How many victims of Slater and Nottingham?

There have definitely been hundreds of victims of attacks, defamation and harassment carried out by Cameron Slater and Dermot Nottingham. Probably thousands. Some of their targets have been separate, some have been joint.

As has been well covered over they last two days Matthew Blomfield has been a victim of defamation, with both Slater and Nottingham involved. That will no doubt have impacted on others, especially Blomfield’s family.

But I was also dragged into the field of fire when I stopped another in their gang of online bullies and thugs, Marc Spring, from continuing attacks on Blomfield here at Your NZ and they turned against me. This resulted in attacks and defamation online, three years of court battles, considerable expense, impact on family and impact on a number of people contributing at Your NZ, some of whom where attacked via Lauda Finem,

Over the last three and a half years I have been contacted by a number of people telling me they have also been the victims of attack, some saying their lives have been ruined.

As a result of the social media publicity yesterday at The Daily Blog, ‘Phaedrus’ says (to Blomfield):

In 2011, Slater targeted me in my role as a primary school principal because I was very active in fighting against national standards. My suspicion (although I have no evidence) is that this was coordinated with then Minister of Education Anne Tolley’s office. While the vitriol was in no way comparable to that fired at you, it was still enough to end my career as a school principal and to contribute to a breakdown in my health. Your success in making him accountable gives me great joy.

At Kiwiblog, Debbie says:

I owe you gratitude it seems, Pete George.

I personally was described in the worst possible terms on Nottingham’s blog – however I didn’t have the resources to do anything about it, and it was only one blog post (that was more aimed at other parties, but I still got a mention by default). I’m very glad it’s gone. Thank you.

Actually Blomfield deserves the credit for that too. He had Lauda Finem shut down through the court. See  BLOMFIELD v THE OWNER AND/OR ADMINISTRATOR OF WWW.LAUDAFINEM.COM [2018] NZHC 2747 [24 October 2018]

Last year Nottingham was convicted on two counts of breaching suppression orders. From the sentencing notes:

[22] Now, I make some findings of fact. Consistent with the verdicts of the jury I have concluded that between 2010 and 2015 Dermot Nottingham published or had published numerous articles on the blog site Either Dermot Nottingham is Lauda Finem (in other words, the leading mind of that blog) or he is so intimately related to it that it is proper to conclude that he provided information and draft articles to that blog site knowing and intending that they would be published.

Nottingham wasn’t Lauda Finem on his own, brothers, Slater, Spring and others have also used LF to attack and defame many people.

Nottingham was also convicted of five counts of criminal harassment – but as for the suppression breaches these involved just some of the victims.

[18] It was clear to me that, for some of the complainants, life over an extended period of time had been made very uncomfortable and distressing, in some cases affecting the daily lives of some complainants whose reputations in their community had been so badly maligned as to cause them to withdraw within themselves.

[23] During that five year period the defendant undertook numerous campaigns of harassment against a number of individuals, the most egregious and persistent of which were represented by the five complainants in the trial. I concluded that his conduct by publishing said articles, through other intimidating and harassing conduct- including threatening, watching, photographing, following – was either carried out directly by Detmot Nottingham or at his direction and that he knew his conduct was likely to cause the individuals to fear for their safety or the safety of family members.

[25]…Mr Nottingham seeks to justify and make lawful his conduct towards others by reference to the conduct of other bloggers who habitually take an aggressive and attacking approach in purporting to uncover corruption and injustice.

[29] The Crown further proposes that there are a number of aggravating features to the criminal harassment charges, namely the extent of the harm. The allegations against the complainants included that that they were alcoholics, used drugs, were promiscuous or were corrupt professionals and public officials. The Crown characterised the language used by Mr Nottingham as malicious, misogynistic and entirely abhorrent. Without the need for me to repeat any of those specific offensive allegations, I concur with the summary of Mr Nottingham’s conduct. I also accept that those aggravating features are present.

I’ve been subjected to some of those allegations.

And Blomfield was also subjected to similar allegations – actually I don’t understand why he wasn’t included in “the most egregious and persistent of which were represented by the five complainants in the trial”.

Blomfield was targeted by Nottingham, Slater, and associates. As I was. As were many other people.

A number of people (in addition to Blomfield) were subjected to campaigns of attacks on both Lauda Finem and Whale Oil.

Some of these were prominent in the media, like Len Brown, Bevan Chuang, Colin Craig. It is well known that Slater often attacked Bill English on Whale Oil – English features in the last post on LF nearly two years ago.

