Mueller inquiry highlights lack of trust in US Government

The Robert Mueller inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 US election has driven growing division in the United States, and has highlighted the lack of trust in the US government.

Neither side of the political divide looks good, not looks likely of addressing the dismal decay of democracy in the US.

Frank Miele (RealClear Politics): Mueller Report Is Litmus Test for a Divided Society

What the litmus test of the Mueller report reveals is whether or not we as individuals, as political parties and as Americans have faith in our government.

According to a recent poll, 84 percent of Americans want the entire report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller released to the public.

They aren’t satisfied just knowing that the investigation into President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia is over after two years.

They aren’t satisfied with the attorney general, a distinguished public servant, explaining the results of the investigation as he is mandated to do by law. No, they want to see the report for themselves … they want to go over it with the proverbial fine-tooth comb and hunt down every inconsistency, every missing comma, every hidden clue that what they already know to be true is indeed true — that they can’t trust the government, that the wool is being pulled over our eyes, that the system serves some ulterior purpose and works on behalf of someone or some group that is not us.

That is a horrid condition for the body politic to find itself in. It suggests a complete lack of confidence in our leaders, in our institutions, even in our Constitution.

What the demand for transparency means at its core, however, is that we don’t trust government.

That distrust has been earned over many years and many governments and presidents.

What undermines our Constitution and our government is people like Nancy Pelosi questioning the motives and honor of good people who have chosen public service as a higher calling while at the same time she tirelessly defends James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper, who appear to have used their plenary powers to intervene in 2016 and either prevent or subvert the election of Donald Trump.

I think that Trump has probably done more than anyone at trying to undermine the motives and honour of people, especially those involved with the Mueller inquiry – including Robert Mueller. He repeatedly called what Mueller was doing a witch hunt and a virtual coup attempt – until the Barr summary suggested there was no evidence of wrong doing by Trump.

The only way we can make the litmus test for trust in government the same for all Americans is if we test that trust through fair investigation. Don’t just tell us that Mueller can be trusted, but Barr can’t. Subject both of them — and all of our public servants — to the same rigorous examination. Find out where the truth leads. We’ve had two years of investigation of President Trump based on salacious allegations funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now let’s apply the same level of scrutiny to the Democrats who have assured us without evidence for two years that the president colluded with Russia.

Miele is not helping the state of division in US politics here.  The Democrats certainly should be held to account,

The release of the Mueller report – that is expected soon – is likely to reignite an already volatile political situation. Unfortunately, expected redactions are unlikely to quell the inflammatory rhetoric and accusations flying in all political directions.

The shining beacon on the hill is a flaming inferno of dysfunction of democracy.

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  1. David

     /  16th April 2019

    The Democrats and media have been screaming Russia collusion with zero evidence for 2 years, salivating the arrival of the Mueller report and then it lands and now they are scrambling around in denial. They should be cheering that the President is not a Russian plant.
    Brennan, Clapper and Comey should have advised Trump there could be a Russian interference in their campaign like they did with Diane Feinstein when it turned out she had a Chinese spy as a her driver.
    I am looking forward to the investigation into Obama,s agencies spying on a rivals election campaign, Brennan and Clapper have shown themselves as appalling partisan hacks ill suited to the roles they had and now they having earned hundreds of thousands with their near daily appearances on CNN and MSNBC saying they had inside information well it turns out they were lying arseholes. Its like CNN and MSNBC having dodgy lawyer Avenatti on almost daily and the worst sort of confirmation bias.

  2. FarmerPete

     /  16th April 2019

    Well it was a faux inquiry designed to take down a president based on secret surveillance and a false narrative, so why shouldn’t he call it a witch hunt and a virtual coup? On its face that appears to be close to the truth. Who could blame anyone who is innocent of claims such as these from shouting his innocence at every opportunity? Seems reasonable to me.
    This damage has been wrought almost exclusively by democrats who have taken the false narratives to extremes and continue to peddle it shamelessly (eg Schiff, Nadler and that plonked from California) at very opportunity.
    I don’t particularly like Trump. He is the archetypal ‘ugly American’, but he is who was elected. Interestingly, I was reading one commentary the other day which viewed the hacking of DNC emails as a Russian effort to help Bernie Sanders in the primaries as then no one gave Trump a snowballs chance of winning the presidency.

  3. The Consultant

     /  16th April 2019

    In this case, the redactions will apply to Grand Jury testimony, as the law demands, for the very sound reason that when a GJ does not bring an indictment there is no reason for the information about the accused to become public, otherwise it can be used to smear the accused when the evidence and arguments were not even enough to bring a prosecution, let alone a conviction.

    Then there’s evidence gathered by the security agencies that may well be redacted because they don’t want their methods exposed.

    Of course, given that this entire thing was a political, partisan shit-show from the start, most of the redeacted stuff will be leaked sooner or later, depending on what further conspiracy theories are developed from it.

    I almost expected to see Miele use that phrase, now that the spotlight begins to turn on the Democrats. It’s a standard tactic in the US, that when the Democrats are in a spot of bother, the MSM write the story about how the GOP are “taking advantage of” or “pouncing” on the problem – which makes the story about that, rather than the Democrats.

    And of course, the MSM are not talking much about their contribution to this environment, of which just one great example was the way they talked up this thuggish, corrupt clown as someone who could take on, and take down, the dreaded Trump. It got so bad that even our local fool, Russell Brown, was excitedly Tweeting about the man: courtesy of some 200 appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Colbert, Maher, etc, etc…

  4. The Consultant

     /  16th April 2019

    Well it was a faux inquiry designed to take down a president based on secret surveillance and a false narrative,…

    And note that the latter claims were all based on information that was either available in 2016/early 2017 as this all started to spin up, or could be deduced by anybody with some knowledge of how things work in the murky world of legal/intelligence, or was dug up by the likes of GOP Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes. One outsider who should take a bow is Andrew McCarthy of National Review, a former prosecuter with the NY Souther District, a man who worked closely with the FBI to convict the so-called “Blind Sheik”, and therefore someone who knew what he was talking about on these sorts of cases. He pegged the problems with the whole thing from the start.

    But all of these people and all their arguments, and even the facts they presented, were laughingly dismissed or attacked as conspiracy theory and excuses and “whataboutism” by the geniuses of CNN, MSNBC and the rest, echoing the Democrat Party as usual. And naturally that flowed into blogs like this in faraway NZ.

    I’d like to think that the host and most commentators here feel like a right bunch of Charlies, but I suspect that normal transmission will resume as fast as it has for Rachel Maddow, who frankly should be placed on the same level of credibility as Alex Jones – but won’t be.

    • FarmerPete

       /  16th April 2019

      Completely agree about Andrew McCarthy. His commentary is detailed, insightful, and based on significant experience. Mollie Hemingway and Kimberley Strassell are also worth reading.

  5. Gezza

     /  16th April 2019

    I think of the US political system as like watching an out of control stock car race. You can see the vehicles all careering around smashing into each other & bits flying off (a lot of the Trumpmobile’s getting regularly ejected from his machine) & I wonder which one will finally which be first past the chequered flag & what sort of condition both it, and the track, will be in.

  6. FarmerPete

     /  17th April 2019

    Another excellent piece by Andrew McCarthy today about the whole ‘spying’ issue.


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