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  1. Pickled Possum

     /  January 10, 2019

    2nd Jan something died in my life and now there is healing going on.
    Because we are human

    • Gezza

       /  January 10, 2019

      That really speaks to me Possum. That song comes from a place of someone who has felt deep pain and understanding, unconditional love, & healing from someone who cared.

  2. Pickled Possum

     /  January 10, 2019

    nz music rocks

  3. Gezza

     /  January 10, 2019

    It’s another damned grey, damp, windy day.

    Yesterday, a lady friend I haven’t seen for a while dropped round for the afternoon and I took her out to see the pooks and their babies when the adults let me know they were there – but the babies were over the far side of the stream. There was quite a performance as the little tykes, all crying for their parents, had to hesitatingly jump into the water and swim over, while the adults were sending out both “come here” and “alarm; hide” sounds because they don’t know my lady friend.

    There was an eel around (Granville) and the two little ones were grabbed by the current and swept down towards Elivra’s lair because halfway across, Sweety’s panic cries at seeing my friend sent them swimming back towards the other bank where the flow is strongest. Anyway, eventually they all made it across – but much further down the stream. I’m surprised the adults took them all across the stream when still so small. They are at the mercy of the flow & big hungry eels when this tiny sparrow-size.

    Big Bruv Alex was first across, and made it because he’s so much taller than them he swims better and can walk across most of where he crossed. He soon walked up with the adults. The little “twins” Summer and River took longer to get walked here by Sweety who’d gone off to call and rescue them downstream.

    This morning Alex and Sweety turned up on my fence at 11.30am, Alex whining full bore. So I grabbed my little zip-lock wheat bag with the day’s ration in it and headed out to the fence, expecting that Bluey would be behind it, with the pooklet triplets, like every other day this week.

    But only little River and Summer were there. There was no sight or sound at all of Alex. My heart sank. There are so many dangers for them. They can’t fly for at least four months and are really vulnerable to cats, big rats, big eels, gulls and any of the other usual birdlife predators if we have any (never seen a ferret or stoat, but there could be some one day) & I’ve had to get used to little pooklets not surviving to adolescence.

    So I just fed them for about 15-20 minutes and said where was Alex and how I know it doesn’t hurt them to lose their babies, that they just have more, that it hurts me more than them because their babies are so adorable and each one so different, but that, that’s nature & I’ve got used to it, so never mind.

    And Alex started peeping from somewhere down in the stream – and Bluey went down and called him & he came up and slipped and fell on his beak but just clawed back up on top of the block wall. God I was happy. I was just so relieved. I go through this all the bloody time. But the thing is, I can handle it, because when i lose them I know I can’t change that it happens.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  January 10, 2019

      I saw a teeny weeny turtle today, swimming in a stream. Also a swallow’s nest and a blackbird’s nest.

      Pooklets are enchanting and possibly the sweetest, dearest chicks of all – with ducklings a close second.I love the way that they look as if they’ve put on a much larger bird’s legs by mistake.

      • Gezza

         /  January 10, 2019

        My cousin Julie got one from the pet shop when we were little. I remember it would get out of its aquarium and go walkabout. They found it in one of uncle Pat’s jacket pockets one day when we were visiting. 😀

        I fed the pooks and their offspring before I went down to ma’s for dinner tonight (just got back). Bluey was there first and was alone with Shadow. Quite striking how big and solid his legs are already in proportion to the rest of him. He looks looks like mini-moa. They will get more slender in proportion to his body as it undergoes the various growth spurts that follow if he survives his early pooklethood. Clearly strong legs asap is an important survival feature for a bird that leaves the nest and walks or runs everywhere for the first four to five months before they can fly out of harm’s way.

        Just as I was leaving Alex and Sweety turned up & a few minutes later Summer and little River. I think River is a girl and Summer is a boy, and that’s why River’s smaller.

        • Gezza

           /  January 10, 2019

          PS: You’ve reminded me, mentioning ducklings, that yesterday I had to stop the car a few metres south of our driveway to let a party of 11 very young late teenage ducks walk across the road in single file. Not one of them shifted out of line order.

          I was smiling at how they were showing no inclination at all to hurry, even when I let the car roll forward a foot or two to see if they would get a move on. One of them – tail end Charlene – changed her mind and turned around a quarter of the way across and waddled back to join a female adult, probably her mum, who had stayed on the other side.

          And as I was driving away, smiling, while they assembled on the berm to plan their next adventure, I thought: “Damn, I should have videoed that. I had my cellphone in my pocket, they were really close, and there was easily time to get them all in to a 30 second vid clip. That would’ve been a hilarious little gif for General Chat.”

          It’s never happened before, but if it does again, I’ll video it.

  4. Pickled Possum

     /  January 10, 2019

    some said If Jeff Buckley and Elvis had a love child….

  5. Pickled Possum

     /  January 10, 2019

    maori boy from opononi far north tu meke singer great mumma and papa great whanau