Atkins still promoting and stoking Islamophobia at Whale Oil

Whale Oil has stoked and promoted intolerance against Islam and Muslims for years, with generalised attacks and mass blaming common from both Cameron Slater and Juana Atkins (posting as SB, commenting as spanishbride). Slater has dropped out, but Atkins has kept up her campaign of prejudice and denigration.

There was a slight pause when the Christchurch mosques were attacked, but it didn’t take long for Atkins to resume stoking the Islamophobic fire, pouring oil at the Whale. If anything it has increased.

On Monday Atkins (SB) posted Things that make me go hmm

She first quoted from a Stuff article (Whale Oil bases many of their posts on mainstream media articles, despite slamming the quality of media and claiming to be an alternative).

Woman forced to leave Auckland pool over claims her bikini was inappropriate

A woman was left flabbergasted after she was told her bikini was inappropriate to wear at a public pool.

Yvette Harvie-Salter, 26, was at Albany Stadium Pool, on Auckland’s North Shore, on Saturday with her partner to use the adults only sauna and spa – something she has done three times a week for the past two years.

She was told her bikini from Glassons was not appropriate swimwear and some women had complained about what she was wearing for the “last little while”.

Harvie-Salter said she had been wearing the same bikini for the past few months but was told she couldn’t wear it at the pool and was asked if she had any other bikinis at home.

[…] “Her words were ‘it’s not a rule at Albany Stadium Pool but all these mums have complained’,” she said.
“She pretty much didn’t take a bar up of it and she said ‘well you’ve got to wrap up. You’ve got to put a towel around you if you are wanting to walk around wearing that bikini’.”

[…] “It just feels like body shaming, really,” she said. “I am really hurt by it.”

Harvie-Salter said she saw men at the pool all the time wearing “tiny little Speedos” and they had never been told to cover up.

She said she refused to cover up her bikini and as a result, had to leave.

[…] McGee said there were no rules banning certain types of swimwear at Auckland Council pools.

Here is the whole Stuff article:  Woman felt forced to leave Auckland pool over claims her bikini was inappropriate

What SB did not quote (apart from the last line) was:

​Rob McGee, head of active recreation at Auckland Council, said he was disappointed a customer was made to feel unwelcome at the pool she regularly used.

“On behalf of the lifeguard who spoke to the customer and the team at Albany, I would like to offer a sincere apology to the customer.

“We are sorry she was made to feel uncomfortable, and the lifeguard who passed on the feedback from other pool users now realises this wasn’t the right thing to do.”

McGee said Harvie-Salter, who rightly felt offended and upset, was given a refund and left the pool.

“She was never asked to leave, however we understand her decision. We will be contacting the customer directly to apologise and ensure she knows she is welcome back anytime.”

McGee said there were no rules banning certain types of swimwear at Auckland Council pools.

So it seems to have been an overstepping by a lifeguard, and annoyed swimmer, followed by an apology and an assurance. Not a big deal overall.

But Atkins didn’t leave it at that. She tacked on summaries of three old Whale Oil posts:

Mount Roskill brings segregation and apartheid to public pools in New Zealand – by SB on march 19, 2017

The headline says, “Women-only swim night ‘very popular’ among Muslim community” but it was the Muslim community that asked for and was provided with segregated swimming lessons. A public pool is being partially closed one night a week to give Muslim women the opportunity to enjoy some uninterrupted time in the water

In that post Atkins also said:

This is how segregation will be spread throughout New Zealand’s public swimming pools. By denying the obvious truth that this is a special segregation created to meet the needs of the Muslim community they are sugar-coating it with the falsehood that fat women will benefit from the classes being available. Anyone who buys that lie deserves a New Zealand where the Muslim community successfully brings Apartheid to our public swimming pools. Once they have achieved that concession New Zealand wide it will be spread to our public beaches, our schools and elsewhere. It is called cultural Jihad,destroying our freedom and equal rights from within our society and the well-meaning but naive idiots in Mount Roskill are letting them.

You don’t help people to integrate by pandering to an oppressive culture. You help them to integrate by making it clear which aspects of their culture are unacceptable inside our society. I predict that Mount Roskill will become the first Muslim suburb of Auckland. They have taken control of a public pool and it will not be the only public facility that they will pressure to become ” culturally appropriate.

