Ardern comes across well in climate forum at Davos

Jacinda Ardern seems to be right in her comfort zone speaking with ease and aplomb at international events with world leaders. She has been strongly praised for her performance at a climate forum – and she does come across very well.

All she needs to do is match her talk with substantial action and she could be a real star – but she has a lot to do to live up to her promise and promises.

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  2. David

     /  23rd January 2019

    The charm of Ardern is she is great at these things and we can bask in the glow safe in the knowledge that she she isnt really a very effective legislator so little will change, thankfully.

    • Griff.

       /  23rd January 2019

      For some one who was making all sorts of wild claims about the ban on new exploration permits only a few months ago you certainly have what we like to call a goldfish memory.
      Still right wing is all about feelz of the moment not facts ,,,eh.

    • Duker

       /  23rd January 2019

      Not an effective legislator…. Was that like John Key getting on the stage at the UN promising the Kermadec ocean sanctuary……and nothing happened with his legislation for the last 2 yes of Nationals government

  3. Corky

     /  23rd January 2019

    Another Climate Change cultist. Al Gore and Jacinda. The saviours of planet earth…when Al turns all his lights off that is.

  4. adamsmith1922

     /  23rd January 2019

    More vainglorious posturing by Ardern, a woman of little substance

    • duperez

       /  23rd January 2019

      A woman of little substance who got to be our leader, eh?
      What elements irk you most, that she’s vainglorious, that she’s posturing, that’s she’s of little substance, that she’s the Prime Minister, that someone of little substance got to be PM, that she’s upset your view of who should be at the top, or something else?

      • adamsmith1922

         /  23rd January 2019

        Frankly I detest the woman – she is, in my view, unsuited to her role. If she was competent I might think differently. She is not in control of her government. She, again in my view, prefers media opportunities as opposed to actually achieving. However,that’s my view, but you are fully entitled to your view. Oh and by the way,I am not greatly enamoured by any of NZ’s politicians of whatever political persuasion.

        • PartisanZ

           /  23rd January 2019

          It’s hard to sight a Micky Savage or a Norman Kirk among them, that’s for sure!

          But those icons are not what contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand needs right now …

          We need someone more like Jacinda Ardern!

          “Coming across well” and manipulating the media are essential ingredients in modern politics …

          So the question becomes: Does she or any of her government have the courage to be truly transfigurative* [#203?] like their great Labour predecessors?


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