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18 April 2019

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  1. Blazer

     /  18th April 2019

    look at the numbers in this scenario…private opertators licking their lips,look how far wrong Goff’s figures are.Can find 300million for rich layabouts to put on a yachting event ,no problem at all.

  2. lurcher1948

     /  18th April 2019

    Jacinda Ardern our PM in TIMES MAGAZINE as a TOP influential women in the world.
    Simon Bridges in the dog box and on the way out(damn that dagger hurts)right Simon
    Where to now for National other than a”night of the long nights” and years in opposition

    • Corky

       /  18th April 2019

      I bring you greetings from the PM, Lurchy. I was in her presence. She put on a good show.
      She was showered with praise..and good kai. Son, you should be lucky I have lowered myself to reply to you. I have been sanctified.

  3. Corky

     /  18th April 2019

    This is an interesting clip. It shows the lengths China will go to to protect its culture and reputation. That’s something I’m continually accusing the West of not doing…protecting our culture. However, this is ridiculous and shows how nasty China is under the smiles and bowing.

    This chap is an MMA ( mixed martial arts) fighter. MMA is a typical Western construct. It takes what works and chucks the rest. Reputation and lineage aren’t has to work on the street and in the ring.

    So this chap introduces MMA to China and goes after what he considers are fake Chinese martial arts masters. He beats the crap out of a few and shows them up.

    Long story very short…he is abused in China and accused of trying to invade the country using a foreign power. His social media accounts are deleted ( admittedly he did criticise people) and that’s it. In China, China comes first, whether something is right or wrong.

    • Blazer

       /  18th April 2019

      can’t beat the yanks Corky…

      • Corky

         /  18th April 2019

        Notice when it came to the crunch, the first thing they did was engage like Western wrestlers.

  4. Yesterday Arvo. I attended a forum on ‘Cannabis & Mental Health’ at the ‘Whakamana Museum/Cafe’ : 2 doctors (talking med-use issues), a mental health nurse (introduced the topic). a mental health patient (who uses the herb to relieve her anxiety), a political activist (talking the upcoming Reeferendum etc.) a PhD specialist (historical issues) & a ‘Green fairy’ (reality of Med-uses today)..
    it was MC’d by the delightful ‘Ms Mayhem’ (dressed as Queen Victoria – a Med-cannabis user from 19th century).

    It was good to see the turnout & the open discussion/Q&A
    It was filmed & Im hoping to get a link ASAP ?

  5. Jacqueline Walter, Makarewa, Southland

     /  18th April 2019

    I might smell a rat,

    wondering if there’s a peecanzer, a staunch calvinist somewhere, who said (unless I misunderstood) that the vicious parts in various holy books were acceptable for their time but do not constitute hate speech in the present because it’s OK to understand those writings ahistorically. In other words, there is some strange twist for understanding and applying them now? No thank you.

    Beware religious people who apply academic leanings to scripture according to their personal attitude to life. If it does not fit with your understanding of your personal position in the world, whilst genuinely practising open mindedness within your own spiritual search, it is probably outdated hogwash.

    The PCANZ are a cruel church. This is one of NZ’s best kept secrets. I will always love them, however the distance between them and I is widening with every YourNZ experience. Thanks again PG.

    I am academically unlearned re political Islam (I gave you a scholarly scientist to check out – Bill Warner) but I can speak for the Bible. Scripture is wonderful. If there is ever a book which can move with the times, while gently moving individuals, it’s the Bible.

    The concept that the vicious parts of the Bible may be dealt with in the same way that ‘peacemakers’ want to explain away the cruelty in Islam’s books, is a confusion.

    I suspect my gripe about this issue comes down to one thing. Unless I’m barking up the wrong tree, I think that the calvinist on site, a person who believes in good Presbyterian church governance, struggles to respect women.

    Wherever there’s a struggle to respect women, the children are hurt, and next generations struggle.

    Just so as I can’t be too misunderstood, I am not a feminist. I reckon that if I lived in the times of women needing the vote, I would’ve kept away from public protests. I would have waited for the thinking men to sort out the arrogant men. And I would have quietly supported women who genuinely found themselves at the forefront publicly.

    And that’s the crux of where Kiwis are at. I want the thinking men to use their strength to get louder. From what I’ve seen, successful men in the world are generally more respectful of women than the clergy and their followers. I wonder what would happen if more people privately read scripture. I wonder if they might get a pleasant surprise that actually they are closer to the truth and to God than they realised.

    God’s story is all about equality, not tyranny (including tyranny in its myriad of ‘Christian’ disguises). There will be an end one day and I’m hoping that, upon His return, Jesus will find Kiwis practising equality. Wouldn’t it be lovely if our political allies and us were to be found relatively safe and happy? I believe it’s possible.

    I’m off YourNZ again. I need to keep away from sharks.

    • Blazer

       /  18th April 2019

      you are barking up a wrong tree.

      I’m off YourNZ again. I need to keep away from sharks.’…again!

      sharks,rats,peecanzers,calvinists…the worlds a dangerous place.

    • MaureenW

       /  18th April 2019

      More farewells than Dame Nellie Melba.

    • Griff.

       /  18th April 2019

      Leaving and never coming back

      (commonly LANCB) is an internet euphemism whereby a frustrated participant in a forum, or blog, or whatever, takes away their ball and refuses to play. Sometimes this occurs after grandly declaring “victory,” but more often when they are simply unable to get their own way. Often times, the LANCBer cannot get his or her way because the forum is riddled with sycophants who gang up on them, even though the LANCBer is clearly correct.

      It is usually publicly announced, done with great fanfare, and followed by a quiet return within a week or even within a few minutes. A statement of LANCB virtually guarantees a return, thus destroying any ultimata or idealism involved in their “leaving.”

      A particularly grandiose LANCB is often referred to as a flounce. The word can also be a verb, as in “user Tyranny_of_Evil_Women flounced out of the forum, but he was back three days later posting as AgentLemon.” If accompanied by a particularly emotional farewell speech, this is also known as a grand staircase exit. A particularly acrimonious LANCB is called a ragequit.

      It is a common affliction with internet users who are in urgent need of the wahmbulance.


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