Covert Islamic segregation at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre by SB on March 24, 2017

In Auckland WaterSafe were upfront about their Islamic segregation policy. They openly provided a rate payer funded Muslim Women’s Swimming programme for 12 years in Mount Roskill. At some point, they decided to go under the radar and re-named it the Womens’ Swimming programme but not everyone got the memo and up until Whaleoil broke the story ( admittedly 12 years too late) it was still being advertised and timetabled as Muslim Women’s Swimming lessons.

SB concludes:

Wellington Council like Auckland Council is providing Sharia compliant swimming lessons for Muslim women. They have gone to the trouble of putting lipstick on the pig but it is still a pig.

She went to the trouble of being deliberately offensive.

Step two: curtains around the public pool by SB on May 19, 2017

Useful Infidels think that my posts about the Muslim women only swimming programme at the public swimming pool in Mount Roskill (that had been provided on the tax payer’s dollar for twelve years quietly under the radar) was no big deal. I was making a mountain out of a molehill, and what harm did modest Muslim women pose to our society by segregating themselves from the public eye in a public swimming pool? My premise that it was only step one in a slow but relentless march towards the Islamification of New Zealand society was ridiculous they said.

These three posts from two years ago appear to have no connection to this week’s bikini story, which made no reference at all to anything to do with Islam or Muslim. Atkins has used her old posts as an excuse to continue her campaign of prejudiced Muslim bashing.

And she seems to have achieved her objective – generating Islamophobia in comments.


Sadly, my second thought for the reason for the ban was what this post implies. The first was that perhaps the bikini was a bit skimpy, until I saw the photo of a perfectly ordinary item of swimwear. The reference to mums also makes no sense as the spa is described as adults only. Still, the Albany Stadium Pool management can quickly clear this up by clarifying the source of the complaint. Yeah, right.


I’m surprised Jacinda didn’t turn up at the time (just by coincidence) and let her borrow her headscarf to cover up which ever bits somebody found offensive.


This is a lot like hate speech, if a person finds it offensive it’s considered hate speech. This is a slippery slope, if i was that women i would get my friends together and hopefully one is a lawyer and see what happens. I bet they don’t get the police because the council cant just make up rules on a day to day basis.
They have to abide by the law, this is not Iran or the 1930’s, i would dare them to arrest me and see how that plays out. The only way to stop this rubbish is right at the start before it gets life of it’s own.


There will be a lot more behind this rubbish than meets the eye . . . we now must compete with an unelected unwanted PM, dangerous Greens, and Islam if we want to keep our sanity.


It is a bikini – it is appropriate swimwear for a pool. If the overweight middle aged judgmental “mothers” don’t like it then either go somewhere else or put the biscuit tin down. I am saying this as a middle aged overweight mother clutching the chardonnay & chocolate for dear life. How dare the lifeguard ask her to leave based ion the whining of a group of self entitled minority stay at homers (I am guessing) who are jealous of the younger thinner model. I hope she returns with a group of her bikini clad size 6 posse in tow & splash about right in front of the complainers judgey faces.

Unlima Siempre:

It’ll be Islamic women that are complaining.


I want to reverse this complaint. A woman has been told she cannot wear her Burka at an Auckland Council Swimming pool, as its a swimming pool and the weight of the fabric is dangerous in the pool as it will get wet and heavy.

Wonder how that would go down with the perpetually outraged??

spanishbride obviously had no problem with the discussion she had prompted, joining the Muslim-bashing  thread:

I think i should take some time off work this week and go for a spa with my daughter. It sounds relaxing. I have a lovely navy bikini that needs an outing. I’d like to see them try to boss her around. Yeah, sounds like a plan.

And this wasn’t an isolated example. The following day SB posted Now they are coming for our ANZAC day

And so it begins. Cultural and historical ANZAC commemorations are shut down. Two ANZAC day parades so far in New Zealand have been cancelled that I know of and I am sure that there will be more to come. One is the Papakura ANZAC parade. The other is the Matakana ANZAC service.

The reason given for the cancellation of one of them is the threat of “Vehicular terrorism.” Trucks of peace in other (politically incorrect) words.

I can’t imagine that the high terror threat is coming from Greenie eco-Fascists as Tarrant described himself. Why would they target an ANZAC day parade? I can’t imagine White supremacists targeting ANZACS either. I wonder where the threat could possibly be coming from?

