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5 December 2018


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  1. robertguyton

     /  5th December 2018

    Paula Bennett attracted lots of comments on twitter with her question about the Prime Minister.

    • Blazer

       /  5th December 2018

      nice pic of ‘Paula the explorer’.

    • David

       /  5th December 2018

      Leave her be Paula, the less effort she puts into fulfilling her obligations for the huge salary the less damage the rather idealistic young lady will do to the country.

      • duperez

         /  5th December 2018

        What happened to a simple tweet – “Unzip it Sweetie”?

        • Gezza

           /  5th December 2018

          Too smutty-sounding. In the #metoo environment that could land someone in a world of pain.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  5th December 2018

            That photo was taken at Pokeno where she was rolling and serving icecreams…it’s obvious that she’s handing it to someone. Look at her hand.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  5th December 2018

          It’s also obviously an old photo.

    • Trevors_Elbow

       /  5th December 2018

      The photo is unnecessary…. You are a pig Guyton…. you’re much more suited to ranting on the Standard with the rest of your snide, nasty little men ilk….

  2. robertguyton

     /  5th December 2018

    In case you missed it:
    “” … The anonymous texter, who leaked details of National’s internal polling last week, has hit back at the party’s leader who said the leak did not come from within his caucus.

    After last week’s National Party caucus meeting RNZ received a text message outlining details of internal polling, claiming there was a lot of disappointment among caucus members.

    Simon Bridges yesterday said the leak did not come from within his caucus, and would not discuss the polling numbers which were not as flattering as a recent public poll.

    “I’m not going to talk about internal polls, what we know is we’ve got a poll there that’s public, that’s 46 percent, that shows we’ve got momentum, you can understand there’ll be speculation and rumours.”

    He was asked about the internal polling, putting his party 4 points lower at 41 percent.

    “I don’t talk about internal polls, it’s a Labour Party trick.”

    After RNZ ran the story with Mr Bridges’ comments, it received another text from the same anonymous person saying Mr Bridges was foolish for thinking the polling leak did not come from a National MP.

    The texter offered details of what happened in yesterday’s caucus meeting as proof they were an MP.

    RNZ has been unable to verify the texter’s identity.” END

  3. PDB

     /  5th December 2018

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  5th December 2018

    What a riveting story on 3, several minutes about a child in Colorado throwing snowballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Five Auckland KiwiBuild homes that failed to sell through the ballot will go on the market

    Five Auckland KiwiBuild apartments are set to be sold on a first-come, first serve basis instead of a ballot in what Housing Minister Phil Twyford has called a mistake.

    The properties in Auckland’s 340 Onehunga Mall development were originally offered in a ballot but are now set to go back up for sale after the ballot winners and runners up withdrew from buying them. Minister Twyford said KiwiBuild had made a mistake in first approaching other people, who applied through the ballot before putting the homes on the open market.

    “My understanding is that when someone who comes through the ballot on top and then subsequently pulls out, my expectation was always that those opportunities would then be passed back to people in the ballot,” he told reporters.

    A KiwiBuild spokesman apologised to those in the original ballot and said the KiwiBuild programme was still in its infancy and going through a “learning process”.

    Looks messy.