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  1. Gezza

     /  13th February 2019

    Two Aljazeera tv reporters this morning covering rival rallies of thousands of people in Caracas, Venezuela. Lucia Newman, showing the massive number of supporters of Guaido, followed by Teresa Bo reporting from among the Maduro supporters. Teresa noted that the numbers of people attending pro-Maduro rallies is decreasing every day.

    Typically these supporters are former Chavistas from the poor neighbourhoods, but they are now amongst the hardest hit by ongoing, severe shortages of medical supplies, food (they have to queue for hours just to get a bag of rice, for example) & all manner of normal household goods that have been unobtainable now for months on end.

    Massive amounts of American food and other supplies are reported to now be being stockpiled just over the border in Columbia, but Maduro still refuses to allow any of it into the country & flatly denies that there are any shortages.

    Guaido was shown in a Talk With Al Jazeera show yesterday claiming that groups of volunteers have begun to find ways of bringing these supplies in, & that although this is only a trickle so far he expects more volunteers to start getting involved in bypassing the Maduro blockade.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  13th February 2019

      We saw the better off people packing up and leaving.

      Rice is better than nothing, but not adequate as a diet for long. They’ll be getting ill soon, And, of course, it needs to be cooked…what on and with ?

      I hope that they can transport the food if it comes and not have it sitting there, with no way of it being taken to where it’s needed as has happened in famines before.


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