Tech companies, 17 Governments sign up to ‘Christchurch Call’

RNZ:  Tech companies and 17 govts sign up to Christchurch Call

Tech company and world leaders have signed an unprecedented Christchurch Call agreement to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

The meeting, the first of its kind, in Paris overnight saw all of the major technology companies, 17 countries and the European Commission sign up to the call initiated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron, in the wake of the Christchurch attack that killed 51 people.

The action plan asks tech companies to review the operation of their algorithms that are driving users towards or amplifying terrorist content online and find ways to intervene earlier.

Signatories to the ‘Christchurch Call’:

Australia, Canada, European Commission, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Companies: Amazon, Daily Motion, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Qwant, Twitter, YouTube.

This is a good start to dealing better with online extremism.

White House statement:

The United States stands with the international community in condemning terrorist and violent extremist content online in the strongest terms. Underscored by the horrific terror attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15, we agree with the overarching message of the Christchurch Call for Action, and we thank Prime Minister Ardern and President Macron for organising this important effort.

The full Christchurch Call statement:


Document here.

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  2. phantom snowflake

     /  16th May 2019

    • Duker

       /  16th May 2019

      Its the ‘hive mentality’ in the media, if one or two say it , then the others pile in …because ?
      PG was amoungst the naysayers un fortunately.

    • Corky

       /  16th May 2019

      The fat lady hasn’t legislated yet, PS.

  3. Pink David

     /  16th May 2019

  4. harryk

     /  16th May 2019

    ‘Tech companies, 17 Governments sign up to ‘Christchurch Call’ ‘

    Ahem. It’s non binding so they haven’t actually signed up to anything. Bit like me getting my kids to a sign a non binding no swearing charter. Signature costs them nothing and they can still swear.

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