A beautiful garden – Asalamu Aleykum

This must be one of the highlights from the Remembrance Ceremony in Christchurch today – from a speech by Farid Ahmed, whose wife, Husna, was killed in the Al Noor mosque while trying to save him.

Jacinda Ardern also did very well again. Prime Minister’s speech at the National Remembrance Service

What words adequately express the pain and suffering of 50 men, women and children lost, and so many injured?

What words capture the anguish of our Muslim community being the target of hatred and violence?

What words express the grief of a city that has already known so much pain?

I thought there were none. And then I came here and was met with this simple greeting.

Asalamu Aleykum. Peace be upon you.

They were simple words, repeated by community leaders who witnessed the loss of their friends and loved ones.

Simple words, whispered by the injured from their hospital beds.

Simple words, spoken by the bereaved and everyone I met who has been affected by this attack.

Asalamu Aleykum. Peace be upon you.

Asalamu Aleykum. Peace be upon you.

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  1. Corky

     /  29th March 2019

    Another excellent event of remembrance for the Muslim community. I may be wrong, but I doubt any other Western nation could deliver what we have. I didn’t realise so many countries had officials in attendance.

    The only discord for me was Cat Stevens singing Peace Train. That’s a pity because time has taking nothing away from his musical talent. From what I heard he sounded exactly like the recorded version.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  29th March 2019

      He is no longer called Cat Stevens and hasn’t been for a long time, since he converted to Islam. It’s not surprising that a recorded broadcast sounded recorded.

      It must be galling for the murderer that he can’t even make the people whose lives he shattered hate him. Or that he hasn’t divided the country; most of the population has closed ranks against him and the vast numbers of non-Muslims at these events show what we think of his actions.


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