Louisa Wall’s speech at Pride Parade hui ‘circus’

Labour MP Louisa Wall was recorded speaking at a recent Pride Parade hui that has further highlighted the fraught factional gender debate surrounding this year’s parade, and also on “the whole gender identity issue”.

Wall “To be honest I think fundamentally that is part of the issue, that we’ve been infiltrated by people who are trying to divide and rule us”.

Wall made some controversial comments, in particular:

“So I’m here to say, that my whole thing is I don’t want any fucking Terfs at the Pride Parade”. But Wall also provides context around the current debate. The whole context of her speech is important.

The organisation of the Pride Parade this year has highlighted growing problems in the LGBTQ+ community, with division and exclusion – the opposite of what the Pride Parade was supposed to be about – festering and sometimes blowing out into the open.

There have been claims that the organising committee has been hijacked by radical activists – and if People Against Prisons Aotearoa (they want to shut all prisons and disband the police force) have taken some degree of control then others should be concerned.

Media were excluded from the hui, but Stuff reported: Auckland Pride Parade’s hui over police uniform ban turns into ‘a circus’

A physical scuffle broke out at a meeting of the Auckland rainbow community to discuss the ban on uniformed police marching in the city’s 2019 Pride Parade.

Before the start of the meeting, Tim Foote, an independent facilitator on behalf of the Pride board, also asked media if they had taken any notes and told them to leave the meeting at Grey Lynn Community Centre on Sunday night, which was attended by about 250 people.

The meeting was described as “emotional” and “a circus” by an attendee.

A number of attendees walked out when the scuffle broke out between an older man and a founder People Against Prisons Aotearoa. Its “No Pride In Prisons” group has been advocating for police to be excluded from the parade.

Another attendee, who requested not to be named in fear of the repercussions, told Stuff the meeting was a farce from start to finish.

Tracy Phillips, co-ordinator of the New Zealand Police’s diversity liaison officer (DLO) service, responded by saying: “We’re certainly not going to force our way in, and we’ve taken that message as we are not welcome.”

In a Facebook post made while the meeting was still underway, Rainbow Tick chief executive  Michael Stevens said organisers had underestimated the number of people wanting to attend, and the meeting had been “a shambles”.

Stevens said the Pride Board had “totally underestimated the depth of division they’d created with their decision. If that’s how they’re running the Pride Parade then God help them”.

A source told Stuff it was “the ugliest meeting I have been to in a long time”.

Louisa Wall, Labour’s MP for Manurewa, said she had gone to the meeting as a member of the community, because she had “wanted to understand how we got to this place”.

A recording of Louisa Wall addressing the hui has emerged via Speak Up for Women:

Stop Hate Speech

Here’s the full recording of MP Louisa Wall’s hate speech targeting women during the Pride Hui earlier this week.

The recording was made in secret by a hui attendee who will not speak publicly for fear of the attacks and threats they have already been subjected to. We demand that our MPs promote respectful dialogue on women’s legitimate concerns with proposed changes to the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationship Registration Act.

Some of what Wall said:

I want to actually commend you on your consultation, I think it’s really important. As you began the journey you actually listened to the community.

And the other bottom line for us all, I mean the whole gender identity issue and trans exclusion is huge. Right? It’s a global issue at the moment, and I think none of us want to see the exclusion of our trans sisters.

Up until this stage the speech was interspersed with clapping.

To be honest I think fundamentally that is part of the issue, that we’ve been infiltrated by people who are trying to divide and rule us.

No clapping after this line, but some inaudible comments could be heard, after which Wall continued uninterrupted.

Part of the issue is we have had a decision made based on as Sissy has articulated, a series of consultations. but what is really difficult for the community is actually since 2013, and we need to look at the context, the police were initially asked not to march in uniform.

Ok, so in 2013, when the Pride parade started, the police participated not in uniform, but since 2014 the police have been able to participate and march in uniform.

Historically as a community we know we’ve had an issue with the police. Historically as a community we know we’ve had an issue with Corrections.

So these issues are not discrete.

But I think what’s happened is the board has made it’s decision based on listening to the community, and we are all now here together because the decision they made was actually to listen to our community. So we have to thank them, which is why i have started by thanking Sissy and her team for what they have undertaken. Now…

Clapping and ‘hear hear’.

