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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Gezza

     /  December 19, 2018

    Not Granville, but another Australasian Shortfin, @ 7pm last night. One hit, one near miss, subsequently picked up by this eel off the stream bed. These guys are hard to feed. They pop their heads out ok but then wave them about all over the place. Elvira Longfin is much easier to feed.

    • Gezza

       /  December 19, 2018

      It’s been raining heavily for about 2 hours now. The stream’s a roaring torrent of brown waves and debris. The Eel Spot is completely submerged. Hope it’s still there in the morning. There’s been quite a bit of bank erosion when it floods ever since the council started putting blokes into the stream with those spinning blade cutters instead of the bulldozer with the flail chain on an arm to clear debris from the banks.

      The change in stream maintenance policy has also also meant blackberry is taking over everywhere as well. Health & Safety, the workers said. :/

  2. Gezza

     /  December 19, 2018

    There was a shining cuckoo leading the Dawn Chorus at Pookden Manor this morning. I sometimes hear the unmistakeable call of one but have never seen one in the flesh.