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  1. phantom snowflake

     /  November 29, 2018

  2. Gezza

     /  November 29, 2018

    I fed Bluey, Sweety and Alex over the fence streamside and saw an eel cross the stream down by the Eel Spot, so came back in and prepped some meat and dog roll chunks to take down there.

    I’ve only seen Elvira Longfin put in a brief appearance once, lately – yesterday. She swam up through the rapids into a strongly flowing clear, deep water (from the rain of the day before) headed for the Eel Spot but headed back down thru the rapids after 5 or 10 minutes max.

    That’s unusual. She used to hang around circuiting and parking up under a good overhang for an hour or more. About then, I looked and saw Granville Shortfin circuiting and I ended up feeding him last night.

    Tonight, around 7.15 pm I hoped Elvira might be hungry but she didn’t respond to the usual bloody water incentive. The lighting was bad tonight. The combination of blue patches with white and grey clouds, reflecting off all ripples and wavelets of the still-higher-than-usual water made it basically impossible to see anything in the water from down there except directly below me.

    Granville just appeared suddenly, down low, where I had dropped a dog roll chunk and eventually he circled enuf times to pick up that he he needed to come up to the top of water column and had a pleasant time eating heaps of dog roll and meat chunks off the stick and doing acrobatics. I couldn’t help gently stroking him with the Feeding Stick as a pat a few times. He just seems so cute. It’s also how I get them to back up if they’ve moved too far forward when the stream’s flowing so strongly they have to swim strongly to maintain position. I think the deeper water surges without that being evident on the surface.

    But then I noticed – and I had to look hard for quite a while from different angles to confirm it – a baby eel, maybe 6 to eight inches long, deep down, below him, on the bottom, moving around, in and out of view. And it looked the same colour as Granville, not dark like the longfins.

    And then I noticed coming up behind Granville, another shortfin eel smaller than him, but not by much. I even managed to feed it a couple of chunks of dog food very near the surface, when Granville had moved forward and was circling out to come back. Definitely the same colour and another shortfin.

    There were splashes & disturbances in the water when they were visibly obviously meeting up, but in the poor light I couldn’t see what was going on. Eventually just Granville was there again before I stopped feeding them and came back up, so I assume they were shooed off. A pity.

    I got some good clear views of Granville rotating belly up for me as he aquabated several times though. His underside isn’t just a plain silver/white like my longfins’. It’s an iridescent silver, the same colour as a snapper.