It’s obvious where threats of intolerance, division and potentially violence are coming from – Atkins. One comment (from Tiger):

I can’t imagine that the high terror threat is coming from Greenie eco-Fascists as Tarrant described himself. Why would they target an ANZAC day parade? I can’t imagine White supremacists targeting ANZACS either. I wonder where the threat could possibly be coming from?

spanishbride was also active in comments:

This is not surprising. We are merely following in the footsteps of Europe where Jewish celebrations have been cancelled by the government who said they could not protect them. It starts happening after the first terror attack and then the next year they find an excuse to cancel it again and before you know it historical and cultural celebrations have been removed due to the ongoing terror alert.

Juana Atkins appears to be managing Whale Oil now, and controlling content. She seems intent on continuing to stoke insidious Islamophobia.

The persistence and volume of these niggles and attacks and fearmongering posts and comments, orchestrated by Atkins, makes me wonder whether Whale Oil could be labelled a hate site.

Whale Oil’s golden rule of commenting:

Each comment should:

  • be on the topic of the post
  • add information, a point of view or a contribution of some substance and
  • be respectful and do no harm to others.

While the volume of Islamophobic comments appear to be ‘on the topic’ (or intent of the topic), and add points of view adding substance to Atkins attacks and provocations, she makes a mockery of “be respectful and do no harm to others”.



  1. sorethumb

     /  10th April 2019

    Islamaphobia (so called) isn’t just an accusation leveled at blog commenters. It is a central theme of Samuel Hutchinson’s Clash of Civilisations.

    • From the book description:

      Samuel Huntington explains how clashes between civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace but also how an international order based on civilizations is the best safeguard against war. Events since the publication of the book have proved the wisdom of that analysis. The 9/11 attacks and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have demonstrated the threat of civilizations but have also shown how vital international cross-civilization cooperation is to restoring peace.

      Note “how vital international cross-civilization cooperation is to restoring peace”.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  10th April 2019

        SB – [deleted, inappropriate. PG]

      • harryk

         /  10th April 2019

        Peter, Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations has been thoroughly discredited. I refer you to David Wilkinson’s Central Civilisation and Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory.

      • Mother

         /  11th April 2019

        International cross-civilization cooperation will never ‘restore peace’. Such a thing will coerce people into ‘peace’. It will be tyrannical by nature. This notion will fool many. I like to think that we Kiwis could do things differently right till the end.

  2. duperez

     /  10th April 2019

    One thing that often made me go hmm, was that Juana Atkins (posting as SB) is, was a teacher. She and others might say that having and displaying the attitudes she has and does did not or would not affect any teaching job she did.

    Over time she, her husband and their supporters were not reticent about condemning teachers for their views or what they thought their views might be. Whether personal attitudes affected how those teachers did their jobs or not was irrelevant when they wanted to chuck the labels around like ”left wingers brainwashing kids.”

    • Gezza

       /  10th April 2019

      Aren’t they Christians? It’s awful how much the clash of 3 “civilisations” which is and has been the cause of so much misery, misunderstanding, abuse & mayhem by unsupportable beliefs in the same, mythical, Abrahamic God?

      While it’s far from being the only cause of the ongoing misery, hatred, & mayhem in the world throughout recorded history, it still stuns me that it could still be any cause at all, just because so many people in this day & age so ardently believe in their version they let it govern their thinking, their behaviours, & their dislike or even hatred of others whose lives are dictated by a different version.

      Growing up & out of it would at least remove that as an unnecessary source of hatred.

      • Gezza

         /  10th April 2019

        This is 40 minutes, but in my opinion well worth finding the time to watch.

        The speaker is a former Baptist pastor who undertook further study into the Bible to learn how to be the best possible Christian, & best possible, most knowledgeable Christian pastor, that he could possibly be, & the further & deeper he went in his discussions, researches & analyses, the clearer it became that the Abrahamic god is obviously false. And is certainly not good. It’s a myth.

        He describes himself as an atheist, but from what I’ve seen & heard from him over the years, (I hadn’t seen this one before) this is because, as an American, & because their country is so overloaded with Christians whose only concept of a creator god is THEIRS, it’s just simpler for them to consider him an atheist. I’d say he’s actually an agnostic.

