‘Sick’ – Simon Lusk comes out at WO

It was unusual to see two posts from Simon Lusk at Whale Oil yesterday, he has fed content to be posted under ‘Cameron Slater’ for a long time but doesn’t often put his own name to it. This coming out may have been necessitated by  Slater having a break from posting, thought to be due to illness.

The Lusk posts revived attacks against the leadership of Simon Bridges after the Jami-Lee Ross debacle that backfired, probably bolstering bridges’ position as leader for the time being at least. Lusk was trying to stir up National MPs against Bridges.

His attempt at interference probably went down like a cup of cold sick in the National caucus, where it is thought that Lusk, Ross and Slater are politically toxic.

The first post: National’s polling released to caucus today

I think that is a regular part of National’s polling and caucus meetings so is hardly news. Lusk tried to suggest what the internal polling would show, but I would be very surprised if pollster David try to topple Bridges. So I think it is reasonable to assume that Lusk was guessing.

But apart from some of the usual sycophant and sock puppet type responses in comments, Lusk referring to a National MP as ‘sick’ (he repeated it three times) went down like a cup of cold sick at Whale oil.

ExPFC: Ok Simon. I guess maybe I’ve missed something so here goes anyway. Why “sick” Todd?

spanishbride: It is a silly ‘in’ joke. It is a criticism of his taste in something.

Jayar: “Silly” is the word. It’s demeaning and doesn’t seem to be deserved.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Yes, all A bit tiresome Mr Lusk. Riddles don’t add to the story. Neither does constant demeaning of people.

The ‘sick’ label can’t be passed off as a silly joke. Using ‘joke’ as an excuse for smearing name calling is an old trick.

The follow-up post: Polling advice for National MPs

An obvious overt attempt to influence National MPs. And to publicly promote dissent. And an attempt to get to pressure them – “Whaleoil readers should send a link to their local National MP”.

In this post Lusk repeated the ‘sick’ label five times. On this post the WO dissent cranked up straight away:

pisces: Why is he called ‘Sick’ Todd? I was under the impression this site didn’t nicknames etc

I think that nicknames are frowned on at Whale Oil except when Slater/Lusk/SB/Nige want to smear people – a typical double standard.

Terry: The repetition of such a demeaning nickname says much more about Lusk than it does about McClay.

Jayar: Absolutely agree!

Kaimai6: Thought exactly the same. The story could have been told without the use of the demeaning language. A bit pathetic really for a supposed political whizz kid.

The Lusk/Slater playbook is often pathetic, and impotent post ‘Dirty Politics’. Dirty attack politics is increasingly being seen as being as appealing as cold sick.

Talking of sick, Slater seems to have sufficiently recovered from his illness to start commenting again. Since his sudden silence three weeks ago, apparently suffering one or more strokes but not admitted in WO, Slater had posted (in comments) a couple of lame product promotions, but yesterday tried to bolster Lusk’s attacks. Weakly and poorly supported – there was far more support of the criticisms of Lusk.

While it still supports an active (but significantly smaller) community, as an activist attack blog Whale Oil is ailing.

Why has Lusk come out into open smear-mongering now? With Ross sick, and Slater sick, he may have had little option to dish up the cold sick himself.

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  1. robertguyton

     /  28th November 2018

    Who will win???

  2. Flensing? alex Masterly at Kiwiblog:

    Whale has been off air (nothing under his byline) for about 3 weeks – since the end of the Blomfield case.

    Perhaps he is lying low to avoid a flensing at the hands of a judge.


    • High Flying Duck

       /  28th November 2018

      gerund or present participle: flensing
      slice the skin or fat from (a carcass, especially that of a whale).

  3. FarmerPete

     /  28th November 2018

    Maybe Slaters on job rotation at the butchery!

  4. Karen

     /  28th November 2018

    Wow, what would a psychologist make of those posts?

    Infantile narcissistic drivel.

    To answer Robert, I am firmly in the Judith camp and thought National made a huge error choosing Simon over her.

    I just hope that Judith is having nothing to do with feeding any content to these kinds of posts on WO as that would be a character defect that would be a deal breaker for me.

    • Griff.

       /  28th November 2018

      I always encourage Judith’s supporters.
      She is great representation for the conservatives .
      But turns of the middle ground who decide elections so would make National unelectable .

  5. Gezza

     /  28th November 2018

    Slater and Lusk’s backing (/prompting/promoting?) of Jami-Lee Ross has quite possibly been the final nail in the coffin for WO. It seems to be nothing more than a black comedy site these days.

    • Gezza

       /  28th November 2018

      In fact, I’ll borrow Sir Alan’s remark about Lizzie Marvelly the other day. WO has become a parody of itself.

      • High Flying Duck

         /  28th November 2018

        I used to have a look regularly – skim the articles for anything interesting (very rare) and check out the cartoons and Daily Roundup.
        It has fallen long and hard in the last 18 months. I hardly visit any more and am invariably disappointed when I do.
        Pants Down Brown, Dirty Politics and some very happy lawyers may be their only lasting legacy.

        • Karen

           /  28th November 2018

          Haha, kudos to you HFD.

          All of all the words ever said, written or reported on WO your last sentence is the most accurate summation I’ve ever seen.

          Sad, but accurate.

  6. Alan Wilkinson

     /  28th November 2018

    Is Slater ill or has his liability insurer withdrawn coverage?

  7. Tipene

     /  28th November 2018

    Imagine how ill one would feel when they have just copped a near- 1 million dollar legal bill, with nothing to show for it, and then they have a summary judgment entered against them for a 2nd trial, whilst staring down the barrel of a yet a third trial, only to realise (too late), that they had been well and truly stitched up by the same people, across all three trials?

    How much rest and medication would be needed to fix THAT?


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