Survey into Medicinal Cannabis use

A survey of users of medicinal cannabis has been launched. This should get useful information, but as a lot of medical cannabis use is likely to be illegal it may be difficult to get a comprehensive picture.

MCANZ launches its first study of Medical Cannabis users in NZ.

An unprecedented research project to discover how and why New Zealanders are using cannabis medicinally has been launched today by Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand.

The study, New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Use Research Survey 2019, is an online survey of patients using cannabis for medical reasons based on Australia’s Cannabis As Medicine Survey and has been designed in conjunction with University of Otago researcher Dr Geoff Noller. It has been granted ethics approval and is MCANZ’s first research project.

“During the Select Committee process last year, it became apparent that no one had any data on the trends in illicit medical use, such as the rate of criminalization or even a decent snapshot of what conditions were most common for illicit medical use,” says MCANZ Coordinator Shane Le Brun.

“The only research relevant was a Ministry of Health study on cannabis use dating from 2012-2013, and frankly, medical use was only an afterthought in that research,” says MCANZ Le Brun.

“This research is a first for MCANZ and we’re delighted to be working with  Dr Noller. This first survey will give us a snapshot of current medical use in New Zealand and establish trends and areas that will need focus in the setting up of New Zealand’s new medicinal cannabis regime.” says Le Brun

“The intent is for this study to be conducted every 2 years, so the first study will serve as a baseline for the future, particularly to measure the impact of the Medical Cannabis Scheme,” says Lead investigator  Dr. Geoff Noller.

“The study covers topics ranging from perceived medical efficacy, knowledge of harm reduction such as vaping, and the impact of criminality on medical use,” says Noller.

If you use medicinal cannabis you can do the survey here:

New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Use Research Survey 2019

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  1. Corky

     /  5th May 2019

    As I understand it, full spectrum hemp oil has far more cannabidiols(cbd) present than marijuana. Full spectrum hemp oil uses all parts of the plant to obtain the many constituents
    that are produced by different parts of the plant. At present, hemp oil is produced from the seeds only.

    CBD receptors in the human body were discovered in the 1990s. This led to an understanding that our bodies make compounds that influence these receptors.

    Deficiencies in these compounds are associated with a variety of treatment resistant conditions. Omega 3 fats are closely related to the bodies CBD receptors, making them more active. So, it’s understandable from this viewpoint why miracles happen for SOME people who use marijuana or hemp products. It also explain why health in the Western world continues to spiral downwards…if you are aren’t supplementing with Omega 3 , it’s almost a given you are deficient, That leads to an endocannabinoid deficiency in the body.

  2. knowledge is power.. as opposed to about 50 years of B-S on this issue

    Kia Kaha Shane & Dr Geoff 🙂

    • Thanks Zedd, I’ve been plotting this off and on since September-October last year, so its good to see it come to fruition finally. Already have a lot of responses!


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