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  1. duperez

     /  21st April 2019

    Trump for public consumption: “We have won.”

    “President Donald Trump has just declared that ISIS’s so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq is “100 percent” defeated, touting it as one of his administration’s biggest foreign policy successes and one his predecessor wasn’t able to achieve.”


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  3. Missy

     /  21st April 2019

    Christians and Tourists targeted by suicide bombers in Sri Lanka.

    The significance of targeting and killing Christians at church on Easter Sunday, the most important day of the year for Christians, can’t be missed, though no-one has claimed responsibility as yet.

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  21st April 2019

    The Paris protestors are now into their 23rd week. They’re including the Notre Dame restoration cost in their protests, ignoring the fact that much has come from corporations (or so it said on the news) and that it would go nowhere if it was distributed among those on low incomes.


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