Simon Bridges and National on the Christchurch mosque massacres

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has been the primary political focus in response to the Christchurch mosque massacres. She has done a very good job in many respects. She has been very good at communicating with the public generally in her media conferences, and she shows obvious empathy and rapport when dealing with those affected by the killings.

Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges has been far less visible, understandably.

He and other politicians travelled with Ardern on a visit to Christchurch on Saturday, in a show of political solidarity.

There have been two official National party statements.

Friday:  Opposition Leader condemns Christchurch attack

Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges has condemned the Christchurch attacks and expresses condolences to the people of Canterbury.

“Details are still emerging but the attacks are shocking.

“We stand with and support the New Zealand Islamic community.  No one in this country should live in fear, no matter their race or religion, their politics or their beliefs.

“My thoughts, and the thoughts of the National Party are with the victims of today’s attacks, along with their families and friends. My heart goes out to all of you.”

Saturday:  Opposition Leader visits Christchurch

Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges has today visited Christchurch alongside the Prime Minister and other Party Leaders and met with the Islamic community, some of the affected families and emergency responders.

“Now is not a time for politics. The National Party stands in solidarity with the Prime Minister and the Government in condemning the horrific and violent terrorist attack in Christchurch yesterday.

“My deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers go to all those directly affected by yesterday’s events, but also to the wider Canterbury community.

“This is not something that has happened to just the Islamic community, or just to Christchurch. It has happened to all New Zealanders.

“It is foreign to everything that makes us Kiwis, our beliefs, our values, our tolerance, how we live and get along with one another.

“We offer our support in any way we can. We are with you today and tomorrow.”

Monday: Simon Bridges on RNZ on firearm laws

Change is needed, I understand that.

I am open to any and all changes.

Be very clear, I am up for change.

The National Party will be constructive.

Do you want military style semi-automatic weapons available?

He kept responding in general terms, that he is up for any and all change.

There is a Prime Minister and a Government we are supporting on this.

He says he is now waiting until the Prime Minister comes back with proposals on law changes. It sounds like bridges may have some sort of understanding with Ardern about how to proceed on this.

He could be more definitive, but in general I think it’s fair enough to see what the Government proposes. Once that is announced, Bridges will need to be more clear.



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  1. “Appreciate Bridges saying he is working in partnership with the government and supporting the Prime Minister on gun reform, but why can’t he just go on Morning Report and say yes he is definitely ready to ban or tightly restrict semi-automatic weapons.”

    • Duker

       /  18th March 2019

      That’s because he’s waiting for the polling numbers from Curia. Once the spreadsheets are in he will be able to announce what’s ‘in it for him’

    • Ray

       /  18th March 2019

      It seemed to me that Kim Hill is another lefty who hasn’t got her head round the fact that Simon Bridges is not the PM.
      While I think semi auto assault rifles should be banned, let’s not forget in counties where they are terrorists are quick to use various other means of creating terror.
      This has some of the signs of a knee jerk, “let’s do something that shows our virtue “.
      Note I support the assault rifle ban and have for quite some time.

      • Duker

         /  18th March 2019

        These were recommendations made to Police Minister Paula Bennett in 2017 ( h/t Noel)

        1. A firearms licence required to possess ammunition. Reject.
        2. A dealer’s licence required to sell ammunition. Reject.
        3. Dealers required to keep records of ammunition sales. Reject.
        4. Registration process for websites facilitating trading in firearms, parts, or ammunition. Partial rejection – not registration but clarify “mail order” process applies to online sales.
        5. Permit to procure extended to cover all sales or transfers of firearms (i.e. include A-category firearms). Reject.
        6. Investigate the creation of a category of restricted semi-automatic rifle and shotgun. Reject.
        7. Implement firearm prohibition orders. Accept.
        8. Codify the “fit and proper” criteria in the Arms Act. Reject.
        9. Implement a stand-down period after licence revocation. Accept.
        10. Clarify that gang members or prospects must not be considered “fit and proper” to possess firearms. Accept.
        11. Require Police to record serial numbers of all firearms upon renewal of licence or inspection of premises. Reject.
        12. Review the penalties in the Arms Act. Accept.
        13. Treat dealer offending as aggravated at sentencing. Reject.
        14. Determine appropriate security standards for A-category licences. Accept.
        15. Secure storage confirmed before licence or endorsement received. Reject.
        16. Allow Police to enter premises to inspect security of A-category firearms. Reject.
        17. Failure to comply with storage regulations to result in mandatory revocation. Reject.
        18. Clarify and publicise the extent of amnesty provisions in the Arms Act 1983. Accept.
        19. Police publicise amnesty provisions. Reject.
        20. Check that firearms brought in on visitors permit are exported or transferred legally. Accept

        See all the REJECT. , especially
        . Investigate the creation of a category of restricted semi-automatic rifle and shotgun. Reject.

        You cant now oppose immediate action when even modest changes after consultation were rejected by National when they were strong armed by the Gun lobby.

        • Ben Waimata

           /  18th March 2019

          Duker, I suspect most of the ‘gun lobby’ would be very happy to see all of those implemented. The frustration expressed on shooting forums about the lax treatment of firearms offences has been an ongoing concern for years. Look through the older stuff at kiwigunblog for instance, shooters have been at the front of demands for firmer firearm law enforcement.

  2. Zedd

     /  18th March 2019

    Bridges/Natl would be mad, to start ‘playing politics’ with this. it needs cross-party, bipartisan support..

    • Chuck Bird

       /  18th March 2019

      Labour is playing politics with this. Any law change should be based on logic and not emotion. A class B endorsement allows one to own a pistol and is not easy to get. That should be a requirement to get a semi-auto. There are other changes that could be made but all parties should listen to public submissions.

      It that law had been in place the terrorist could not have legally got his semi-autos.

      • Blazer

         /  18th March 2019

        ‘go for your ..guns…Chuck’!🥜

      • Duker

         /  18th March 2019

        Bennett as police minister, not so long ago rejected common sense proposals like that.
        Questions are going to be asked and she will be made accountable

        • Blazer

           /  18th March 2019

          fat chance D.

          Look at the meth /state houses debacle.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  18th March 2019

            We’re not talking about that.

            I think that he’s quite right to say what he has. He needs to hear what the proposed laws are before he comments (or rather, they need to be made public)

  3. Duker

     /  18th March 2019

    Russell Brown has pointed out
    ” The National Party quietly removed the petition that cynically sought to raise ire and fear about New Zealand signing up to the UN Global Migration Compact.

    “Newstalk ZB apparently deleted a number of opinion pieces”

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  18th March 2019

      Some people always try to see the worst possible motivation in the actions of others, and never miss an opportunity to stir, no matter how poor the timing is.

      • Duker

         /  18th March 2019

        What hogwash …you were one of those who were rarcking up the nonsense about absurd notions of UN controlled migration, especailly of muslims.
        You would think if you had any common decency , that would be to shut up, when nationals duplicity is exposed by others

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  19th March 2019

          Not me, I have never commented on the UN thing as I know little about it. You must be confusing me with someone else.

          I won’t pretend not to be a National supporter so as to please their opponents.


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