Politikiwi – polling aggregation and politician popularity tracking for NZ politics

RobACNZ on Reddit: Introducing Politikiwi – A polling aggregation and politician popularity tracking site for New Zealand politics.

I’ve spent the last few months working on this for my software development portfolio, and I’m ready to show it off:


Politikiwi (portmanteau of “political” and “kiwi”) is a one-of-a-kind-in-New-Zealand web-app which offers:

– an aggregate of recent opinion polls.

– a political values test which tells users their ideology and suggests aligned political parties.

– a custom party leader popularity tracker which, using thousands of tweets and the power of natural language processing, measures the popularity of New Zealand’s political party leaders by day, week and month.

I plan to add more to the site in coming months, such as more insights into social media sentiment using the data I’ve gathered over the past few months, an articles section where anyone can submit content, and later on an awesome interactive web experience to view the results as they come in on election night in 2020.

Politikiwi’s Poll of Polls could be useful, but states:

Our custom poll of polls predicts the outcome of an election held today, based upon an aggregate of the most recently conducted polls. It assumes that all parties win the same electorates that they did in the 2017 election.

It doesn’t really predict what wukld happen if an election was held today.  We have little polling done now, so it can only base predictions based on a few historical polls.

No poll predictor can account for what will happen in an election campaign – the 2017 election being a prime example of how quickly things can change.

And the only safe assumption that can be made about electorates is that there will be changes next election.

The Party Leader Popularity is not really of much use, apart from feeding ‘dump the leader’ frenzies.

I’ll check the Measure Your Political Values test when I get time.

It’s good to have more political websites trying to provide useful rather information rather than partisan activism.

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  1. Politikiwi – polling aggregation and politician popularity tracking for NZ politics — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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