Media watch – Friday

22 February 2019


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  1. David

     /  February 22, 2019

    Another young female journalist pens a hit piece totally devoid of any reason or joined up thought on a single reason why she feels the need to smack Peterson around. The comments, unusually, are far more lucid and well constructed, reasoned and argued.
    Imagine if a female speaker who women, and some men, found inspiration and self improvement help to live a better life was panned by a young male journalist for no reason except the audience was majority male…the journalist would be burnt at the stake and out of a job and tarred for the rest of his career.
    The young journalist oft writes columns bemoaning her single life but fails to make the connection that Peterson is a feminist, he is improving men and they will make better partners, husbands and fathers..a gift to all young women because at the end of the day the woke young ladies aint looking for a soy drinking feminist aware man with his hair in a bun that you meet in a yoga class. They want a man who has his act together, its biology.

  2. Could be interesting:

    • more rhetoric from the party, that still believes in/advocates ‘Dig it all Up & burn it’ (fossil fuels).. I note that ‘green’ part, come second in the thinking.. tokenism at best

      “wotalottaBS” 😦


    MORE Fear-mongering from the extreme Right !

    If this is true; everything is WORSE.. why are more states & countries moving to Regulate/Legalise the herb.

    Prohibition is the Failure & it is time.. to move past it

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  February 22, 2019

      Mike Hosking is an attention-seeker; ignore the fool.

      • “white-man talk with forked-tongue” :/

        sounds a bit like ‘the good Doc’ (Wilkins) is doing just this ?

      • just watching the ‘battlelines’ being drawn.. some folks think the ‘Reeferendum’ maybe a foregone conclusion, BUT certainly not I&I 😦