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18 January 2019


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    • Corky

       /  18th January 2019

      Great link, Noel. This referendum/ law change is heading the same way as lowering the drinking age to 18 years of age. It will wipe Maori out completely. Other races, I’m not so sure.


      ”Data showed cannabis use was associated with educational delay, welfare dependence, increased risks of psychotic symptoms, major depression, increased risks of motor vehicle accidents, increased risks of tobacco use, increased risks of other illicit drug use, and respiratory impairment.”

      Seen all that..time, time and time again.

      That said, as a Libertarian, and if I voted, I would vote for the complete decriminalisation of Marijuana use and supply. Every adult should have the right to chose what he ingests..from Pinky bars to cyanide. However, society shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences. Users should be required to have private medical insurance and be ineligible for welfare.

      This from the Otago Daily Times re dropping the drinking age to 18.


      ” Parliament last night voted to lower the legal drinking age from 20 years to 18 but has moved to tighten exemptions so those under age will not be able to buy alcohol under any circumstances.”

      Yeah, that didn’t workout too well

    • this was from 2014.. USAs ‘Cannabis debate’ when Colorado was set to ‘regulate cannabis’
      Echoes of ‘Reefer madness’ rhetoric. Interestingly it is still going on 80 years after the nonsense began, with the widely discredited ‘It causes Mass Insanity & is the Gateway to Hard Drugs’ still the main themes from the Prohibitionists.
      Keep repeating something over & over expecting a different out come 😦

      • Corky

         /  18th January 2019

        Please don’t tell me what I have experienced is nonsense, Zedd. It’s not. Herb has stuffed many previous productive lives up. Just like alchol and other drugs do.

        For some reason herb is seen as a ‘soft drug.’ I personally don’t think that’s correct.

        • @ corky
          If you actually watch the video.. besides the ‘Reefer Madness’ B-S rhetoric, there are some pointing to the opposite side. Yes there are risks with Cannabis use, esp. for children & youth. BUT most of the negative stuff is, the result of the unregulated Black-market (created by Prohibition). Many recent studies (Post-Reefer Madness) show that less than 10% of people who use the Drug have real problems with it. Is this really a good excuse to have ZERO-tolerance ?
          What happened to ‘Personal responsibility’ & Freedom of Choice; Adults Only ?

          As at least one person points out; there is more societal harm from booze & ciggies.. why not Ban them too ?

          Drug use should be a Health issue, NOT a criminal justice one.. the people who do have negative effects, can then get treatment.. NOT be arrested & prosecuted.

          btw: I have said many times; I do not promote Drug use, BUT I support Prohibition/Zero-tolerance.. FAR LESS !!
          There are other options: Regulation & Education

        • thespectrum

           /  18th January 2019

          @Corky. “For some reason herb is seen as a ‘soft drug’ .
          Eh? What are you drinking/smoking?
          Alcohol, tobacco and prescription med’s
          are seen as soft drug that’s why they are legal.
          Herb is not legal.
          Don’t let the truth, evidence or the facts get in the way of your bias.

          • thespectrum

             /  18th January 2019

            Also manufacturers distributors dealers of alcohol tobacco ( white businessmen) prescription drugs (white businessman + white Doctors) are not chased by the law not prosecuted let alone imprisoned. They get Knighthoods.
            Yet growers dealers and users in Marijuana many who are brown are defined as criminal are chased by the police are prosecuted and are imprisoned.
            What happened to one law for all?

            • Pink David

               /  18th January 2019

              “Also manufacturers distributors dealers of alcohol tobacco ( white businessmen)”

              Given China is the worlds largest tobacco producer, and half of the worlds alcohol is produced by Japanese companies, your racist view of the world does conflict with the actual reality.

        • Corky

           /  18th January 2019

          ”As at least one person points out; there is more societal harm from booze & ciggies.. why not Ban them too ?”

          Good point. It’s stupid having all these rules and regulations governing our lives.

          • Corky

             /  18th January 2019

            At least cigs pay smokers healthcare. Hence my point about private health insurance for Dakkers if that’s not going to be taxed.

            • OR perhaps they could divert most of the dosh they currently pour into the criminal justice system.. into the health/education system instead ??!

              As I said corky.. there are ‘other options’ if you just; stop, look & listen to them :/ 🙂

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  2. Zedd

     /  18th January 2019

    I see on AlJz that MrTs lawyer (R Guiliani – ex-NY mayor) has now denied that he said ‘No Russian collusion.. with the campaign’ he then said but ‘not with Mr T.’

    Sounding like there WAS collusion with the people working for MrT election campaign.. but not ‘the man’.

    btw; there was a replay of a doco. about ‘Cambridge Analytica’/R Mercer (NY billionaire) & Breitbart.. who all seem to have colluded, with targeted ‘anti-Hillary’ ads on Facebook etc. to get MrT into the White house ?!

    Whats next ‘he tried it, but he didn’t inhale !’ ?? 😀 :/


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