        At around 1500, he also – briefly – covers where he thinks the Abrahamic God religions’ idea of an immortal soul really comes from, & why.

        • Gezza

           /  10th April 2019

          PS: I didn’t “watch” it. I just made some time last night to play it, & lay down on the sofa, & listened.

        • Mother

           /  11th April 2019

          I recently read a book called Living the Secular Life by Phil Zuckerman. I found it quite enlightening.

          The author admits that he goes about his atheism/agnosticism/humanism with religious fervour (and also with the experience of oppression from other religious people).

          In the US there is much mixing of religious Christianity with state and group politics of some communities, and it causes problems to the extent that it doesn’t have the appearance of Christianity.

          I think it really is time for a revolution. This one happens in the hearts and minds of individuals who choose the Saviour. Only a tiny amount of faith is necessary. That’s more peaceful than what this particular author expressed. The doubt and rebellion we experience regarding our need for redemption is minor compared with the big ask of being non religious.

          Incidentally, we have a PM whose religion is Humanism.

          The ‘set in your ways’ phenomenon is causing our older folk to dig their toes in regarding non belief. This is doing our youth great harm. There’s no denying that spirituality is top of mind countrywide. We need clarity of mind.

  3. Corky

     /  10th April 2019

    I can talk from experience regarding Muslim women wanting their own swimming times.
    Our area had this debate when local Muslim women asked for ‘women only’ swimming sessions. That was granted. We wouldn’t have had these sessions if Muslim women hadn’t asked for them.

    Regarding the Auckland pools. I emailed one pool about segregated women’s sessions after reading an article on the Whaleoil blog. I’m continually told by people here that many of the sites I visit are fake news sites. That also is fake news.

    The pool replied that they run diverse inclusive facilities for all people. They didn’t comment on my criticisms of that inclusive diverse policy.

    So now we come to this.

    ”These three posts from two years ago appear to have no connection to this week’s bikini story, which made no reference at all to anything to do with Islam or Muslim. Atkins has used her old posts as an excuse to continue her campaign of prejudiced Muslim bashing.”

    That is true. There is no connection. Especially when you read the unedited version of the story that is posted above.

    However, when I first read this story my first thoughts before finishing the article was: I bet it was a Snowflake or a Muslim whining. Why would I think that? Simply because the former groups have a track record of demanding or wanting to limit others freedoms.

    Yes, SB is pushing her agenda, but so is the government with their drive to curtail gun ownership and free speech. And given the response to my e mail from pool management, a questions must be asked about the validity of their take on this issue..and why out of the blue the bikini became a problem

    As I have said, Whaleoil will be the bellwether site for any new legislation regarding free speech or hate speech. They provide information and an outlet for views not acceptable in mainstream media. Many people agree with those views. Unfortunately recent events
    make it near impossible to have a rational debate on Islam..hence the importance of Whaleoil… and this site which some would also consider ”anti Islam” when it is not.


    • Duker

       /  10th April 2019

      I see the Auckland Hebrew Congregation has bought a small christian primary school site in Auckland. Is that an example of ‘creeping Halakha’. But of course why shouldnt they have a religious school.
      Its your mindset that sees problems with segregated swimming classes. Once that was the norm in NZ . My coeducational secondary school had classrooms were segregated and lunchtimes had boys in one area and girls in another. From memory the MT Roskill pool , which is one large and one small pool, had the smaller pool for ‘women only’ for short periods. I can remember the larger pool was segregated at times too – with most lanes for a swimming club!

      • Corky

         /  10th April 2019

        It’s a waste of time replying to you because you are such a shallow thinker. For example:

        ”Its your mindset that sees problems with segregated swimming classes.”

        Read what Pete has posted above from SB. The problem isn’t segregated swimming classes, it’s what they represent. It represents a tiny acceptance of a religion that ultimately does not
        concede on certain issues.

        Please don’t mention the Christchurch Muslim community as an example of why I am wrong.
        The time is still not right to mention them in the context of a wider debate on Islam.

        Lets highlight your shallow thinking:

        ”I see the Auckland Hebrew Congregation has bought a small christian primary school site in Auckland. Is that an example of ‘creeping Halakha’. But of course why shouldn’t they have a religious school.”



