Teachers planning largest NZ strike ever

Primary and secondary school teachers are planning New Zealand’s largest strike ever the day before the budget. The Government has said they doing have enough money to meet the teacher’s demands.

I guess targeting the budget is symbolic, but it will be far too late to influence this year’s budget, which will have been settled weeks ago,.

RNZ:  NZ primary and secondary teachers vote for largest ever strike

Primary and secondary teachers across New Zealand have voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking joint strike action.

The two teachers’ unions – NZEI and the Post Primary Teachers’ Association – announced today a “mega-strike” on 29 May.

Primary teachers and principals have voted in secret ballots at meetings across the country over the last week, while the PPTA held an online ballot of secondary school teachers.

The joint strike will be the largest ever industrial action taken in New Zealand, covering almost 50,000 members across the two unions.

Both groups have refused to settle for three pay rises of 3 percent each and their talks with the Education Ministry have been deadlocked for months.

The government has insisted it will not increase the total value of its offers, which it said were more than $1.2 billion over four years. The government is willing to rearrange how the money might be applied to pay rises and staff claims.

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  1. Blazer

     /  13th May 2019

    not much sympathy for teachers at all…never said boo,when the Natz ruled the roost.

  2. Reply
    • Duker

       /  13th May 2019

      Shane Jones fund hasnt spent anything like $1 bill per year, in reality its much more the $200 mill per year target which was in labours own Provincial fund.

      Interesting to see Simon wanting to spend more money on teachers, I see they are indroducing a members bill for the ballot that allows new Mums 3 days in hospital after birth …because ?

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  13th May 2019

        Some need it. I understood that if someone doesn’t use hers, someone else can have it.

  3. Zedd

     /  13th May 2019

    The teachers are now striking, because they think, that a ‘Lab-led Govt. will at least listen.. rather than just carry on ‘union bashing’.. as happened for 9 loooong years under Natl. !

    BUT; Hipkins etc. are saying, they are offering $1.4bil (over 4 years ?) is ‘about as good as it gets’. I find it unbelievable that Natl would have us believe, that ‘things would have been better, under them’.. by continuing to ignore the workers & give bigger tax-cuts to the wealthy ?! SOOO.. ‘neo-liberalist’ thinking.. Capitalism/’Law of the jungle’ to the MAX :/ 😦

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  13th May 2019

      The joy of socialist education. Time for Ngati Whatua to start funding private education as well as health care for Maori?

  4. Trevors_elbow

     /  13th May 2019

    Probably a good thing … one less day for school kids to be brain washed with claptrap socialist thinking by poor performing teachers….

  5. Kitty Catkin

     /  13th May 2019

    If they are overworked and the classes are too big, extra pay will do nothing to change these things.


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