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  1. Gezza

     /  8th December 2018

  2. Missy

     /  8th December 2018

    Angela Merkel has officially stepped down as leader of the Christian Democrats in Germany. Her successor is expected to be selected later today (Friday).

    The front runners are Merkel protégé Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Merkel rival Friedrich Merz.

  3. Gezza

     /  8th December 2018

    Heather Nauert, former Fox News hottie and State Department spokescutie is Trump’s latest UN ambassador to replace wotsername, the strong, slim, dark-haired one who was a governor of somewhere or other before that.

  4. Gezza

     /  8th December 2018

    Aljaz tv is saying the number of arrests of asylum-seekers along the US/Mexico is soaring & numbers of them are crowding in to northern Mexican towns in conditions that are becoming appalling. Mexico has offered any who want it residence with humanitarian visas & /or access to a speedier refugee determination process. A reporter on the scene in one of the towns concerned said that many there are deciding to give up trying to get into the US and accept residence in Mexico; that even though the conditions where they are now are bad, they are still better than they are where they come from.

  5. Gezza

     /  8th December 2018

    Interesting 30 min documentary showing this month on Alajz tv

    Never Again: America’s Battle of the Bullets
    How surviving a high school mass shooting has turned some students into activists for and against US gun policy. Some fascinating gun nuts. You can see why they’ll never get rid of their gun violence problem.

  6. Gerrit

     /  8th December 2018

    Clintons are in for more hard times.

    And the New Zealand people gave, courtesy of National and Labour governments, some $13M total to date.

  7. Pink David

     /  8th December 2018

    Kevin Hart found guilty of wrongthink and loses his gig at the Oscars

    Gay trumps Black in victimhood poker.

    • The Consultant

       /  8th December 2018

      It’s tough keeping up with the Intersectionality Victimhood stakes, “The future is female”: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

      So she’s running for President in 2020 and it’s time to get onside with whatever insanity the Far Left of the Democrats is currently pushing. But I did like the logical conclusions:

      Gillibrand has two sons, who apparently aren’t part of the future their mother imagines. They won’t be saved by intersectionality, either. White, male sons of senators will find winning the grievance Olympics to be nearly impossible.

      But there’s a serious side to it:

      Fewer boys go to college. The number of men out of the workforce has spiked. More men commit suicide. More men live at home with their parents into their 30s than ever.

      If the present is male, boys sure don’t seem to know it.

      No better exmplified than this poor, sad, dumb bastard who responded to Gillibrand’s Tweet:

      Wah, wah, wah. What did he expect?

      • Pink David

         /  8th December 2018

        Elizabeth Warren tried for a double header on being female and a minority, but got trolled by Trump into proving she wasn’t Indian at all. Now she is being eaten by the left.

        Perhaps she would have been safer going for female and gay instead…..

  8. The Consultant

     /  8th December 2018

    I’ve been amused to hear comments from New Zealanders about how corrupted US politics has become, because the truth is that it has always been corrupt compared to NZ politics.

    In the 19th century you had Tammany Hall of the Democrat Party in NYC. There were the Texas-Mexico border counties of LBJ ballot-counting fame, Kansas City (as investigated by Harry Truman in early career), and so forth.

    But somehow, Chicago has long been the “gold” standard, and some things never change. So I thought you all might be amused by this story from the superb John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, a reporter with a long and deep knowledge of his town.

    A college kid running for 13th Ward alderman gets a lesson in the Chicago Way.

    Alderman is their word for City Councillor. The basic story is that a 19 year old wanted to run for office for what’s called the 13th Ward, and to get on the ballot he needed to file a petition with 473 valid signatures from locals with the Chicago Board of Electors. He got 1,703 signatures. Then something amazing happened:

    An organized crew of political workers — or maybe just civic-minded individuals who care about reform — went door to door with official legal papers. They asked residents to sign an affadavit revoking their signature on Krupa’s petition.

    They got 2,700 affadavits – which means that about 1000 people signed a legal document saying they revoved their original signatures, when they can’t possibly have made their orginal signature. Flat-out perjury.

    The 13th Ward Democratic Organization [is] run by [Illinois] House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, aka Boss Madigan, the most powerful politician in the state. Boss Madigan has long hand-picked his aldermen. He likes them loyal and quiet. The current silent alderman of the 13th Ward is Marty Quinn.

    It’s not like he would have won! He might not have got a single vote (counting is what counts). But the Democrats were determined that not even that possibility would be allowed. As Kass says:

    It’s overkill of epic proportions, like using a sledgehammer to kill a gnat, or firing off a nuclear weapon to kill a sparrow. A Southwest Side David vs. Goliath story.

  9. The Consultant

     /  8th December 2018

    And speaking of One Party Towns, here’s New York City with what I think is a brilliant idea,

    Doug Henwood is a journalist and supposed economic analyst in the city who “writes from a Left-wing perspective”. No? Really? Where’s Occasional-Cortex? This is an argument made for her, and she’s the newest star in New York’s galaxy of Congressional members.

  10. The Consultant

     /  8th December 2018

  11. The Consultant

     /  8th December 2018

  12. Patzcuaro

     /  8th December 2018
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