‘Wellington Live’ forbids links to news websites

Community based Facebook groups are popular. I participate in three. They all have different rules about what can be posted on them.

Wellington – LIVE has a ban on linking to news websites.

Facebook links to news websites for profit. Facebook allows community groups for profit. So not allowing news links is a bit selective.

Simon Lyall (@slyall) responded:

The reputation of the NZ media for being reliable has dropped a lot recently for many people.

You might argue it is unwarranted but it has definitely happened.

In New Zealand? That’s debatable, and not substantiated here.

Clickbait might pay the bills but it slowly lowers the Media’s reputation.

That’s an issue but it is hardly new. Newspapers have been trying to sell newspapers with headline bait for a long time, and similar for TV stations.

‘Clickbait’ type articles appear to be quite popular – so media is doing it as it caters to a demand.

And media is used by Facebook to finance their operation.

The best news (for me) in my local newspaper, the ODT, is local news, something they do well with, recognising it as something that differentiates them from alternative news providers. It is frequently linked to from the Dunedin News Facebook group. While the ODT is a for profit company it is a significant contributor to community in Dunedin and around Otago – they are increasing their coverage in Otago Southland by taking over community newspapers being dumped by Stuff.

Mission and About Wellington – LIVE on Facebook:


To provide Wellington with consistent and reliable live updates which are relevant and important, whist positively showcasing our amazing city through our Facebook community.


For everything specific and important to our amazing city, Wellington.
Got Breaking News? Email info@wellington.live

So they want to be a breaking news group but with a ban of media news links. Will citizen news be more reliable than media companies?

They have links to Police media releases, but odd that local news from media companies is banned.

I’m critical of media at times, but they provide very useful services for communities, do provide some good news, they are an essential (albeit flawed) part of our democracy, and we would be much poorer for news and information without them.

Allowing links to relevant local news but not allowing irrelevant news from other areas or clickbait type news would make more sense to me, but it is the choice of whoever manages the group to make their own rules.

Are there any other Wellington Facebook groups? It’s common for an alternative groups to be set up if people think one is too restrictive.



  1. Gezza

     /  January 4, 2019

    If there are any other Wellington Facebook Groups I personally wouldn’t bother with them. Facebook is a monstrosity I use as little as possible.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  January 4, 2019


      It’s unbelievably difficult to leave even when you’re dead. I am not making this up.

  2. kluelis

     /  January 4, 2019

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