And as we move forward, and herein lies a bit of a, it’s an ironic, h, part of the police’s history, ’cause I do want to acknowledge you Tracy, and I also want to acknowledge our brothers and sisters, LGBCQ, whanau and the police.

I’m actually here representing my friend Whiti Timutimu, who is the Maori Responsiveness Adviser for the New Zealand Police…she’s the first Maori woman serving in the Police having a moku. She couldn’t be here, she’s based in Gisborne.

But the Police are doing an amazing job at diversifying…The Police are exemplifying at the moment diversity and inclusion, and that’s the irony of this decision…

And having a meeting, and possibly rolling the Board, we all need to just take a big deep breath, and actually focus on what Pride is all about.

Everybody who’s here has been motivated to get here tonight because we are proud to be members of the LGBT community…all of us want the same thing,

But, what we also have acknowledge is for our trans community, I believe they are still the most marginalised, excluded group in our LGBT community, and I stand here as takaatapui Lesbian woman, who feels fucking grateful that my identity means I get access to services that I need.

And our trans whanau do not experience life like we do. We have to fight and support their rights and their ability to speak up, and I do also want to acknowledge what you said Bobby, ’cause it’s true when we look at the Police Complaints Authority, the Human Rights Authority (I’m there tomorrow), and our trans whanau too, if you are feeling victimised and abused and not listened to, and your complaints are not getting through to institutions which again highlight the fact that if there are some discrimination and issues in our community, then we’ve got a problem.

But the people we need to be working with are those diversity liaison officers, and ourselves with our community. We’ve got the capacity, we’re bloody strong, and when we speak in a unified voice, we can get change.

So I’m here to say, that my whole thing is I don’t want any fucking Terfs at the Pride Parade.

Much cheering and clapping.

Speak up for Women define terf: The word ‘terf’ is hate speech used to belittle and threaten anyone who rejects the premises or conclusions of transgender ideology.  It is used to dehumanise and incite violence.

Sorry about swearing everybody

So that’s why I’m sorry I took a bit more time, but can we just show some compassion, some aroha, some love, some support for one another. And that’s my korero for tonight.

So spoke a bit more after that and then closed her speech.

Small parts of that speech have led to a reaction, including frowns over a ‘secret’ recording, but I think that if small parts are going to be quoted then wider context is important.


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  1. David

     /  26th November 2018

    I dont get how the trans people can possibly reach agreement with feminists because one is literally not compatible with the other.
    How can the trans people have anything to do with the gay community, the gay community is rightly upset that the trans people are claiming say effeminate gay people as being born in the wrong body rather than just being queer, years of fighting to be finally excepted then your truth is that you were just trans all along.
    Is there a Muslim representative there or are they excluded from having a float too.

    • Missy

       /  27th November 2018

      David, you need to be careful about putting all feminists in the one basket regarding this issue.

      This is an issue (as with many lately) that is dividing the feminists. Radical Feminists are among some of those that are front and centre with the hate speech against women who voice concerns over self identification, it is the more moderate feminist, the ones concerned about women’s well being instead of being an activist for the latest trendy issues, that are being targeted in terms of using phrases such as TERF, rather than feminists in general.

      As with all interest and political groups, feminists are becoming fractured with some taking on more extreme positions.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  26th November 2018

    A Monty Python skit come to life. A storm in a bra cup. What’s not to like?

  3. Gezza

     /  26th November 2018

    Christ what a farce ! When is this disaster of circus parade actually happening?

  4. The Consultant

     /  26th November 2018

    Global issue. Progressive Feminist Suspended From Twitter After Criticizing The Transgender Movement:

    Murphy, a self-described socialist and radical feminist, has been an outspoken critic of the transgender activist movement, claiming that it has an outsized sociopolitical influence, especially in her native Canada.

    In 2017, Murphy testified before the Canadian Senate against the C-16 pronoun legislation, stating in part that “the rights of women and girls are being pushed aside to accommodate a trend,” and that “treating gender as though it is either internal or a personal choice is dangerous and completely misunderstands how and why women are oppressed under patriarchy as a class of people.”

