“Anything less than a clean break from #EU will be a betrayal of the Referendum vote”

It’s not surprising to see that a majority those who voted for Britain leaving the European Union think the referendum should be honoured.

‘Remainers’ lean strongly towards their EU preference rather than the referendum.

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  1. Duker

     /  3rd January 2019

    perhaps we could have a second question? Did the snap election where the main parties who follow Brexit won increased vote, while those that were strongly remain didnt.
    This solves the ‘second vote’ question

  2. kluelis

     /  3rd January 2019

    For 350 years Britain had a huge Empire yet the majority of their own citizens lived in poverty. Today despite advances in technology 75% of the Brits live in tiny houses on low incomes in overcrowded cities soggy under foot under almost permanently grey skies. Brexit or remain won’t change the fact that living in Britain for the majority is a daily grind.The Brexit debate is just another fake dawn, another ten year distraction, more false hope but ultimately life for the majority will remain grey and unchanging. Empire? What Empire?

    • David

       /  3rd January 2019

      You may have been watching a bit too much Coronation St.

      • kluelis

         /  3rd January 2019

        Seriously when I walked past the millions of tiny terraced houses on the way to the footy on match day I could never understand how 350 years of supposed glorious Empire left the home people so poor. May be the Empire wasn’t so glorious after all just drained them of all their best people? Ena Sharples Minnie Caldwell Martha Longhurst may have gone colour and got a lot younger but the streets despite the ban on coal fires remain as bleak as they ever were just tarted up some. Their hatred for “Pakis” and Africans and now the Polish remains palpable. Deeply ingrained generational resentment is patently latent just below the surface in the UK. It’s only the class system that is keeping a lid on things. Brexit is a useful temporary venting outlet. As others have said these blogs are also an important venting valve. Better for the fanatics to be ranting and raving online than assembling pipe bombs in their basements.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  3rd January 2019

        Some terraced houses are rather des res, and the old ones on the 1 Pound Houses were much bigger on the inside than they look from the outside.

    • Pink David

       /  3rd January 2019

      “Brexit or remain won’t change the fact that living in Britain for the majority is a daily grind.”

      Your only exposure to Britain must be endless Ken Loach films.


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