But many people attacked and affected were just ordinary people who for one reason or another attracted the ire or whatever of Nottingham, Slater. It’s well known that Slater used to attack people who simply happened to feature in news items.

The ‘West Coast ferals’ is on example, where family and friends of a young man killed in a car accident joined the long list of victims. While that put Whale Oil into the news, it also featured on Lauda Finem. It included this reference:

There is however one exception, a lone image that remains testament to Slaters attack on Mr Matthew Blomfield and one of Blomfields media bitch’s, aka the TVNZ journalist John Hudson; a hunting trophy, albeit in a slightly different form, that has been left almost as if by design, a warning perhaps?

It is a lengthy tirade that turns largely against Blomfield with a raft of typical unsubstantiated accusations and slurs.

It seems to LF that Mattthew Blomfield might just fit the profile of the hacker. After all he certainly has lashings of motive, a definite hatred of Slater, what with an upcoming court hearing which he looks set to lose.

LF often predicted that Blomfield would lose against Slater. One of the many things they were wrong about, as we now know.

The above LF post also included references to and attacks and swipes at a number of other people, including journalists and a mayor.

How many people are victims of all of this, to varying degrees?

It must be thousands. And it took over six years for Blomfield to make a stand and finally get a result.

Many people will be applauding this, for good reason.



  1. Ray

     /  17th February 2019

    Karma eh, because these clowns have thrown those years and achieved nothing but bitter ash, we can count them in this number.

  2. Blazer

     /  17th February 2019

    Slater and Nottingham are right wing trash.

    People like John Key and Judith Collins should be ashamed of their relationship with the scum.

    Key and his dedicated black ops crew plumbed new depths in filthy,politics.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  17th February 2019

      That’s assuming that they had a relationship. I’d be careful about saying such things.

    • Trevors_Elbow

       /  17th February 2019

      And so you condemn the relentless attacks on right wingers by people like Martin Bradbury etc? the semaring, the name calling, the physical assaults (see Paul Henry attack among other incidents like dildo throwing etc)… including going to their residence and making a nuisance of themselves… of course you do ay Blazer? Because you are a person of virtue who doesn’t condone extremism….

      Or is it only Dirty Politics when its done by someone who is the of the Centre to the Right on the political spectrum?

      Means justified by the Ends isn’t that right Comrade?

      Your pathological hatred is a thing to behold and your hypocrisy sticks out like a sore thumb…

      • Blazer

         /  17th February 2019

        you are not comparing the same things and cannot prove the politics of the offendors in the incidents you mention.

        Key,Ede,Slater had a premeditated,dedicated black ops in place…disgraceful…your condonement sticks out like a …sore…elbow.

        • Trevors_elbow

           /  18th February 2019

          Oh dear…not the same thing… ffs your ideological blinkers are drawn down tight. Key was a Male replica of a Clark with a nice manner and smile. Helen used all the same methods it was just the internet wasn’t as developed.

          Key is gone Blazer …let go of your comfort blanket and face the truth for once…

  3. duperez

     /  17th February 2019

    In a couple of cases in recent years school principals have had big payouts after being bullied by ‘the system.’ Anne Tolley gets a mention on this page but not Hekia Parata.

    Over some years it was common for Ministers of Education to go on the warpath, get all concerned about bullying in schools. Usually it was at the start of the school year. You know, set the year up for how you wanted it to go. Fair enough, they knew what bullying looked like.

    Victims? Careers and lives as they were, ruined? One teacher who got a pay out (as if money could be any fair recompense for what happened) was targeted by Slater. Like a manic attack dog he was into it. He was the perfect fool to carry the messages of his political cronies.

    Lowlife, low intellect scum bullying because he could. For what he did he hasn’t got anywhere near what he deserves.

  4. Duker

     /  17th February 2019

    Wasnt there also a private school principal, whos ex wife had nasty streak and used Slater to publish her spurious claims
    But she got into huge trouble herself and lost right to practice as a lawyer

    and the Slater connection- which is sort of evidence that he did these sort of things for money, so think again people who have sympathy for the retard
    “Cameron Slater’s blog Whale Oil was embroiled in Jeanne Denham’s campaign, which involved her working with public relations consultant Carrick Graham to provide press releases for publication on the blog.”

