Anzac Day 2019

While it’s worth remembering the sacrifices of wares last century, one of them now over a hundred years ago, and remembering the relations that many of us had who were involved in both World Wars as well as other wars, perhaps it’s time we moved the focus more to the present and the future.

We are very unlikely to see repeats of the large number of boys and men sent into battle, often wantonly and needlessly.

But the same mentality of mostly if not exclusively men abusing power by ordering death and destruction seems to be  all to prevalent. We may be just one bad decision away from a world catastrophe.

So while learning from the past we need to apply those lessons to changed times and a changed world.

We should reach out to our neighbours and all our fellow Kiwis, learn to show more love, more understanding, and more tolerance of differences.

We shouldn’t just sit waiting, dreading what some stupid bastards may inflict on the world.  We should be thinking of how we can reduce the risks.

Sure we should remember the red poppies representing blood spilled in historic wars.

But we should look more to the white poppies of peace.


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  1. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  25th April 2019

    That image looks like white opium poppies.(Papaver somniferum)

  2. lurcher1948

     /  25th April 2019

    Thank god people turned up despite the fear of an attack from white supremacist rightwing Australians, thanks go towards the police for keeping us safe and we remember 50 New Zealanders killed by an Australian terrorist.(the unspecific terrorist threat)

  3. Gezza

     /  25th April 2019

    I wondered whether the local Tawa Anzac Day parade would be going ahead today seeing there may be a demand for the police to be present in greater numbers at the main ceremonies in Wellingto today. But coming back from the shops I noticed the road cones are out in the usual places at the war memorial, there’s activity around the RSA “parade ground” forecourt, & I also observed a female NZDF army officer kitting up in dress uniform nearby, so it looks like it’s all on again this year & I’ll listen out later for the merry, melodic & plaintive riffs & grace notes of the pipe band that always leads it – and see how many of our NZDF, police, & First Responder services attend this year.

    • Gezza

       /  25th April 2019

      Yep. Parade went ahead. The usual participants & onlookers assembled. Ceremony about to begin. Armed cop each end. Their police cruisers parked in the middle of the roads, blocking vehicle access, lights flashing. Glocks holstered on hips.

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