Winston Peters’ claims of migration compact misinformation misinformation

Winston Peters has been accusing others of spreading misinformation about the UN Migration Compact that New Zealand voted in favour of this week, but he has been misinforming a bit himself, by implication at least.

Newstalk ZB (Wednesday) – Winston Peters: Misinformation around the UN migration compact is wrong

Peters says that they sought legal advice as there had been a lot of misinformation spread about the compact.

He says that Crown Law found that the seven major criticisms of the agreement were fundamentally wrong.

Peters says that in their statement to the United Nations tomorrow morning our time, they will be making it clear how New Zealand is interpreting the compact.

National Party Simon Bridges has vowed to pull out of the deal if his party gets into Government.

However, Peters says they initially signed up to the deal back in 2016.

“They won’t [pull out], because they were the ones that started this.”

National didn’t ‘start this’ – they just signed up to an agreement to develop an agreement.

On Friday, Gerry Brownlee said signing up the agreement wasn’t a good move.

He said to “hand over your immigration policy to scrutiny to other UN countries if you don’t do what is required – which is pretty much open borders – I think’s the wrong thing to do.”

The decision to develop a compact was first made by UN Member States, including New Zealand, in September 2016. The process towards it began in April 2017, stewarded by representatives from Mexico and Switzerland.

After months of negotiations, the final draft of the agreement was decided upon in July.

“In the end, New Zealand will be voting for a cooperation framework that was clearly set out at the start of the Compact’s negotiations process in 2016 when the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants was unanimously adopted by all UN member states, including New Zealand under the previous government,” said Mr Peters.

This is misinformation by Peters. The National led Government was a part of the process, but they didn’t decide on the finaal details of the compact.

Newshub on Friday:  New Zealand First slams ’emotional debate’ over UN Migration Compact

In an email on Friday, NZ First responded saying its “political adversaries” will be “telling everybody that they’re going to ‘overturn’ the UN Migration Compact and make various inflammatory claims that the ‘Compact’ is going to permit mass migration into New Zealand”.

The NZ First email, with the subject line “they are not telling the truth”.

But Peters is being somewhat flexible with ‘the truth’.

Committing to develop a Compact is a long way from voting for the final form.

Peters is reported as saying (about national) ‘they initially signed up to the deal back in 2016’. That’s clearly misinformation. It is nonsense to claim New Zealand signed up to a Compact before negotiations had begun.

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  1. Gezza

     /  23rd December 2018

    Peters is just going on the offensive to cover up the fact what when people get into the fine print of this compact there are quite a few danger signals that could be held if not legally at least in terms of critical UN reports to be breaches if there is any criticism of any migrants who actually deserve it, & that if he were in Opposition he’d be onto them like a robber’s dog.

    He’s betrayed a large group of his voters who he habitually ritually cons. He knows it. So do they. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. You were warned.

  2. lurcher1948

     /  23rd December 2018

    You wait small pension increase coming up in the near future,

    • Gezza

       /  23rd December 2018

      My bloody pension’s $15, 569. Annual increases are based on any movements in the CPI. Any bloody increases – well, to call them small is an understatement! One year I got bloody no increase at all under National. Bastards. I qualify for a Community Service card living on this pittance (and I’ve got hungry waterbird & eel mouths to feed!) I’ve go so little dosh when I stayed at Sir Alan’s last November I had to bloody convert one of his cars whenever I needed wheels.

      And this pack of dinglebunnies in the coalition YOU VOTED FOR didn’t give me the bloody Winter Energy Payment – and they bloody gave it to Sir Bob The Bloody Millionaire Bigmouth & bloody Sir Alan!

      Hopeless. Bloody hopeless!

      • Duker

         /  23rd December 2018

        Ignorance may be bliss but the pension isnt linked to the CPI.

        Its connected to the national average wage – which in general increases more than the CPI.
        CPI is an index , not an income, so some items that increase in price are counted as decreases as they ‘add more features’ . This is common in services , and common household items and vehicles. That Toyota car that increases in price , according to the CPI it has stayed put as the engine has gone from 1600cc to 1800cc and the gearbox has more speeds or the tyres are ‘wider profiles’ …dont laugh this really did happen.

      • lurcher1948

         /  23rd December 2018

        I’m a so called rich prick pensioner,and do not get the community card,but I love the way the”Rich pricks” have to pay the pension to a so called rich prick and Gezza do you know how much Acana dog food and jimbos cost,my dogs are eating me out of house and home,j might have to cut back on wine

  3. Blazer

     /  23rd December 2018

    ‘The National led Government was a part of the process, but they didn’t decide on the finaal details of the compact.’

    So exactly what variations are National seeking?

    Brownlee must know ‘scrutiny’ is not…compulsion.

    • Duker

       /  23rd December 2018

      “National didn’t ‘start this’ – they just signed up to an agreement to develop an agreement.”

      hehehe. Thats the biggest misinformation Ive heard all week.

      • lurcher1948

         /  23rd December 2018

        Don’t worry Simon Bridges Mr 7% will repeal it, poor person no vision


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