Contrasting takes on Bridges: Debate on Prime Minister’s Statement

Following an embarrassing poll result Simon Bridges came out firing in his first speech of the year in Parliament yesterday, in response to the Prime Minister’s statement.

It was the best of speeches, it was the worst of speeches, depending who is describing it.

Predictably Winston Peters, who spoke immediately afterwards, slammed and ridiculed the speech and Bridges.

Nice wasn’t on Winston’s agenda, and Jacinda Ardern laughed alongside him.

And the opposite was also claimed.

Here is Bridges’ speech:

Did it do enough to lift his leadership? One speech does not make a leader.

All the speeches can be seen online here:



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  1. Gerrit

     /  13th February 2019

    Even on Whaleoil the commentators unanimously rubbish both Peters and Ardern (for her silly laughs and lack of “kindness). Is the worm turning for Whaleoil followers??

    “Salty Dog — Winston is a bully plus the Prime MInister showing her true side supporting and laughing at what Winston says. So much for leading by example. What a pity New Zealand wasn’t shown this clip before the last poll. This is the coalition of the nasty.”

    Ardern certainly did her “kindness” message no favours.

    When on 2.5% in the polls is attack the best message to get voters to support NZ First?

    As for Mallard, up there with Wilson as the most partisan speaker ever.

    • Finbaar Rustle

       /  13th February 2019

      The worst speaker was Lockwood Smith. After 30 years of disrupting the flow of parliament with idiotic interjections when he became speaker he barred all interjections so his Gov’t did not receive any criticism.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  13th February 2019

        She came across as a silly giggler.

        Catullus was right when he said that nam risu inepto res ineptior nullus est.

  2. Mother

     /  13th February 2019

    Is it my increasing interest in politics that makes it seem that it is getting more cruel? This in the day when the left push silly law (banning what should be trivial difficulties) and the right looking like a joke and out of touch (when they’re trying to be tough).

    We need leaders on the right who have personally done the tough yards in the character stakes. This will provide the moderation we desire.

    The style of kindness we presently chase is cruelty in disguise.

    Perhaps if Mr Peters is as difficult a character as many think, his true colours as he ages might bring the cruelty to a head in our MMP system. I think that his political games are a reflection of his personal mind games. I used to think he looked like a leader. I now see him as narcissistic. In fact I see many older people as narcissistic, and this is a word I think is bandied around too much – along with ‘mental health’. I think that the older people, in general, are the reason why we have a narcissistic problem.

    Meanwhile, I ask individuals to think about what they want to do re Christianity.

    Maureen, I’m not any sort of ‘character’ according to your imagination. Peoples’ imaginations run wild on blog sites. I’m an individual making my own choices. Surely this is the legacy we desire for the future individuals of our democracy.

    SB and PB are terribly lacking the depth of character we need. They have no more leadership type character than Jacinda.

    • Finbaar Rustle

       /  13th February 2019

      Good morning Mother.
      I like the gentle thoughts you bring to the blog.
      Not saying I always agree with you at all.
      However unlike most here you are not totally focused on winning at any cost.
      Most on this blog are totally dyed in the wool, one eyed fanatics.
      They only see their sides strengths and are blind to their weaknesses.
      Conversely they never acknowledge their opponents strengths
      but focus only on their opponents weaknesses.
      They will ignore 90 strengths of their opponents and then point out
      one error and say “There I proved you wrong. So I am right”.
      It happens on this blog all day every day.
      Silly and childish really and I think you often question why otherwise
      decent adults can be so mind numbingly blind and spiteful.
      Dead in the wool.
      is it really worth it?
      Apparently so.
      Sad 😦

    • Blazer

       /  13th February 2019

      we need Jesus to return and lead a new party.👀

  3. Finbaar Rustle

     /  13th February 2019

    As for Simon Bridge’s speech in fact all the speeches.
    We learned nothing except both parties claiming the high ground.
    They are exactly the same as all speeches I have heard since opening day 1975.
    Yes 44 years of the same claim and counter claim by either major party.
    To be fair National and Labour are now almost identical.
    Yawn 😦

    • Mother

       /  13th February 2019

      Mr Rustle, kia ora.
      I bring gentle thoughts? It always feels to me like I am pushing. I hate that feeling, but I hate inaction more.

      I appreciate your encouragement very much.

      I did notice your arrival on YourNZ. It was very welcome from my perspective. As Parti would say, ‘bat away’.

  4. Patzcuaro

     /  13th February 2019

    • PDB

       /  13th February 2019

      Rod Emerson and Duker have something in common…an obsession with Simon Bridges.

      • Duker

         /  13th February 2019

        Not an obsession ..just hes in the news more often than 90% of national party Mps .
        Did you see this one where those very Mps didnt seem to wholeheartedly backing Bridges

        Next up was David Bennett who was asked what he thought of Judith being leader. He said this:
        Simon is our leader.”
        Do you get a sense of overwhelming loyal support? Me neither.
        Then Max Headroom lookalike Matt King was asked and also blew the answer:
        I’m happy with Simon, I’d be happy with Judith.”
        The other comments were really underwhelming. Like this one:
        You either love her or you hate her,” was East Coast MP Anne Tolley’s verdict.
        Or this one:
        There’s a number of people who would make a good leader, we’ll just see,” said list MP Nuk Korako.

      • Blazer

         /  13th February 2019

        nothing Bridges likes better than ripping the top off an…Emmersons!

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  13th February 2019

          People aren’t as stupid as some reporters seem to imagine. Good luck trying to trap Judith Collins into saying something indiscreet.

  5. Duker

     /  13th February 2019

    “The best speech by a leader since David Lange IMHO,” says Laurel Hall.

    But during the partys 2018 leadership contest party stalwart Laurel had no interest in Bridges
    “You may find that Heartland National country support MM @MarkMitchellMP . Party HQ and caucus may need to rethink and reboot”

    • duperez

       /  13th February 2019

      If that link is to cast a light on Laurel Hall’s perspective of the world you’ve done it clearly.

      I reckon that if Andrew Little had made that speech in exactly the same tenor Laurel Hall would’ve been calling him ‘Angry’ Andrew.

      Locally we were always looking out for suitable people to judge annual debating competitions. Showing such limited experience and judgement as to call Bridges’ effort as “best speech by a leader since David Lange” would see Ms Hall make the ‘possibles’ list only if all other possibilities had died. But then even in that state they would seem to be no less qualified.

  6. Kitty Catkin

     /  13th February 2019

    I think that the Peters/Ardern cacchination was very bad taste and very unkind.

  7. Zedd

     /  13th February 2019

    Listening to the continuation of the PMs speech debate:

    ‘Its the end of the world/economy as we know it’.. according to all opposition MPs.
    Usual Fear-mongering from the Tories 😦

    ‘The country voted for CHANGE (after 9 looong years of stagnation) & the New Govt. are getting on with it’ say ALL the Govt. MPs. 🙂

    The Natl MPs would have us believe that this Govt. is in total disarray & about to crash & burn, because they didn’t get the tax-cuts, they promised themselves; pre-election

    Meanwhile the economy is reportedly going strong & unemployment is at a 10 year low.

    SO.. who should we believe ? 😀

  1. Contrasting takes on Bridges: Debate on Prime Minister’s Statement — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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