    Now this has come up bite Carrick Graham in the bum , as Graham along with Slater and Catherine Rich is being sued by Swinburn and others and details of that case have been aired to show a money trail for personal attacks from Graham to Slater

  5. Alan Wilkinson

     /  17th February 2019

    Although the morons took a few swipes at me I’ve had nothing more than amusement at their half-wittedness and self-immolation out of the affair. But I am very glad that those who have been harmed can now see some justice finally done.

    Big ups to PG and Blomfield for stamping on these cockroaches.

    • Blazer

       /  17th February 2019

      they’re on your ‘side’..Al.

      • Gezza

         /  17th February 2019

        Hardly. One of your daftest I’m afraid. Sir Alan is mostly suffers from excess libertarianism with co-morbid slogan issues, but he’s honest. These people PG’s talking about, on the other hand, are just low-life scum who wouldn’t know honesty if it bit them in the bum.

        • Blazer

           /  17th February 2019

          I had a beer..with him.

          That absolves his lack of empathy for his fellow man,and especially people not as intelligent or as wealthy as him.

          • Gezza

             /  17th February 2019

            He doesn’t lack empathy for his fellow man. He simply has a rigid ideological approach to how social & economic problems should be solved & the advantages of not worrying about being an idealistic dreamer & thinking anyone with a different view is.

            • Blazer

               /  18th February 2019

              so you have formulated an indepth analysis on his political attitudes.Does he concur with your evaluations?

            • Gezza

               /  18th February 2019

              Who cares? I don’t. He’s still a bloody irritating one-eyed bastard. 😐

            • Gezza

               /  18th February 2019

              Not unlike yourself, come to think of it… 🤔

  6. unitedtribes2

     /  17th February 2019

    Iv never worked out with Slater if it was about the money or just about an uncontrolled mean streak. It was obvious when it was the money like the Hawkes Bay irrigation business. Slater would otherwise have had no interest in this.
    Obviously Slater’s involvement with WO is over. Unless the law fail to unravel the very amateur corporate vail. Its funny that it has still survived. It has had a big public knock. There are a couple of interesting writers that seem to keep it together but the content seems to be very thin,. Most is a plead for survival funds for CS.
    I guess if liquidated the brand could be sold and someone could pic up and start again in a more professional way. Perhaps thats what Christie’s role is.

    • Duker

       /  17th February 2019

      The Hawkes bay irrigation business ( actually a public funded dam) was really written by Lusk who lives just outside Waipawa , nearish the river concerned. Up to recently all of Lusks posts where under the ‘Whaleoil’ name but were clearly from him , as were items about hawkes bay politics , local Mps etc.
      You can think of Lusk as the smart one in the Whaleoil blog, Im sure he still posts , just not under his real name

  7. Tipene

     /  17th February 2019

    This was never going to end well for Mr Dribbly and his niche-cultic cohort.

    He set himself up as an attack warrior, and then went after so many people, he created an army against him.

    “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

    Sun Tsu

  8. Duker

     /  17th February 2019

    look at how much police resources once were devoted to Whaleoil issues
    “Police requested a raw feed of the DoS attack that Whaleoil offline Tuesday morning, he says.”

    Once eons ago, Slater tried to sic his readers on me by publishing my IP address- idiots dont know that I like most homes and small businesses use dynamic IP adress which could change every day , and anyway just gave them a Vodafone server farm location in an commercial area of Mt Eden

    • There’s a number of interesting things with police investigations involving Slater. The investigation of attempted hack of the Standard and Slater getting diversion, and the investigation and prosecution of Ben Rachinger after a complaint from Slater come to mind.

  9. Trevors_Elbow

     /  17th February 2019

    Pete – why are you repeating an insinuation “My suspicion (although I have no evidence) is that this was coordinated with then Minister of Education Anne Tolley’s office.” against Anne Tolley, which the original poster admits they have NO evidence to support?

    You are perpetuating and promoting a smear with zero credibility and by the original posters own admission is just a suspicion. Thought you were against that type of thing? Seems you like a little dirt as much as everyone else….

    • Mother

       /  17th February 2019

      I don’t like dirt. I just wish people would mind their own business more and when there are real victims, to be ready to use their strength and integrity accordingly.

      If there’s a quicker way to victory than Tipene’s quote, could someone please share it?

      I do have evidence to support the fact that two girls grossly falsely accused a man. That is serious stuff. Huge waste of community resources. Ripples far, wide and long. I know what smear campaigns feel like. Horrid for a person who hates dirt. Life wrecking. Family harming. Community oppression. I don’t mind taking knocks from rude people when I say it’s only Jesus who could pull me through all that safely.

