Blogs can be echo chambers for the disgruntled in opposition

Something I have noticed on political blog commentariats since the 2017 election is the increase in moaning on Kiwiblog, and a better tone at The Standard. For forums that are largely aligned with the left or right, or with National or Labour, the tone of comments seems to be significantly affected by whether the preferred party and politics are in Government or in Opposition.

This came up at Kiwiblog today in response to what are common complaints about the perceived affect of moderation on commenting there.


By the way moderators, what has happened to what was once a robust, feisty liberal blog? It appears to be moribund now and I wonder why I bother to write. It is sad to see the passing of good history.

Charmaine Hawke:

I will also add what happened to if we can determine who you are you will bypass moderation? It seems to me very few of the regulars are getting through.
DPF why didn’t you just say everyone will be moderated and leave it at that.


the real time conversations you used to be able to have to thrash out ideas

That’s been slowly dying on KB for a while now sadly, imho. It was happening before moderation.
KB was better when National was government. Now it’s a bit of an echo chamber for the disgruntled. I’m guessing the Standard was a bit like that when Labour was in opposition.

I think to an extent at least SGA is right.

The Standard commenting quality seems to have improved since the Labour led Government took over, and Kiwiblog does seem to have taken over more of the  “echo chamber for the disgruntled” mantle.

Whale Oil has also become more or an echo chamber for the disgruntled, but the chief disgrunter was moaning a lot about the last government when he was cut out of the information and leak channels. Now with SB in charge she seems to be trying to model on more on Breitbart, with more ‘conservative’ (extreme) Christian leanings as well.

Has The Daily Blog changed?  I don’t follow things much there, I find the website a mess and difficult to find my way around, so don’t bother most of the time, but there are indications that Martyn Bradbury has moved his criticisms of National to criticisms of Labour since the change of Government. he isn’t keen on the greens and there is no other party that suits his politics to back.

Update – I just checked out The Daily Blog and Bradbury, obviously dismayed at the CGT capitulation, is promoting the idea of a far left ‘anti-neoliberalism’ party to challenge Labour’s lack of real transformation:

A new political party in the wake of the CGT betrayal & the Politics of Kindness vs the unCivil Service

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  1. Gezza

     /  22nd April 2019

    In the wake of the CGT betrayal I think a Political Party dedicated to fighting neoliberalism could get 5% but it would need to be led by someone Boomers respected while also appealing to Gen Xers & Millennials – we need our own Corbyn or Sanders.

    I can’t see anyone either of those two coming out of the woodwork & somehow managing to get a party up & running & scoring 5% of the vote.

    But the litany of obvious policy failures & hidden proposed support services funding cuts listed in his blog post show how ill-equipped this coalition is to achieve Labour’s & Ardern’s stated “warm & fuzzy” policy goals and vision for a better society.

    The head of Oranga Tamariki should probably be out on her ear, but lord knows what further chaos her departure might bring & whether anyone can pull that organisation together & make it work. Seems like the child welfare services department has just about been battered to death – it must be very depressing to work there at the sharp, delivering services, while Head Office forever farts around with fancy titles, models, concepts & PR, things just get worse.

    Martyn, if you want to see your new party fixing all these ills, you have to figure out how to get the money for them, where else to stop the spending, & how to get any of your candidates re-elected if they can’t force a coaltion to know WTF it’s doing.

  2. Duker

     /  22nd April 2019

    They all make the same mistake TOP and Gareth Morgan made. They think its all about the policy.
    What they ignore is something far more important : Trust. Politicians are right at the bottom of the scale when it comes to being trusted by the public.
    Morgan had money and coherent policies and he was likely well regarded before politics.
    but that only gives him 2% . Kim Dotcom and Harawira even less. A lesson lost on Bradbury.
    What is interesting was Colin Craig/ Conservatives with his money got to 4%, it seems that wrapping yourself in a christian political cloak will give you a lot more credence amoung that core of voters to whom that matters.

    Bradbury seem to be politically niave, he gives the types of leader of a small hard left party as a Sanders or Corbyn but misses the obvious about those two.
    They have run under the mainstream party name. The reason they do that is because it gives a credibility they dont have on their own.

  3. Kitty Catkin

     /  22nd April 2019

    I only come to YNZ, so don’t know what’s happening on other blogs. From what you say, Pete, I’m not missing much.


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