Toxic masculinity versus toxic feminism

Sean Plunket: Toxic masculinity isn’t the problem – toxic feminism is

…a dark and disturbing aspect of New Zealand society that most of us have been aware of but too cowed by a prevailing climate of political correctness to openly discuss or address, toxic feminism.

You know what I’m talking about, those endless columns written by clearly biased journalists that use phrases like “mansplaining” and “stale pale male” to mock anyone who might challenge their misandry and moral superiority.

If a woman dares question the high priestesses of this hateful cabal, they are pitied for being subjugated by the utterly fictitious “tyrannical patriarchy”.

If you try engaging with the toxic feminists, they will inevitably retreat to their social media silos screaming “bully” or “misogynist” or launch an online petition and campaign to have you fired and ostracised.  Their latest wacky idea is to do away with jury trials in our criminal justice system.

The toxic feminists can’t tolerate any criticism because their particular brand of outrage and hatred simply doesn’t stand up to any rational scrutiny.

What will help? Well why not look for a screening of Amanda Millar’s movie “Celia” about the late Celia Lashlie or check out the work of New Zealander of the year Mike King.

Men and women might also consider calling out instances of casual toxic feminism at work or school or university to reinforce the truth that the empress’s cloak of virtue is non-existent. We can also talk and listen to each other without throwing insults and epithets around like confetti or buying into the polarising hate speech that toxic feminism encourages.

To an extent Plunket is right. Some feminists have extreme ideas about switching power balances from male to female, and want to discredit and shut down males who speak, especially those critical of radical feminist ideas.

But Plunket does the debate a disservice. He won’t help discussion and understanding by referring to ‘toxic feminism’, which could be seen to imply that feminism is toxic. He should have qualified it by describing it as ‘some feminists are toxic’ or ‘toxic radical feminism’ (but even some radical feminism can be justified activism).

Most feminism is fair and reasonable. I agree to large extent with the aims of a lot of feminists. There are extreme feminists, but they are a small minority.

Plunket is also wrong to infer that toxic masculinity isn’t a problem. There is some toxic masculinity (not all masculinity) that remains a major problem. That shouldn’t be dismissed by shifting the blame to an equal and opposite reaction.

He has just thrown more toxins into the debate, adding to the ‘them versus us’ war of words.

Plunket would do better by promoting positives of feminism and positives of masculinity.


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  1. Mother

     /  26th February 2019

    It looks to me like Mr Plunket is looking for attention. Childish. Perhaps he thinks he’s continuing the good work of Mr Peterson’s, in which case I’m sure he’s mis understanding plenty.

    The trouble with input like this is that it can only swing a pendulum on a base of inequality.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  26th February 2019

      I read it as being about toxic feminism, not that he thought that all feminism was that. He makes some excellent points.

      If someome wrote about leaky buildings, one wouldn’t assume that they thought that all buildings were leaky, only the ones that they were talking about.

      The believing survivors of rape, even when it’s been proved that these ‘survivors’ are lying is a case in point. There was evidence, irrefutable evidence of the fact that the woman whose name I forget in the recentish US case was lying…but people still squawked that they believed her and the other woman whose story was ridiculous.

      At Waikato, a man was being given a tour of the campus and they went into the women’s room. This was in the holidays, but when I was discovered all hell broke loose. The hysteria couldn’t have been worse if he and the other/s had gone in and raped someone.

  2. duperez

     /  26th February 2019

    Sean Plunket has his motives for what he writes. Those displaying (or guilty of, or whatever it is) toxic masculinity or toxic feminism, have their motives too.

    Some might have it that whatever Plunket’s motives are, it ends with toxic journalism.

  3. Blazer

     /  26th February 2019

  4. Gerrit

     /  26th February 2019

    Sean Plunket is right to point out toxic femininity is as equally prevalent as toxic masculinity is.

    You cannot address or rectify an issue unless first you acknowledge it. That is all he is doing, putting the case that toxic femininity exists.

    “Men and women might also consider calling out instances of casual toxic feminism at work or school or university to reinforce the truth that the empress’s cloak of virtue is non-existent. We can also talk and listen to each other without throwing insults and epithets around like confetti or buying into the polarising hate speech that toxic feminism encourages.”

    Totally agree.

    However the question of what defines “toxic masculinity” is debateable. For some it is purely physical and as women dont do physical violence (according to some) there can be no toxic femininity.

    “Women comprise more than half the U.S. population, but commit only 14.7% of the homicides. When women do kill, they’re more likely to kill their own children than their spouses. Women are not raping and killing and violating men the way men are raping, killing, and violating women.”…”Surprise, surprise, being an asshole isn’t a gendered trait. But being an asshole, or being manipulative, or being self centered is not the same as toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity refers to a specific type of man on woman violent behavior and it’s a serious problem.”