        “We as men can’t go and watch the tournament. My daughter is playing and I can’t watch,” the father said.”

        “I can understand swimming because they wear different clothes, but netball is netball, women should be able to watch men and men able to watch women … It is rather sad that it is happening here in New Zealand.”

        I may need to point out to you, Duker, there are problems in that story. Read it and tell us what the problem and contradictions are.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  10th April 2019

          Some swimming pools have women only nights. Get over it, for goodness sake. You don’t need to go swimming 7 nights a week in both pools at Mt Roskill, you may be affected by the Palmerston North one, but they can’t all inconvenience you.

          It’s extraordinary how often these things happen in your area, which must be a moveable feast. You have gangs on Harleys, anti-Pakeha abuse heard in the CBD….the list goes on and on.

          Just take the people at the swimming pool’s word that the bikin incident happened as it did. There was no suggestion that Muslims were involved, that is only in your Islamaphobic mind. After what happened in Christchurch, one might think that you and SB would be ashamed to go on with these scurrilous slurs whose sole aim is to cause ill-feeling and dissension, but no, the bigotry and baseless accusations continue.

        • Corky

           /  10th April 2019

          Are you there, Duker? Do you understand now?

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  10th April 2019

            Didn’t you claim to have emailed a Hastings swimming pool (no email on their website) about this ? The problem was that it was the UK Hastings, not the NZ one who had women only sessions..

          • Corky

             /  10th April 2019


          • Gezza

             /  10th April 2019

            No, it’s Kitty. Although, looking at what she wrote, I can see why you might have wanted to check.

          • Corky

             /  10th April 2019

            No, it’s Duker. He’s gone very quiet. I think it’s important he be called out. As for Kitty, her rambling rambles are good for at laugh until they become irritating. I wonder what it would be like without her posting? Yes..I wonder.and wonder.😎

  4. Gerrit

     /  10th April 2019

    Placing a label of Islamophobia on free speech does not make it hate speech.

    This smearing of free speech to turn it into hate speech is as Corky says, the thin edge of the wedge. Inch by inch, your freedom of speech is being eroded.

    There is nothing in the statements made by SB that is hateful or should in any way be curtailed as expressions of free speech. I noticed PG did not argue the toss in regards the statements made on Whaleoil, just the opinion he considers the statements Islamophobic.

    Surely arguing the toss such as whether the Police have genuinely received threats against ANZAC day parades and as such advised against holding them, is more important than arguing if the free speech expressed to guesses why is Islamophobic?

    Why did the Police advice not to hold the ANZAC day services? For without a genuine reason, any possibility to cancel any meeting is liable to be discussed in a free speech environment. The only reason I have heard is that they did not have enough staff to offer protection for all the parades. Protection from what, where and who? Without naming any group or suspect, speculation is allowed in a free speech society.

    Wonder if the same people who cry out Islamophobia!!!
    Will also cry out Pakehaphobia???

    • Duker

       /  10th April 2019

      Do you live in a bubble ?
      ‘Police Superintendent Kathryn Malthus said there was “no information to suggest a specific risk to public safety at this time.However, police had recommended to organisers that a number of planned events across Auckland be consolidated in the interests of public safety, she said.”
      Public safety is the reason..duh
      And why it affects Auckland so much
      “However, Auckland was a “different beast” due to its population and the number of small services that took place on Anzac Day, Wratt said.”

      There in a nutshell is the answers- but of course you wernt looking for reasons, just a chance to talk nonsense and call it speculation

      • Gerrit

         /  10th April 2019

        NO I don’t live in a bubble, and as such look at news from a variety of sources, not just left leaning Stuff. Note this report

        –“She told 1 NEWS yesterday that police told her the Matakana service had “a higher risk of vehicular terrorism”.”-

        Who to believe, One News or the left leaning Stuff?

        Who can believe the Police when they to go from a “high risk to vehicular terrorism” status to a benign, we have “no information to suggest a specific risk to public safety at this time.”

        Note this comment from the representative from the Helensville RSA

        “He said he has inspected all possible venues in Helensville with police but “they do not meet the current high-risk Government requirements”.”

        What high-risk government requirements? Is the state now curtailing freedom of association by having gatherings cancelled due to “high-risk” terrorism?

        Not just freedom of speech is at stake here but now too freedom of association.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  10th April 2019

          The SB article IS hate speech, It is full of lies and slurs.

