Whale Oil company put into liquidation after rearrangements

Social Media Consultants Limited, the company that until recently was the owner of the Whale Oil blog, has been put into liquidation.

Last month Cameron Slater’s shares were transferred to his wife Juana Atkins, who became sole shareholder and director (she had been joint owner and director until then.

Soon after that Slater filed for bankruptcy.

Also last month the website registration for whaleoil.co.nz was transferred to a new company WOBH Limited, owned by an accountant associated with Slater.

Yesterday a liquidator was appointed for Social Media Consultants Limited

Stuff:  Whale Oil company previously owned by Cameron Slater goes into liquidation

The company that owned the controversial blog Whale Oil has been put into liquidation.

Social Media Consultants Limited, which was previously owned by Cameron Slater, was put into voluntary liquidation on Monday, by his wife and sole shareholder Juana Mary Atkins.

Slater vacated as a shareholder of the company in February. Another company was set up called Wobh Ltd. under Atkins’ name at the same time.

That’s not accurate. Timeline

  • 1 February 2019 (filed 22 February 2019)
    – Cameron Slater ceased director of Social Media Consultants Limited
    – Cameron Slater removed shareholder Social Media Consultants Limited
  • 13 February 2019
    – shareholder for MADAS 114 Limited recorded as Howard Karl Taylor, Accountant
    – directors details for MADAS 114 Limited recorded as Howard Karl Taylor, Accountant
    – new company incorporation MADAS 114 Limited, registered office Howard Karl Taylor
  • 22 February 2019
    – Cameron Slater ceased shareholder of Social Media Consultants Limited
    – Juana Atkins sole shareholder of Social Media Consultants Limited
  • 25 February 2019
    – registration of website whaleoil.co.nz changed from Social Media Consultants Limited to WOBH Limited
    – new company MADAS 116 Limited: shareholder and director Howard Karl Taylor
  • 26 February 2019
    – company name changed from MADAS 114 Limited to WOBH Limited
    – company name changed from MADAS 116 Limited to Whale Meat Company Limited
    – Whale Oil website announces “Ongoing medical tests following Cam’s stroke have shown that he remains severely incapacitated and consequently is unable to work…This has led Cam to make the very difficult decision to declare bankruptcy”
  • 27 February 2019
    – Cameron Slater files for bankruptcy
  • 5 March 2019
    – Juana Mary Atkins appointed new director of WOBH Limited
    – Juana Mary Atkins appointed new director of Whale Meat Company Limited
  • 24 March 2019
    – new shareholder of WOBH Limited: Juana Mary Atkins
    – removed shareholder of WOBH Limited: Howard Karl Taylor
    – new shareholder of Whale Meat Company Limited: Juana Mary Atkins
    – removed shareholder of Whale Meat Company Limited: Howard Karl Taylor
  • 25 March 2019
    – appointment of liquidator to Social Media Consultants Limited

The above details are from the companies website as of today. I’m fairly sure that that company history and documentation has been changed, I checked companies last month and I saw no mention of MADAS Limited.

I suspect some of those arrangements and rearrangements will be checked out.


It is not clear what the move means for the future of the site, which was still active on Tuesday.

I have seen no mention of any of this over the past two months on the Whale Oil website

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  1. Loki

     /  26th March 2019

    Can anybody guess who the biggest creditor will be, and hold sway on all the designs??

  2. Ray

     /  26th March 2019

    Winston Peter’s Lawyer?

  3. phantom snowflake

     /  26th March 2019

    Matt Blomfield?

  4. Karen

     /  27th March 2019

    Just want to acknowledge this sites excellent reporting on Whaleoil and Slater.

    Many here were once regular attendants at WO and it’s been really interesting to watch it all unfold, particularly since Slater handed over the keys to that megalomaniac Pete Belt. (If you go to Pete Belts own blog he openly declares he was just a mercenary and we all know how mercenaries feel or care about the people they work for or who their work affects – they simply don’t! )

    It’s been like a slow moving train wreck ever since and I for one really appreciate PG keeping us informed in a factual dispassionate way. PG has all the reasons in the world to make it personal and stick the knife in but never does.

    In the era of fake news where it’s hard to get real reporting as opposed to agenda driven ‘opinion’ this place is so good.

    Back to Slater and Co though, what a shame for Mrs Slater, I really feel for her.

    She’s so incredibly loyal and has worked so hard to keep it all together and all of this must been taking such a toll on her. I wish her and the children nothing but good things.

  5. Loki

     /  27th March 2019

    I don’t think it will be Blomfield.

  6. Duker

     /  27th March 2019

    The domain name whaleoil.co.nz was transferred to WOBH Ltd on 25th Feb 2019
    Im wondering if the ‘admin’ and technical contact names ( his wife and R Cunliffe respectively – from the DNS look up site details , public information) can be held legally liable for the website contents previously under joint and several liability-last man standing

  7. Finbaar Rustle

     /  27th March 2019

    ” Put into liquidation” meaning all the rats have left the ship.
    No money for any one who wins a legal case against Slater.

    • Duker

       /  27th March 2019

      I know that , thats why I suggested looking at those who were responsible for the website itself.
      When the national party were sued for copyright breach , Eminems lawyers also went after , the Auckland boutique advertising company who helped them create the ad, the two companies who stocked the ‘sound alike’ music in their ‘libraries’ and had licensed it to national, the american company who owned the rights to the Eminemesque and even the dude in the US who created the sound alike.

  8. unitedtribes2

     /  27th March 2019

    If the asset is the blog I don’t think transferring it just before liquidation is going to protect it from creditors if it is worth anything. I guess a blog would be worth a years revenue. Anyone know what that would be?

  9. Tipene

     /  27th March 2019

    Slater cannot escape court imposed sanctions via bankruptcy. When he is released from bankruptcy 3 years hence, the debts will be waiting to greet him. By then of course, he will have amassed more decisions against him.

    • Finbaar Rustle

       /  27th March 2019

      So if Slater is broke is he on a sickness benefit or the dole or being supported by friends/ family or who?

      • Tipene

         /  27th March 2019

        Finbaar: [deleted claims with no evidence] – the same ones who have been springing for his legal fees.

      • Blazer

         /  27th March 2019

        he has too much pride to go on the…dole! 😉

        • duperez

           /  27th March 2019

          One thing for sure is that in his pomp if someone persona non grata for Slater were in the same legal and financial circumstances, he would be putting the boot in. Firmly and often.

  1. Slater: “Bankruptcy is just a joke…pretty much meaningless” | Your NZ
  2. “Bankruptcy is a joke” – Slater | Your NZ

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