      Kudos to PG. If playing a little with dirt (as TE suggests) is what keeps him sane and lively, more power to him. I think he has integrity and strength of character.

      Where is Mr Rustle? Surely he has something to say in this thread. He seems like a person who likes the Truth to win out.

    • duperez

       /  17th February 2019

      Promoting a smear with zero credibility or showing the landscape as it is?

      A person maligned, who says they were targeted with venom over a period of a time, who loses their career and has a ‘health breakdown’ says they have a suspicion, no evidence, that the attack was coordinated with then Minister of Education Anne Tolley’s office. Were they one of those with a $150,000 payout?

      Might one such person have reasonable grounds to feel a little aggrieved?

      If the attacks had nothing to do with the Ministry of Education, or the Minister was it about the principal being impertinent enough to be against a policy and an individual, Slater, wasn’t going to have such insolence? Was it a personal vendetta because someone had the audacity to go against his mob? Or was it just a game, just having fun, the bIn some cases the bully boy mobster pissing all over the shop counter to show everyone how tough he was? After all it was only someone’s career and health.

      One of the Slater campaigns seemed to run parallel to a Ministry of Education campaign.
      If any victim of such says they have a suspicion of a connection, but no evidence, they deserve to be heard.

      If the Ministry of Education (or Minister) doesn’t want to be smeared, they have to be sure they act with more than zero credibility. In some cases they didn’t. That cost the tax-payers a lot of money but worse left numbers of people with shattered lives.

      In the circumstances sensitivity around insinuations being made are next to irrelevant.

      • Trevors_Elbow

         /  17th February 2019

        Its a smear – based on a suspicion and no surprises you repeat it. I suspect you’re a nasty little troll who beats their partner… I have no evidence but I have suspicions so its ok to say… right???

        As per usual with the left smear, personal attack and vitriol supplemented with psuedo logic are stock in trade… you’re a prime example of all the usual little tricks of the trade

        Got any proof Anne Tolley was involved? If so put it up – or withdraw and apologise… circumstantial BS doesn’t constitute evidence so none of your usual rubbish please…

        • duperez

           /  17th February 2019

          I’ve got no proof of any involvement of Tolley’s. We all have proof that a victim suspects some involvement. That person was slighter closer to proceedings than you and me and obviously has more of a basis for a reasonable opinion.

          There is adequate proof (if you look) of a Slater campaign going on when a Ministry of Education campaign was going on.

          As far as what’s right to say I’m not sure. There’s probably a good philosophical debate to be had as to whether someone in the situation of that principal has equal validity to do that as say, others carrying on with the sort of stuff that has been said about the Prime Minister in the past 15 months or so.

          Such a debate might reflect on the nature of your trite jibe, “As per usual with the left smear, personal attack and vitriol supplemented with psuedo (sic) logic are stock in trade…”

          • Trevors_elbow

             /  18th February 2019

            No evidence of Tolleys involvement… but of course you dont address that… because your another Slater hater troll… address the topic or piss off…

    • I thought it ok to include the whole quote. It is someone who seems justified in feeling aggrieved expressing what they though, and they made it clear they had no evidence.

      A problem with dirty politics is that especially where Slater was involved in attacks it left National MPs open to suspicions of similar types of black ops. National are in part responsible for this themselves as they didn’t comprehensively apologise and condemn what had been going on. John Key shrugged and carried on as if there was nothing to see there.

      So without a decent assurance that that sort of dirty operation had been totally eliminated from the PM’s office and ministers’ offices and from the party they left themselves wide open to ongoing suspicions – especially when Slater was attacking people.

      • Trevors_elbow

         /  18th February 2019

        Nice logical sounding rational Pete .. but it’s just not good enough…its repeating a smear with no basis, …because of the reputation of Slater.
        Poor form. Unjustified. And not what you say you believe in… but I suppose given your troubles with Slater you cant see that….

        • It looks to me like a genuinely held opinion/suspicion, clearly acknowledged as being without evidence. If you’ve seen how Slater operated, it’s quite different from a smear attempt.

          • Trevors_elbow

             /  18th February 2019

            Again. You choose to repeat an unsubstanisted claim. Nice. And then refuse to justify with anything but ‘if you knew Slater’ line.

            Aren’t you calls for higher standards to be believed Pete. Seems they’re as mutable as others standards are….