Brexit: Theresa May is now looking like another disaster

From Missy:

As reported yesterday Theresa May did a quick trip to Strasbourg to meet with Juncker (other EU Presidents were also in attendance, along with their Brexit team). At the end of the meeting an agreement was made, and this came out in two statements – one a joint statement, and the second a unilateral statement by May.

Theresa May’s statement outlined what the UK’s understanding of the backstop was, that it is temporary and not a permanent solution. May’s statement also says that if the EU fails to come to an agreement to remove the backstop, then the UK would consider that the backstop had become de facto permanent. This means the UK will have the right to take the EU to the joint arbitration mechanism, it does not mean the UK has a unilateral exit mechanism, nor does it provide a fixed time limit – the two things the House of Commons asked May to try and get if she could not get the backstop removed.

The joint instrument is an 18 point statement which clarifies the commitments both sides make to each other, without changing the Withdrawal Agreement. this interprets how the EU and UK would handle the backstop if it ever came into force. This agreement contains legally binding assurances as opposed to being part of the Withdrawal Agreement, and falls short of what some want.

This morning the Brexit supporting MPs were cautious about the agreements reached last night, all saying they wanted time to read, digest, and analyse the agreement, some stating they would wait for the Attorney General’s legal advice on it before making a decision, and many in the ERG saying they will defer a decision until they had spoken to the DUP.

The AG’s advice was published at around 1130 this morning, and states that the agreement does not change anything as the UK could still find itself trapped in the backstop with no way out. The DUP and Brexiteers have rejected the agreement based on the AG’s advice.

What was looking hopeful this morning for Theresa May is now looking like another disaster for her in the Commons, with some MPs saying she cannot stay in position if she loses again and others saying she needs to call a General Election when she loses the vote. The vote is set down for 7.00pm tonight.

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  1. Missy

     /  13th March 2019

    There has been a lot of praise today for the AG today, many commending his courage to speak the truth instead of saying what needed to be said to get the deal passed. He has been compared favourably against Tony Blair’s AG, Peter Goldsmith, who is said to have changed his legal advice on the invasion of Iraq – and it was this that Blair used to help justify the legality of the invasion.

    • Gezza

       /  13th March 2019

      Blair should be in prison as a war criminal. Goldsmith should be in there with him, writing his memoirs Blair’s Bullshit Book Of Excuses. If there was any real justice in the world.

  2. David

     /  13th March 2019

    She needs to quit already, she has failed at every turn and her dogged stoicism is ridiculous. She tried deluding the country, then her mp,s, then the cabinet and now she is just deluding herself.

    • Missy

       /  13th March 2019

      Indeed. Her problem from the start was to try and please everyone, and then at each point she just made mistake after mistake, and one of her biggest was in promoting a low level remainer, federal europhile, civil servant and making him her Brexit negotiator. Right from the start he would just tell the EU that the UK would give them whatever they wanted, and then tell May that the EU wouldn’t accept anything else. No wonder the EU think they can walk all over the UK.

      There have been a number of rumours today, from the Conservative Party Headquarters telling the party to ready for the European Elections, to senior MPs telling her to have a General Election – even though they know that the Conservative Party will be decimated if there is one. People have lost faith in the Conservatives to do what they say they will.

      She has to step down if she loses, but she probably won’t.

      I can kind of understand why she won’t though. She believes that Cameron started a process and ran away when it got hard, and she has said that she feels that she will be letting the people down if she doesn’t see this through.

  3. Reply
  4. Missy

     /  13th March 2019

    Vote is due to start. The result is expected in about 15 minutes.

  5. Missy

     /  13th March 2019

    The PM has tabled a vote tomorrow to test if the House of Commons will approve leaving with no deal.

    The Government are allowing a free vote tomorrow, Labour are most likely to whip the vote as will the SNP and Lib Dems.

    It is expected the vote will go against a No Deal Brexit, which means that there will be a vote on Thursday for an extension.

    Neither of these votes will be law until the legislation is amended, as it stands the UK will be leaving on 29 March with no deal.

  6. Finbaar Rustle

     /  13th March 2019

    Labour must wait till the toxicity of Brexit has cleared.
    Don’t call for an early election.
    Stay out of power till 2022.
    Let Brexit drag the Torries through the mud.
    Corbyn is death warmed up with the sparkle of a cadaver..
    Time to test the waters of a women Labour leader
    preferably young, tall, thin, good looking.with a winning smile
    A black deputy would be an idea.
    Just don’t let the Torries suck you into an early election

  7. Alan Wilkinson

     /  13th March 2019

    Anyone asked the Queen what she thinks of this God-awful mess? She should have sacked May long ago.

    • Gezza

       /  13th March 2019

      Got her hands full keeping the grand-daughters in law under control.


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