    Hmmm – sounds like she is learning a few life lessons all the same:

    In any case, I would like to announce that I’ve changed my mind about some things. Brace yourselves. I am tired of the ‘right=bad’/’left=good’ dichotomy.

    Right wing media has been the only media to cover Twitter’s attempts to silence me, and has been the only media to reach out to me. Mainstream, liberal, progressive media continues to refuse to even acknowledge that feminists have a critique of transgender ideology.

    I’m shocked, shocked that radical socialists have second thoughts once they’re being put up against the wall and discover that their side silences dissent.

    Sadly Ms Murphy, your “trend’ has been superceded by a cooler, more radical trend. But take heart, the trans-humanist movement is growing, not least because people are looking at all this shite and thinking, I don’t want to be human anymore 🙂

    • “the rights of women and girls are being pushed aside to accommodate a trend,” and that “treating gender as though it is either internal or a personal choice is dangerous and completely misunderstands how and why women are oppressed under patriarchy as a class of people.”

      Couldn’t agree more

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  26th November 2018

        I don’t believe that women in the West, at least, are oppressed.

        Who does all the heavy, unpleasant work like roadmaking, mining and working in sewers ? Or working for minimum wage on rubbish trucks, or as furniture movers?

        Which sex is legally forced to join the army in times of war ?

        Which sex can be legally obliged to support children who are not theirs, even when this is proved?

        Which sex was the one sent up chimneys or not barred from working in mines because it was too hard and dangerous?

        Which sex was a very small minority of those saved on the Titanic?

        Which sex was traditionally made to pay debts contracted by the other?

        Which sex has the shorter life span, has much less spent on their specific health issues, and makes up most of the suicide statistics? And is the one usually chosen for drug experiments?

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  26th November 2018

          And which member of a marriage could be, and was, sent to prison for a crime committed by the other ?

          Which sex was overwhelmingly more likely to be hanged for crimes that, when the other committed them, were very, very seldom punished by the death penalty?

          Two murders, very similar, were committed in NZ when the death penalty was in. Both were ambushes and shootings of an ex. One was a young unemployed man. One was a pretty young doctor. There was nothing to choose between the crimes. He waited for the victim to come into a coffee bar. She climbed through a window and waited for the victim to come in, stood between him and the door and shot him.

          One was hanged, the other went on to have a successful career.

          No prizes for guessing which one was hanged and which one walked away.

        • Missy

           /  27th November 2018

          Which sex is more likely to have finances/social life controlled by a partner?

          Which sex is more likely to be sexually assaulted on public transport?

          Which sex is more likely to be judged based on their personal life when they are the victim of a sexual assault?

          Which sex is more likely to be in an abusive relationship?

          Which sex is more likely to lose financial independence on marriage and having children?

          Which sex is more likely to be subjected to abuse and threats of violence (including rape) on social media?

          Which sex is most likely to have their intelligence judged based on their appearance?

          Which sex is most likely to be disadvantaged from a divorce?

          Which sex is most likely to be punished in a Sharia Court? (and yes there are Sharia Courts in the West, and some even have legal status).

          These are all examples of ways men try to control women, which is a form of oppression.

          Oppression is more than legal status, it is about how people are treated on a day to day basis in society. You are a fool if you don’t think women in the West are oppressed, many are in a lot of ways, it doesn’t have to be via laws of the land.

          Self identification is another way that women will be oppressed and marginalised as their safe spaces are slowly removed from them. There have already been cases in the UK where men with violent convictions have self identified as women, and because of pressure from the trans lobby they have been moved to women’s prisons. Guess What? These men sexually assaulted, (and in one case violently raped) women prisoners. Imagine if these men decided to self identify as women and legally were allowed into women’s refuges, this potentially removes places of safety for vulnerable women.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  27th November 2018

            Which sex gives up their financial independence to keep their wives and children?

            Which sex pays for a house and then has to hand half the money over to the partner who hasn’t given anything towards it?

            Many surveys show that violence is pretty well 50/50, but that men don’t admit it. If a man rings the police, guess who’s taken away?

            There are no refuges for men who are victims of domestic violence; they tend to stay for the sake of the children.

