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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Gezza

     /  14th December 2018

    Pookden Manor has the best Dawn Choruses at this time of year

  2. Gezza

     /  14th December 2018

    Just saw an airforce grey Boeing 757 coming over on landing approach to Welly Airport (there’s a light southerly today). Haven’t seen on going over before. Very sleek-looking baby, huge engines. Is Ron Mark going to Auckland? 😉

  3. Gezza

     /  14th December 2018

    Corker of a day in North Welly. Last 3 days have been. Happy pooks, happy ducks, happy sparrers, happy blackbirds, tiwakas, finches, & tui, happy eels – except Granville, but he’s always a grumpy little grinch. Content ma. Happy Gez. This place can’t be beat when it’s like this.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  14th December 2018

      The birds around here are very chirpy, too. It’s odd that young male blackbirds seem able to fend for themselves; there are some quite slender ones visiting the bird table. None have been fed by dad. The sheep are baaing loudly enough to be heard down the phone.

      Did you ever see Granville on Open All Hours pretending to go down a flight of steps ? He was behind the counter and just bending his knees, I suppose, but it looked very real.

      • Gezza

         /  14th December 2018

        Yes I do remember that 🙂

        Here’s your godpook again, with his mum, at 7.30 am, behaving himself. The cunning little fella comes up, whining, with his dad, and gets a couple of handfuls of wheat of his own to stop the whining. Then when his dad swaps shift with his mum sitting on their hidden nest, he comes up again, whining again, and gets another couple of handfuls of wheat to stop the whinging. It’s blatant blackmail but if you could hear the whining and knew how long he can keep it up, you’ve give in too, just for some peace and quiet.

        Young fella’s got hollow legs !

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  15th December 2018

          He’s enchanting; does his godmother credit.

          Fido’s brilliant at the silent version, especially that ‘I know and you know that you’re going to give me a treat.’ smile…if he can make me laugh, he’s won.

          Giving him one for going out on command or coming in ditto taught him to go to the door and come back when he wanted a treat.

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  14th December 2018

    I had an email with Spotlight’s specials; cafe curtains start at $3 a metre, if that person still wants them.

  5. Gezza

     /  14th December 2018

    8.10 pm

    I fed Elvira Longfin at 10.30 am this morning. Granville Shortfin showed up but Elvira shooed him away.

    Just been down to the Eel Spot to see if Granville was around. He was, but just as I started feeding him, Elvira showed up again & showed him the way out with a burst of speed and a nip on the tail.

    I noticed as well as Elvira, and Granville, over against the bank was a very slim baby eel only about a foot long, holding position in the water.

    I held a bit of food back and Elvira soon afterwards realised feed time was over & headed back downstream to her lair in the bank, near the rapids.

    Then Tameiti Longfin (maybe 2 foot two – 66 cm) whom I haven’t seen for a while, and Granville Shortfin both showed up. Granville came over and got the rest of the meat chunks. He did the head out, mouth open thing; his stability is improving, he’s got the hang of it like Elvira now, I reckon.

    Then Tameiti went for him, even though Granville’s about 2 foot four – 71 cm and more solid than him, and Granville decided to call it a night and disappeared. This stream is full of eels. It’s been a nice surprise to discover there are two varieties, and that they look quite different.

    • Gezza

       /  14th December 2018

      PS: Bluey gave me a start. Pounced out of the foliage running at me flapping his wings again and copped another loud earful that stopped him in his tracks and saw him retreating, muttering apologies and making excuses. And keeping his distance.