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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. PartisanZ

     /  January 7, 2019

    Give thanks …

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  January 7, 2019

    Someone had left a large chunk of what looked like a sweet pastry with jam in the middle at an outside caff, so I tossed it to a nearby sparrer. Suddenly sparrers just appeared from ? They must have brilliant nosesight.

    • Gezza

       /  January 7, 2019

      From my observations they keep a close eye out on what other sparrows are doing. I rarely feed one without others suddenly appearing. Sparrows are flying around all the time and mine seem to have established this area as their territory.

      The other thing I’ve been struck by in the last couple of days is what fearlessly precise flyers they are. I think it must be nesting time for some of them as they take food they can carry when feeding time is obviously over and streak off across the stream straight through some very narrow gaps between the tree branches.

      None of the other birds here match them for their speed and ability to do that. They’re very amusing the way they hop around. A couple of fledglings started to come up to me and flitter their wings at me, treating me like mum: “Feed me, feed me”.

      They do this to their mothers for a few days and then realise they can now pick up and eat their own food. Their poor mums will keep giving them food until they stop doing it. The mums don’t decide when to stop feeding them, it seems. The kids decide.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  January 7, 2019

        They are dear, funny little birds and I love them. These ones were like the Pete Petersons in that ‘they came from everywhere’.

        I was interested that young male blackbirds are feeding themselves at a young age, unlike their sisters.

  3. Pickled Possum

     /  January 7, 2019

    • phantom snowflake

       /  January 7, 2019

      Ooooh that’s great! There’s something about Iceland…

  4. Pickled Possum

     /  January 7, 2019

  5. PartisanZ

     /  January 7, 2019

    I always thought it was “Nightbush City Limits” …

  6. PartisanZ

     /  January 7, 2019

  7. Pickled Possum

     /  January 7, 2019

    Are you coming to bed?
    I can’t … This is important.
    What ??
    Someone is wrong on the internet