            I have heard the stories of women supposedly being raped on crowded trains, but would have thought that it would be physically impossible if they are squashed that close together.

            There are laws in place to forbid someone’s personal life and previous legal history being brought up in court, so that one is a non-starter.

            I have known many academics of both sexes who are obviously not in those positions because of their looks.

            I can’t comment on men pretending to be trans to get into women’s prisons. But I know that women who sexually assault young people are less likely to go to prison. I can’t imagine a man who had sex with a child of 9 being let to live with his father instead of going to prison.

  5. The Consultant

     /  26th November 2018

    Oh – and this from an interview with her….

    MURPHY: Like I said before, the amount of power that trans activists have over public debate is incredible and kind of scary. It’s just a few people. There are a few people who have connections to Twitter or work for Twitter who are either trans themselves or allied with this movement who are just dictating these rules.

    Should have stuck with blog sites, circa 2005. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook may have provided a large audience very fast, but if they shut you down because of “hate speech”, then it was a wasted effort.

  6. duperez

     /  26th November 2018

    I’m not sure how or why people who want reforms of our prison system, including actually getting rid of them, could link that to disbanding the police force.

    I can understand the desire or aim to have a utopian society and world where some sort of policing is not needed because everything is sweet and lovely and everyone is sweet and lovely. (A bit like those visual depictions of Heaven with smiles and butterflies and everyone tripping the light fantastic.)

    Disbanding the police force would mean other agencies would need to develop, how about calling the first model the NPF*, to sort out what inevitably would need to be sorted out. Whatever number of hundreds of thousands of years shows the impossibility of humans to do without some form of agreed arbiters or assistants dealing with abberant behaviour.

    *NPF = Not Police Force

  7. The Consultant

     /  26th November 2018

    More foreign fun (headed for NZ soon): in this case from Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio where philosophy professor Nicolas Meriwether ran into a problem:

    The student was male but identified as female and wanted to be addressed as “ma’am” instead of “sir.” Meriwether offered a very reasonable compromise: He suggested calling the student by his name rather than agree to address him by an inaccurate pronoun.

    According to the Kansas City Star, the student threatened to have Meriwether fired if he refused and went on to alert school officials. University officials told the professor he had to use transgender pronouns and said he had created a “hostile environment” for the distressed student. While Meriwether has not yet been fired, he did sue officials from the university. Now the professor is seeking damages, claiming his First Amendment rights were violated.

    As is usually the case with “activists” of any sort, it was a waste of time trying to compromise with the lttle shit. Meriwether should have just called him “sir” or “Mister”.

    It would be nice one day if other students simply picked up their bags and walked out in the case of Professors getting relieved or fired over bullshit like this. On their way out the door they could tell the activist, “I came to be lectured by him, not you”.

    • Gezza

       /  26th November 2018

      As is usually the case with “activists” of any sort, it was a waste of time trying to compromise with the lttle shit. Meriwether should have just called him “sir” or “Mister”.

      He could have saved himself a lot of bother by just calling it “ma’am”. The heavily 5 o’clock-shadowed cross-dresser who worked in our office wanted to be treated as female & called “she” so everybody called him that. I think she used the female loos without any incidents or complaints.

      What kind of odd situation is happening where a professor is calling a student “sir”?

      • Gezza

         /  26th November 2018

        For the downticker(s)

        • Gezza

           /  26th November 2018

          If you don’t like pansies I can probably find some buttercups?
          Let me know? 😐

          • The Consultant

             /  26th November 2018

            A: Why do you care enough about downtickers to even waste time with the pansy comment?

            B: Why do you then comment further on the dowctickers response to both the orginal comment and the pansy comment?

            FFS – Ive seen people making nice comments about Jono Lomo’s death who got downticks. It is almost a literal waste of time responding to such. There are very fucked up people in this world and some of them find their way online.

            IGNORE THEM.


      • Kitty Catkin

         /  26th November 2018

        I was always called by my first name by lecturers, .never anything else, not even Miss Catkin. As a tutor, I wouldn’t have dreamed of calling some little undergraduate ‘sir’. Dream on, boyo. We called the older lecturers Dr Whatever Their Name Was, but the younger ones were called by first names as I remember. Unless the older one happened to be one’s partner, of course 😀 .

