Artificial intelligence system ‘too good’ to be released but drone development continues

Artificial intelligence will continue to be improved and will continue to be implemented in different ways, but a company backed by some of the world’s largest companies say they won’t release an artificial intelligence system they have developed because it is too good.

But this must just be a temporary pause. If they can do it others are likely to develop AI systems with similar power and implications.

CNN:  This AI is so good at writing that its creators won’t let you use it

A new artificial intelligence system is so good at composing text that the researchers behind it said they won’t release it for fear of how it could be misused.

Created by nonprofit AI research company OpenAI (whose backers include Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft), the text-generating system can write page-long responses to prompts, mimicking everything from fantasy prose to fake celebrity news stories and homework assignments. It builds on an earlier text-generating system the company released last year.

Researchers have used AI to generate text for decades with varying levels of success. In recent years, the technology has gotten particularly good. OpenAI’s initial goal was for the system to come up with the next word in a sentence by considering the words that came before it. To make this possible, it was trained on 8 million web pages.

A handful of resulting demos that OpenAI posted online last week show just how convincing (and, at times, creepy) computer-written text can be. In many ways, they sound like the written version of deepfakes, which are persuasive — but fake — video and audio files created with AI.

What’s worse, fake text and audio and images and video created by an AI system, or created deliberately by people?

Are we heading for a virtual world where it’s impossible to differentiate between fake and reality?

There are greater risks, especially where AI is used in military applications.

Stuff:  UK close to adding swarming attack drones to its military arsenal

Swarms of small attack drones that confuse and overwhelm anti-aircraft defences could soon become an important part of the modern military arsenal, Britain’s defence secretary said, something that would mark a major evolution in robot-enabled warfare.

Speaking at the London-based Royal United Services Institute think tank, British defence secretary Gavin Williamson said Britain will fund the development of “swarm squadrons of network enabled drones capable of confusing and overwhelming enemy air defences,” noting that such vehicles would complement the British fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

He seemed to confirm what some military experts have said for years: The technology to enable synchronised drone swarms is here, and military leaders are starting to embrace the idea of building it into their operations.

Tech companies have demonstrated that they can organise drone swarms for complex light shows and other flashy endeavours. And some widely publicised systems tests in the United States have shown how the military can adapt that concept for its own use.

Express (UK):  Putin unveils KAMIKAZE Kalashnikov military drone able to ‘bypass ANY air defence system’

Moscow is continuing its unchecked military aggression against its neighbours and the West as Vladimir Putin’s military adds cutting-edge technology to its war machine, such as last week’s testing of “undetectable” nuclear weapons. Now Russia’s latest military machine has just been unveiled, a deadly kamikaze drone.

Russia’s Kalashnikov drone is about to be rolled-out across the military after “successfully completing” trials.

And military officials have boasted of how the latest precision weapon from arms giant Kalashnikov can “deliver explosives to any terrain, bypassing systems of air defence.”

AI, drones and nuclear weapons – what could go wrong with that? And people like Putin and Trump to that and it’s downright scary.

It doesn’t sound like an intelligent use of technology to me.

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  1. Gezza

     /  20th February 2019

    This got mentioned several times on Aljaz tv just recently:

    As with 5G, China is in the lead on AI. Googling “China Artificial Intelligence” brings up many items on the subject.

  2. Blazer

     /  20th February 2019

    AI has been quite virulent on blog sites for…quite some time.

    certainly a dearth of…innate!😊

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  20th February 2019

    The AI described seems to be mostly a database of human “intelligence” rather than artificial.


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