Police update on mosque killings – death toll now 50

Police Commissioner Mike Bush is giving an update this morning.

The death toll has risen to 50 with another body found at one of the mosques.

The number of injured is also 50 – 38 remain in hospital, 2 remain critical.

The 28 year old has appeared in court and has been remanded until 5 April.

Two other people were apprehended. the woman has been released without charges being laid. The man has been charged with firearm offences but this is not related to the mosque attacks. They were stopped at a cordon and arrested because they were in possession of a firearm.

The fourth person apprehended outside Papanui High School had armed himself ‘to protect children’ but the police said this was not a good idea.

An 18 year old was charged on a ‘tangential’ issue and was not directly linked to the murders.

Police security for mosques around the country will remain at this stage.

The offender obviously modified weapons but police re still investigating details of this.

Police are working through the issue of firearm laws. Bush said that the Prime Minister will say more about this later today.

The police are have liaison people and teams working with various ethnic and religious groups giving their support. “We have to support those people and meet their needs”.

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  1. Tipene

     /  17th March 2019

    The media is reporting “panic buying” of guns of the back of Arderns “our gun laws will change” speech.

    She obviously learned nothing from Obama, who has been described as the “best gun salesman in the world” when he repeatedly tried to go after the NRA in the US.

    Looks like the lines are being drawn.

    Good luck anyone without a gun licence getting one now…………….

    • Duker

       /  17th March 2019

      Fools…the guns will have to be handed in. US portion of households who have no gun increases every year, buying is led by nutters who have many guns already, but ‘need’ a few more.

      Another interesting question .Where’s Simon?
      Waiting for the Curia poll spreadsheets to come out so he can be ‘seen’ to be a man of the people.?

      • Trevors_Elbow

         /  18th March 2019

        Idiot – its not the time for the opposition to playing politics. Why don’t you grow. Making political capital from the blood of innocents… you have zero shame….

  2. David in aus

     /  17th March 2019

    Bolt action rifles should the most that people need. Buy back semi- automatic rifles and ban resale.
    These guns in the wrong hands are too destructive. 99.9% of gun owners are responsible but that wacky 0.1% is too much of a risk.


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