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  1. phantom snowflake

     /  February 16, 2019

  2. phantom snowflake

     /  February 16, 2019

    This one is particularly for Pickled Possum if she’s around.
    Radio New Zealand have produced a (video) documentary series which covers the recent European tour of Waipu-based band Alien Weaponry:

  3. Kitty Catkin

     /  February 16, 2019

    The Waikato is still tooooo hot. I did a small DIY job and was sweating as much as if it had been really strenuous; I couldn’t believe it.

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  February 16, 2019

    Bloody, bloody Musso the Mynah who’s a recent arrival and bullies the small birds was given a few hints today that he wasn’t welcome, inc. a stone and small piece of concrete. Even these weren’t enough to keep him away for long. Thank goodness the little ones haven’t been put right off coming to the table.

    I wish that there was some way to deter mynahs without deterring the little birds.