        This one won’t hit NZ, as we are much more inclined to use first names. A German woman was amazed that people call their doctors by their first names.

  8. The Consultant

     /  26th November 2018

    Looks like the Alliance Defending Freedom group has taken up the fight on the professor’s behalf. Although I did have to laugh at the naivety of this statement from their Senior Counsel Travis Barham:

    “Tolerance is a two-way street,”

    He should meet Louisa Wall and company.

    New Zealand is a more tolerant country than the USA, but we exhibit this by simply turning our backs on the likes of Wall, walking away, and ignoring them. That’s still deemed “intolerance” of course but it has the virtue of not making the fight worse. The vice of course is that it feeds the bloodlust of said activists who then pursue their prey unrelentingly. With such people there is no quiet life until you act and say as they wish all the time.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  26th November 2018

      The proper response to these idiots is to laugh at them before walking away.

      • The Consultant

         /  26th November 2018

        Well that seems to be what’s happening with the parade, which looks like it will collapse. Two points to make on that.

        First, it gives the lie to the endless propaganda one hears that this or that “side” are winning the battle for hearts and minds beyind their own tiny group.

        Second, it reinforces the paranoia and hatred that this tiny group feel towards the rest of society, who realise that they can’t gain enough converts but also can’t intimidate a larger group – much as they would like to. But it feeds on itself, even with the paradoxical claims of the first point.

        And so…. Trans girl can’t get dates from guys

        “Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts.”

        Still, there is some hope for them, based on a couple interviewed…

        They hang out together, see friends and go to the movies, but their love is one in a million – Arin was born a girl and Katie was born a boy. They are both transgender.

  9. David

     /  26th November 2018

    Wall has continued her attack on the feminist movement in the media now, the term TERF is one that sows division and hate and should not be used by a politician. Women, and men, have a right to speak out about the effect trans people can have on their daughters..and sons.
    What would Wall think when a boy identifies as a girl and gets to use the girls changing room after gym as has happened now in the US (the other way round), are people who raise those concerns a hate group.
    What about when trans men start cleaning up in all womens sports events, look at the downhill mountain biking guy now a girl and winning everything easily.
    No one is allowed to say anything ?

    • Gezza

       /  26th November 2018

      Yeah I agree with what you say here. Men who have transitioned to women have an unfair skeletal (and possibly still muscular) advantage. The only way to resolve this fairly in my view is to create trans sports events. They can compete with each other. Otherwise they can accept they’ve made a life choice that simply means some things they’d like to do, they can’t. There are millions of people who for whatever reason would like to do things they simply can’t. They should get over it.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  26th November 2018

      No one is allowed to say anything? Is there a law against it ?

      Well, you are saying something; how is this happening ?

      In fact, the hormone treatment affects the strength, but this is ignored by those who want to make it seem that trans women have an advantage.

      • David

         /  26th November 2018

        Years of testosterone while you develop muscle strength and gain a huge advantage then 6 months of estrogen to grow titties is not a level playing field.

        • Gezza

           /  26th November 2018

          You can’t alter your skeleton with hormone treatment either. I have no problem with accepting someone born physically a boy or girl surgically and/or hormonally transitioning to a woman or man and being socially accepted and treated as one.

          But they are not now a male or female. They are an altered male or altered female.

          Birth certificates should be allowed to show they transitioned to another gender. They shouldn’t change the fact of what they were born as.

  10. Tipene

     /  26th November 2018

    This is what happens when the State et al validates a certifiable mental illness – everybody gets sick.

    As any serious student of history will attest, we are now left to (again) run the course of our own self-induced societal decline, because (again) those we put in charge left the culture gate unattended for the enemy to enter, set up camp, colonize, and conquer.

    If there is a right-of-centre movement left (and it ain’t the National Party, ACT, or NZ First) then it is but an insufficient remnant of what is required to now gain any ground back from insanity such as this.

    The left didn’t win the culture war solely by its own efforts, but rather by the lack of support of the right for its own people.

    Own, meet goal.

  11. Trevors_Elbow

     /  26th November 2018

    intersectionality critique turns on its own…. excellent

  1. Louisa Wall’s speech at Pride Parade hui ‘circus’ — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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