Media watch – Friday

26 April 2019


Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media.

A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy.

A general guideline – post opinion on or excerpts from and links to blog posts or comments of interest, whether they are praise, criticism, pointing out issues or sharing useful information.

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  2. Duker

     /  26th April 2019

    Hate to think of the TOP policies that were cynically put up as ‘straw men’ but never any real prospect of implementation if they joined a new government as a low impact confidence and supply partner.

    Hers the Labour party manifesto on tax

    Set up a Tax Working Group, to ensure that there is a better and fairer balance between the taxation of income and assets, in particular the capital gain associated with property speculation. The outcomes of this Working Group – if any – will not take effect until the 2021 tax year

    Poor old Morgan doesnt read the manifesto closely but instead takes it to mean what he thinks it means.
    I understand labour have a formal process to decide the manifesto through party conferences

    Sounds pretty comprehensive outline to me. Talking about a ‘review’ of some kind is a common method from all parties to position themselves as interested in a topic but only commit themselves to ‘watch this space’


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