Media watch – Wednesday

8 May 2019


Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media.

A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy.

A general guideline – post opinion on or excerpts from and links to blog posts or comments of interest, whether they are praise, criticism, pointing out issues or sharing useful information.

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    More B-S from ‘Mikey’.. attacking the Govt. on this issue; politicising it, rather than presenting a ‘balanced, fact-based’ approach.

    After listening to some ‘Ignorant’ folks talking against Cannabis reform.. it is clear who is feeding them.. :/ 😦

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  8th May 2019

      Congratulations on having the patience to read this egomaniac’s maunderings.

    • duperez

       /  8th May 2019

      Excuse me? “Rather than presenting a ‘balanced, fact-based’ approach”? You are talking about Mike Hosking. 🙃

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  8th May 2019

    The Queen seemed displeased with the man who approached her and spoke to her (even I know that that is a major breach of etiquette) about the new arrival. ‘Another great-granchild.’
    Queen ‘I know.’


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