alliance, has the obligation not to let the world slip into chaos,” he said.

Meanwhile: Theresa May to visit Brussels this week as she defends Brexit deal


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  1. Patzcuaro

     /  19th November 2018

  2. duperez

     /  19th November 2018

    Jonathan Pie: Cameron’s Brexit (Warning for language)

    • Gezza

       /  19th November 2018

      He was a guest on Aljazeera tv’s The Stream early last week. It’s a half hour programme that uses social media to get live commentary on issues chosen by the presenters, pitched mainly at young people. That one looked a online political satirists and featured a couple of others, one an American comedienne of about the same age as Jonathon. Pie is far and away the funniest and cleverest.

  3. wooden goat

     /  19th November 2018

    Macron talks about “nationalist movements with no memory” – what rubbish!

    It is people like *him* who have “no memory”. No memory of the Ottoman Turks who got to the gates of Vienna before being stopped, and whose Muslim brethren are now flooding into modern-day Europe, invited by the likes of Macron and Merkel.
    Pffft….. “nationalists with no memory” – pish-posh!

    It is precisely **because** the “nationalists” in Europe have pride in their culture, values and **history** that they are gaining strength.
    The Poles and Hungarians are not fools. They know what it is like to be invaded and *they* know an invasion when they see one.

    If Europe is to survive the current invasion, it will be because of countries like Hungary and Poland – not France and Germany.
    Macron can *keep* his “progressivism”.

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