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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Gezza

     /  13th December 2018

    I went down to the Eel Spot to feed Granville Shortfin (he was circuiting) and to continue his tail-standing-dolphin training at 6.50 pm, but the lovely, graceful, big Elvira Longfin showed up & immediately saw him off. (That’s his fault; if he hadn’t bitten her for no reason a few nights back, they might’ve been able to share the feast and festivities – I don’t mind feeding two of them at the same time, and she was ok with him being around until then.)

    Anyway, Elvira came back and finished her head-out-begging act, then dropped down deep & had a quick look around on the bottom at the Eel Spot for any food chunks that she’d dropped, found two, and afterward headed downstream back home – as she usually does these days.

    While I waited for Granville Shortfin to reappear, a baby shortfin cruised on up, down deep. He was small but still about half a metre long, and I soon had him dancing around & popping his head out. The shortfins are very quick, lithe and aggressive. Granville then appeared as well & although the little guy tried to be friends, Granville bit him too. The little guy reacted like lightning and got out of the way but he’s a tuff little Harry and he kept coming back and doing the same thing, so he got nearly as much of a feed as Granville before deciding he’d had enuf of bully boy and swam away downstream too.

    Bluey and young Alex Pook just did their pukeko grooming thing in the shallows about 5 metres away on either side of the stream. They signal each other when there’s an eel in the stream, and just watch out and avoid them. If necessary they’ll stab them with their beaks, if they come too close, which usually sees them off smartly. The eels don’t seem to attack adult ducks or pooks, only very small ducklings, and they often miss those.

    • Gezza

       /  13th December 2018

      Granville’s main problem is he’s just got no patience and he goes at it like a blimmin engraged pit bull instead of planning his approach carefully, like Elvira does.