First CPTPP Commission meeting agrees on expanding trade

The first meeting of the Commission of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has agreed on provisions to expand the trade agreement.

Minister for Trade and Export Growth David Parker – CPTPP meeting agrees guidelines to expand trade agreement

The first Commission meeting of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has reached agreement on guidelines to expand the trade agreement.

Minister for Trade and Export Growth David Parker welcomed the agreement on accession procedures – one of the decisions made by the 11 signatories at the first Commission meeting held in Tokyo today.

“New Zealand has always supported the concept of CPTPP as an open accession agreement, having been part of the original P4 agreement alongside Brunei, Chile, and Singapore.

“It was very pleasing to see CPTPP come to fruition with its entry-into-force at the end of December. I welcome the idea that those willing to meet CPTPP’s high standards and objectives are now able to join the Agreement over time,” David Parker said.

“I do not expect formal applications in the near future, but we look forward to continuing discussions with interested economies on the basis of these guidelines.

“In the meantime, I look forward to seeing the remaining signatories complete their domestic processes and join the seven who have ratified the Agreement to date.”

The TPP was timely given the uncertainty over trade with Britain and the EU (Jacinda Ardern is in London trying to talk trade today, before doing likewise with the EU this week), and also the trade turmoil surrounding Donald Trump (who withdrew the US from the TPP).

Parker is Labour’s most experienced Cabinet Minister and one of their better performers.

There’s some irony in Parker’s promotion of the TPP after Labour’s opposing of it when in Opposition (or at least appearing to oppose it by opposing some parts of it).

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  1. Duker

     /  21st January 2019

    Opposing it ?
    Have you read the party election policy- they were always clear that in a few areas NZ needed to retain sovereignty like land sales and the foreign tribunals.
    The Greens were completely opposed. fullstop But the Greens are only a confidence and supply party, not in cabinet.

    • Duker

       /  21st January 2019

      heres the detail of the election policy that some thought opposed FTA

      New Zealanders have seen how successful our bilateral free trade agreement with China has
      been, which was negotiated by the last Labour government.
      Labour will:
       Pursue multilateral and bilateral FTAs in government; for both goods and services.
       Promote New Zealand in to civil society in countries such as the United Kingdom where
      we want to improve our trading relationships. This will help build public support for a
      quality FTA with the United Kingdom post-Brexit.
      It is important that trade agreements are carefully negotiated, and that provisions in these
      agreements do not undercut the regulatory sovereignty of New Zealand….
      The current National government traded away
      these rights in NZ’s Free Trade Agreement with South Korea and in the proposed Trans Pacific
      Partnership. Ceding this was wrong in principle. It was also unnecessary, given that other
      countries including Australia retained their rights to do so. Labour will renegotiate these

      • Blazer

         /  21st January 2019

        when it comes to negotiating National had a dream team of fuckwits-Groser,Joyce,Bridges,Key…eaten alive by corporate ,international sharks.

        • artcroft

           /  21st January 2019

          No, that was the Greens once they were in Govt.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  21st January 2019

          What a tortured little soul our Blazer is. Makes even Gollum seem full of sunlight and hsppiness in comparison.

  2. kiwi dave

     /  21st January 2019

    Why is Blazer unfailingly negative?

    • Pickled Possum

       /  21st January 2019

      Blaz is speaking his truth bro. You may find it negative because of that very reason. I find Blaza ..well most of the time … very informative and pretty much a realist view … realist …. some who sees what is really goin on. And its his right to say and mine to have. Its called free speech. If you find something negative ..tap out your positive opinion.😃

    • Blazer

       /  21st January 2019

      critical…not negative.

      Don’t be so negative…invest in scheme X ,you will make a fortune!🤢

  3. PartisanZ

     /  21st January 2019

    Well, um, you would expand it, wouldn’t you!?

    By the time we ALL BUT ONE signed it the damned thing was 10 years old or more!!!


    Nothing wrong with more trading in the world … as long as it’s ‘fair’ trading … as long as the ‘ultimate cost’ of shipping baubles & trinkets all across the globe to be ‘traded’ in openly competitive, private-ownership-grade (so-called) ‘free markets’ doesn’t exceed the price we pay for them … Like, as long as trading ultimately doesn’t make a loss rather than a profit …

    • PartisanZ

       /  21st January 2019

      That’s what we live in. We live in a free-market-caliber, private-ownership-grade civilization.

      It’s like, not necessarily the highest order of possible civilization by any means.

      And if we chose it through the mechanism of democracy then either democracy is not such a great idea or … it’s a system that isn’t working very well …

  1. First CPTPP Commission meeting agrees on expanding trade — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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