    But women are masters of the verbal assault (denigration being the main one) and a distinction needs to be made between the physical toxic masculinity and the verbal toxic femininity.

    Both are equally toxic.

    • Mother

       /  26th February 2019

      Men are inclined to practise emotional dishonesty, more so than women generally. So when they are corrected they ‘hear’ denigration.

      Women are inclined to desire being protected, more so than men generally. So when their hopes are dashed, they try harder to get through their message, and the men ‘hear’ denigration. The jerks/deeply hurt/unthinking amongst them lash out in anger.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  26th February 2019

        I have seen cases of women marrying men for whatever they can get out of them; in a dear friend’s case, it was all ‘dear man’ and so on until the ring was on her finger. Then there was no need for these endearments. By the time he found out, it was too late.

  5. lurcher1948

     /  26th February 2019

    So does any one think the strange business concept that is Magic radio will be there at the end of 2019.They suddenly lost all their listeners when they went full retard rightwing and their hosts would be at home on Fox.Sean Plunkett has just been told to be a shock jock so calling females toxic feminists is just Sean farting in the wind.

  6. Gezza

     /  26th February 2019

    Women are giving birth to toxic males. How does this happen?

  7. Finbaar Rustle

     /  26th February 2019

    Yes Plunket is right.
    Just like the the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis were just as toxic as the Nazis
    so really we should accord Hitler and the Nazis
    the same respect as those Jews who died.
    Its just PC gone mad.
    We should have large memorials to the Nazis outside every
    German and Polish WW2 concentration camp.

  8. Alan Wilkinson

     /  26th February 2019

    I don’t generalise. There are arseholes of every gender.

  9. Joe Bloggs

     /  26th February 2019

    In New Zealand:
    —1 in 3 (35%) ever-partnered New Zealand women report having experienced physical and/or sexual IPV in their lifetime. When psychological/emotional abuse is included, 55% report having experienced IPV in their lifetime.
    —In 2014, 24% of New Zealand women and 6% of men reported having experienced sexual assault in their lifetime.
    —Between 2009 and 2015, there were 92 IPV deaths. In 98% of death events where there was a recorded history of abuse, women were the primary victim, abused by their male partner.

    In USA:
    Men represent 
    — 80% of arrests for violent crime
     — 99% of arrests for forcible rape
     — 97% of mass shootings
     — 78% of arrests for aggravated assault

    Being an arsehole isn’t a gendered trait. But being an arsehole, or being manipulative, or being self-centred is not the same as toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity refers to a specific type of man-on-woman violent behaviour and it’s a serious problem.

    Do you want to help figure out the problem? Or do you want to point the finger back at women and perpetuate the problem? Because, ooh, lookit her acting all like that. There’s a name for what you’re doing. It’s called victim blaming.

    If you think “toxic femininity” is real, you’re part of the problem…

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  26th February 2019

      How did you manage to overlook the statisticc that men are overwhelmingly also the victims of violent crime, Joe? Toxic femininity on display.

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  26th February 2019

        Toxic idiocy from Alan, on display for all to see:

        How could you have missed the fact that men are overwhelmingly also the victims of violent crime committed by other men.

        That’s not toxic femininity at work – that’s an issue of violent men beating up other men.

        Alan’s unwillingness to think critically emerges yet again

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  26th February 2019

          Your blinkers are all the evidence needed, Joe.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  26th February 2019

            Men are far less likely to report being victims of domestic abuse.

            I am dubious about studies that find that such high numbers are victims; to me, a raised voice is not violence. Who on earth hasn’t raised their voice or had this happen ? But this is counted as domestic violence; an insult to real victims.

            Have you had your partner raise his voice to you in the last 12 months ? Y/N.

            If the question asked if both parties had, the result would be very different.

            The knee-jerk reaction of calling any questioning of the woman’s behaviour victim-blaming is stupid and harmful. If a woman keeps going back to or staying with a violent man despite all advice and her own knowledge that he’s going to keep doing it, she is colluding in the harmful relationship.There, there, dear, you can’t help it.

            Nobody could persuade the Huntly girl who was so besotted with ‘Dion’ that she had a large tattoo on her face to say that she belonged to him or was his property to leave him….until she did in a box.

            I also find the expression ‘plying with drink’ a put-down of the one who’s drinking, as if she’s so so stupid that she won’t realise that she’s getting drunk.

  10. David in aus

     /  26th February 2019

    What does ‘Toxic Masculinity, got to do with violence?
    If females are violent, are they exhibiting ‘Toxic Masculinity’? Sounds like an oxymoron.

    You are conflating different issues to make your point.

    Violence is not gendered. It happens that males as a sex are disproportionately perpetrators of violence.

    I have no problems saying that men as a sex have a proclivity for violence as compared to women. One they are srronger and more likely to win and testosterone does affect behaviour.

    Despite what feminist say, there are biological factors that influence behaviour.


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