        • Duker

           /  10th April 2019

          “She told 1 NEWS yesterday that police told her’…. the clue is there. Someones hearsay…whos probably no more informed than you are
          I quoted the police superintendent.
          get a grip on yourself …50 are dead after a terrorist massacre and you think ‘whats the fuss’ .
          Public Safety is what the police are saying, 50 people have had all their rights taken from them and you are prattling about ‘freedom’ as though you really care a %$#@

          • Gerrit

             /  10th April 2019

            I guess you did not read the linked story?

            “Organiser Adrienne Miller told 1 NEWS that people were horrified at the decision but safety needed to come first. She told 1 NEWS yesterday that police told her the Matakana service had “a higher risk of vehicular terrorism”.

            The organiser was told by Police, that is not hearsay.

            But you can believe what you want to believe. I guess you will also call “hearsay” evidence what the organiser of the Helensville said?

            “In addition, Les Coste from the Kaipara RSA in Helensville has posted on social media that events west of the city are cancelled. He said he has inspected all possible venues in Helensville with police but “they do not meet the current high-risk Government requirements”.

            If “prattling” about freedom is repugnant to you; than the value you place on freedom is minimal.

            50 people had their right of freedom to worship taken away and as an answer to that you want to curtail even further; freedom?

            Your logic is %$#@

  5. Gerrit

     /  10th April 2019

    The more you think about the “threats” to public safety announced by the state and Police in regards Anzac day services, the first places they would have shut down would be all Mosques (and Churches). Why just Anzac services and and not ALL places where the public gather.

    Unless the Whaleoil comment has merit and the Police have received vehicular terrorism warnings but are keeping silent so as not to be labelled Islamophobic?

  6. Corky

     /  10th April 2019

    Talking of SB.

    The creeping power of the state.

  7. Blazer

     /  10th April 2019

    talking about SB…it stands to reason that a loathsome,obnoxious individual would marry someone with the same….virtues!

    • Corky

       /  10th April 2019

      Birds of a feather, eh, Blazer.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  10th April 2019

        Well, yes, Blazer, and the same sort of people admire them.

        • Mother

           /  10th April 2019

          A phobia is when an individual is frightened of something.

          Islamophobia is presenting itself mainly through people whom are afraid of freedom. These people label the free thinkers as Islamophobic. They often start speaking and behaving aggressively too. It also seems to be coming from people who claim to be without religion yet behaved with unreasonable/strange spiritual emotives regarding March 15.

          There could be a lot less angst if individuals studied basic history re Christianity and other religions.

          SB and the likes are just pushing back. They also deserve a respectful space to learn. I realise that’s difficult for Mr Slater’s victims to hear.

          The thing with ‘Christians’ is that they truly are the only individuals on earth who are free to learn and grow. I wish that Mr Slater would properly apologise/repent, but it’s his life.

          Worrying about how ‘Christians’ are behaving is no excuse for avoiding the religion issue.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  10th April 2019

            You must know that ‘phobia’ has expanded its meaning to mean a narrowminded, bigoted dislike in cases like homophobia. It’s meant that for at least 20 years.

            A phobia in the other sense is much more than being frightened; it’s a terror of whatever it is.

            Mindless bigotry isn’t free thinking.

            • Mother

               /  10th April 2019

              If the phobia of Islam is because of terror, then it is good for us to figure out how to ensure that sort of terror never takes hold in our country.

              SB’s views do not show mindless bigotry. She is also free thinking. It’s good.

              Sometimes the moderate need to listen more open mindedly to those whom they mislabel as protagonists.

              Free thinking and free speech – the antidote for mindless bigotry.

            • Kitty Catkin

               /  10th April 2019

              She is showing viciousness and bigotry and making untrue statements about Muslims. It may not be mindless, but it’s bigotry and prejudice, not free thinking. Lies are not free thinking.

              You are deliberately misunderstanding the meaning of Islamaphobia. I can’t be bothered to explain it again.

            • [This comment has been addressed in a post Addressing misinformation on Islam and Islamophobia]

  8. Kezza

     /  10th April 2019

    Is it really sb, or cam posting. Gotta wonder sometimes…..

  1. Atkins still promoting and stoking Islamophobia at Whale Oil — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition