Summary on Brexit

A summary on what hasn’t been happening about Brexit from Missy:

Due to some matters beyond my control I have not been able to post on the Brexit dramas of the last couple of weeks, so sorry if anyone missed the posts, though to be honest you haven’t missed anything in terms of Brexit as it hasn’t happened yet – despite supposed to have happened on 29 March.

A Quick summary of the main points:

  1.  May has yet again asked for an extension from the EU, she wanted one until 30 June, but has agreed to an extension up until 31 October. I am not sure if this means the UK will have to partake in European Elections (I hope so).
  2. The Government and Labour have been in talks to come up with an agreement that could pass the house, it would most likely include a second referendum and remaining in the customs union (nicely referred to as a customs union so as not to make voters think they aren’t leaving). Though both have reportedly been ruled out by Theresa May (as was extending beyond 29 March, extending beyond 22 May, extending beyond 30 June…. )
  3. Earlier this week a new law was given Royal Consent requiring the PM to go back to the EU to ask for an extension if directed by Parliament, and effectively ruling out the UK voluntarily leaving without a deal, which means the UK are at the mercy of the EU regarding their leaving arrangements. However, I haven’t read the law, and this morning there was discussion about it where a lawyer indicated that it does not require her to follow Parliament’s direction after this extension, and that it just pertained to going back for an extension this time. I don’t know if that is correct, but we can only hope.
  4. A group has taken court action against the Government stating that extending Brexit is in fact illegal under UK law and the UK should have left on 29 March with no agreement.

All in all this seems very much an action by May to try and force Parliament to vote for her deal, it is becoming a bit of a stand off between her and Parliament.

The Conservatives cannot bring another Confidence vote in her leadership until December under their party rules, however, one can hope that enough pressure is applied to her that will force her to quit (though I doubt it). In May there are local body elections, and many campaigning have already stated they are having problems, Conservative candidates are being told they will not get votes due to not having left the EU yet, some Conservative activists and volunteers have gone on strike and are refusing to campaign, and the Conservatives are down 10 points in the polls.

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  1. Gezza

     /  12th April 2019

    A circus now very well-placed to contend with Trump’s for world recognition as the best.

    • Duker

       /  12th April 2019

      How many other times have members of the EU put their new treaties to the public for a vote and lost!
      eg 2005 France and Netherlands referendums for ‘EU Constitution , both lost

      One previous ‘country’ has left the EU – Greenland

      referendums on joining the Euro in both Sweden and Denmark were lost.

      Norway voted against joining the EU , but the political elite went ahead and made the country a partial member, doesnt formally belong but follows all the rules.

      Switzerland has twice rejected joining the EU and last year ‘agreed/was forced’ to a wider agreement to follow EU rules – but refused to sign it

      This sort of deadlock and somersaults was the reason why Mays government didnt want the House of commons to have a vote on the Brexit details anyway.

      Obama could get any treaties through the US Senate , so he just used an executive order on things like the IPCC Paris Accord , which were easily overturned.
      Trump of course has withdrawn the US from the Senate ratified Nuclear arms treaty with Russia ( which strangely doesnt rquire further ratification)

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  12th April 2019

    The burning question is why? How has a government and Parliament supposedly full of sane and intelligent people been reduced to this level of impotent imbecility?

    • Duker

       /  12th April 2019

      Its simple.
      There are extreme remainers and brexiteers who are sabotaging the process. Not helped that both May and Corbyn arent seen as ‘uniters’ and are despised by ‘some of their own MPs’ – almost like most US democrats despise Trump.
      The other factor is the EU bureaucrats are especially hated and are untrustworthy .

  3. Patzcuaro

     /  13th April 2019


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