Searchable database of homicides in New Zealand

Stuff has put a searchable database of homicides in New Zealand online in The Homicide Report:

It encompases 1068 cases involving 591 men, 283 women and 194 young people from January 2004 to March 2019.

The project, which has been years in the making, aims to provide the public with a greater insight into the issue of homicide in New Zealand.

The Homicide Report asks: why do New Zealanders kill one another? Our unprecedented database yields some answers.

In many ways it illuminates the worst impact of some of New Zealand’s biggest social problems.

It shows there is a clear relationship between a neighbourhood’s homicide rate and the level of social and economic deprivation.

And it reveals the extent to which family violence, alcohol and drug abuse contribute to homicidal death in New Zealand.

The Homicide Report  relies on information from more than 800 coronial findings, hundreds of court documents, police sources and news stories from Stuff’s archives.

We categorised each case according to the victim’s age and gender, their relationship to the killer, cause of death, location and a host of others.

We then analysed them to look for significant groupings of homicides with similar characteristics that might reveal some underlying problem or cause.

The analysis reveals stark differences in the way men, women and children who are victims of homicide die and who kills them.

Being from 2004 only it does not include some of the most high profile murders, some of which keep coming up in the news and discussions.

The database search engine is here.


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  1. Duker

     /  13th May 2019

    Just thought I would do ‘replication’ check to see if its good data or a muddle

    Put Napier in location and got 32 results, however the similar sized neighbouring city Hastings has only 3 , so some red flags there
    click on one ‘Napier’ case a Lisa Corbett female 37 and guess what
    “The family of murdered Nelson woman Lisa Maree Corbett, who was killed by a former partner within earshot of her youngest child, say confronting her killer has put them back in control.
    Michael William Beca, 46, was yesterday sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison for the “callous” murder of Ms Corbett, 37, on the Spooner Range near Nelson in March last year.
    So Nothing to do with napier location at all. More red flags

    Only 5 homicides in Nelson. is Napier really 6x more ?
    Another check the last name in Napier
    Erka Xu who died from drowning ? A further check shows it wasnt because the small boat skipper didnt have lifejackets while off the Waitara Bar , Taranaki. Manslaughter an unusual case. So not Napier.
    Curious they didnt check why Napier is so much more homicides than other comparable cities

    How reliable are their other derived statistics ?

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  13th May 2019

      I hope that you will be writing letters to editors about these serious anomalies.

      I remember the sex offenders register which had a few people on it who should not have been.

      The article said that homicide is literally causing someone’s death (stating the obvious) I once narrowly avoided hitting a child who stepped right out in front of me. I slammed the brakes on and her father pulled her back; had I been going any faster (I had turned a corner) I would have hit her and possibly killed her. Would that be Stuff’s idea of homicide ?

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  13th May 2019

        Alas, the mosque murders have distorted the figures, especially the ‘killed by a stranger’ ones.


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