More ‘moderation’ at Kiwiblog

It seems that mini-mob moderation may be more common than I thought at Kiwiblog. Of course if a comment and it’s thread goes into moderation then it can’t be seen, so it becomes a sort of silent censorship.

Several others have said they have experienced comments going into moderation after a small number of people reported it.

Morrisey at Kiwiblog:

Mr George has got it exactly right. DPF keeps away from the fray, generally, which is admirable; however the “Report” function is routinely, cynically abused by a small group of grumblers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same half dozen haters of free speech pushing that button compulsively.


It is a common practice on that blog. I have had several comments disappear in the same way. From memory just one was restored by the lone moderator.

Pete. It requires just 5 users to hit the report button for the comment and all replies to disappear from general view. And yes, if you have said something which really gets under the snowflakes’ skin they’ll use it regardless of whether it could be called abusive or not.

This appears to be the case. Yesterday I posted a comment on Kiwiblog’s General Debate at 9:10 am. There were comments on it up until at least 3:30 pm, but some time after that it disappeared into moderation.

There was obviously interest in it going by the ticks.

It is feasible that it took that long to accumulate 5 reports.

I think Farrar may just not be devoting much priority or time to moderation. It looks like the comment and thread that went into moderation two days ago – see Mob censorship in action at Kiwiblog? – has now been released, but that took over a day.

This makes it easy to abuse the Kiwiblog ‘report’ function to suppress discussions that a small number of people choose to target. It is a form of mini-mob censorship.

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  1. lurcher1948

     /  7th January 2019

    I wonder when the PMs lawyers are going to approach KiwiBlog and say put up or shut up on the hints of drug taking his posters post,THEN you might see some host moderation

    • Trevors_elbow

       /  7th January 2019

      Lurched. No they wont do that. What comments refer to drugs? Explicitly…please link

  2. lurcher1948

     /  7th January 2019

    PG stop upsetting the natives over on KiwiBlog,the righty snowflakes are getting riled up.and you know they become childish when upset

  3. Trevors_elbow

     /  7th January 2019

    What was your comment Pete? Repost it in this thread. Let’s see what upset the kiwiblog hardcore…

    • Sorry, I had meant to do that but forgot – I have added it to the post now. It was just a repeat of some of what I had posted here on colonisation.

  4. Surely Knott: “It’s not mob censorship – it’s democratic crowd sourcing of the moderation. And it’s a blog for grown ups so we don’t need to be protected from ideas, generally. ”

    Very funny.

    They don’t seem to like their gaming the system being exposed.

  5. acrossthespectrum

     /  7th January 2019

    To be fair we all have our own “truths” and we constantly
    “moderate” incomings all day every day.
    Our opposing or supporting different comments
    on this site for instance is our own personal “moderating” in practice.
    It’s easy to determine the preferred views of any site
    Going against the grain is obviously going to see you being
    more often “moderated’ and down ticked
    than those who say what is preferred.
    One should not be surprised at this.


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