“You have useless Māoris”

A Labour list MP attacked National Māori MPs in Parliament yesterday. A non-Māori person could not have made this speech without being damned widely.

I want everyone to tell Simon today, the Māori support him in Labour. He’s got our full support. Peeni Henare, has offered to do a waiata for him. Willow-Jean Prime will help him with his reo, because it’s so tragic. We will support Simon, even though the National Party won’t.

Look, I understand most of the Māori in the National Party are useless. We understand that—apart from our good man, Nuk Korako, who’s going today. What a good man, sad he’s being [Interruption] it’s so sad he’s being booted out of the National Party because he supports tino rangatiratanga and the Māori in Labour.

So the only good ones in there: Nuk; Shane Reti because he delivered Peeni Henare’s babies; and Harete Hipango.

That’s about it, the rest are useless. Paula Bennett, well, she doesn’t know if she’s a Māori, some day’s she does and some days she doesn’t; Dan Bidois, he needs to go back to Italy; and Jo Hayes, Jo wouldn’t have a clue. A great example of that with Jo was when she did her whānau ora attack on us and failed miserably…

So I want to say to the National Party today, who are split and divided, yes, you have useless Māoris, apart—but the good one is going today, one of the best is going today, Nuk Korako. However, we’re backing Simon. Please get that message to him, because he’s desperate. We saw him today. He’s desperate there, grovelling for more support, shocking the way he was insulting us. But he’s from Ngāti Maniapoto, I’m from Ngāti Maniapoto, and I’m obliged to help him. Kia ora tātou.

That speech should be seen as disgraceful from anyone. And while Willie Jackson may have delivered it without any sign of shame, it should have embarrassed his Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

In particular, questioning a person’s Maoriness was condemned.


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  1. “You have useless maoris” and here’s me thinking he was talking about Shane Jones.

  2. Gezza

     /  2nd May 2019

    Willie Jackson. 🙄

    The General Debate. Traditionally there’s a wide tolerance allowed in these for humour & hyperbole & they are frequently not much more than one stand-up comedy act after another.

    Willie has been doing stand up comedy for years & it looks like he can’t break the habit. His performances at Question Time have often been winceable to watch for their lack of depth & understanding of his role.

    It seems ludicrous for him to be criticising ANY member.

    But I agree with the sentiments that accusing other Maori MPs of not being Maori enuf is a despicable form of comedy that would cop no end of public flack & complaints to the Race Relations Office for any non-Maori. Willie can’t seem to get it into his head that he’s not still on the Willie & John radio show.

    One of Labour’s wastes of space in Parliament, I think. Not a good choice. And not up to standard, like Kelvin often is.

    Pity Audrey’s Ministerial Report Card in the Herald yesterday was premium content. I’d like to see what grade he got.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  2nd May 2019

      He was rude, insulting and offensive and should have been made to shut up and sit down. The whole speech was a disgrace and should be an embarassment to his party. It was repetitive and unprofessional in the way it was presented, and was totally inappropriate for an MP.

  3. Corky

     /  2nd May 2019

    When you don’t tow the collectivist line, you will receive the bash. It’s the Maori way. In that respect it’s not hard to see why Maori and Labour go together like salt and pepper. See West Side Tory’s tweet that again implies keeping things in the ‘whanau.”

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