Paywalled political content and reaching an audience

When politicians use media to get their message out they generally want as big an audience as possible.  So if one media source puts most political content behind a paywall, who are politicians more likely to talk to?

If politicians think that a story has to be made public but they want as little exposure as possible perhaps the paywall approach helps them do this.


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  1. NOEL

     /  5th May 2019

    Between elections are non partisan voters really interested..
    Muck taking and spin aint that interesting.

  2. David

     /  5th May 2019

    I just dont think enough stuff happens in NZ to warrant a paywall, there arnt enough interesting writers either.
    I guess given a choice if you want good coverage you just go to Stuff

  3. John

     /  5th May 2019

    This is a specific reference to the Auckland Blues rugby team, who are trying to insist that if Herald journos go to Blues training and press conferences, then what they write has to be available to all, and not behind the paywall. This is the same Auckland Blues that receives a substantial amount of money from subscription TV rights.

  4. Gezza

     /  5th May 2019

    If Stuff joins The Herald in requiring Premium Content subscriptions for political analysis I am likely to end up getting my political analysis entirely from Jessica Mutch-McKay, Katie Bradford, &, if he’s going to be a regular host of Q+A, Jack Tame. 😬 😮

    • David

       /  5th May 2019

      Good lord that sounds horrifying especially if you are still watching Al Jazeera. Mike is not behind the paywall thankfully but unfortunately HDPA is.

      • Gezza

         /  5th May 2019

        I like watching Al Jazeera tv for the up to date coverage it gives to a lot of world news that we never see anything of in NZ, obsessed as our tv news is with women’s mag trivia, shallow reportage, & Trump or bit players interacting with him.

        Much of Aljaz tv is just straight news, no particular political bias. They have a Western-liberal, pro-Islam, pro-Palestinian, anti-Trump bias. (They are for obvious reasons also now anti-anyone involved in the blockade against Qatar, & especially the Saudis.)

        So I take any news items or commentary on related issues there with a grain of salt, just like I do with CNN & Fox News & any reporting from the Israeli government. They interrupt their schedules & provide live screening of important breaking news events & speeches or important world leader or top state officials’ announcements regularly.

        Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to find any unbiased tv news reporting these days. It’s all parochial.

    • Duker

       /  5th May 2019

      Stuff will do it …just they have the For sale sign up at the moment and dont want to scare away viewers while buyers are kicking the tyres


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