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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  18th May 2019

    Where IS everyone ????

    • Gezza

       /  18th May 2019

      My pooks all disappeared when I was in hospital. I wasn’t too worried because once the triplets learned to fly into my back yard I had up to six of them turning up in my yard at all hours during the day, & the pooklets all freaked out whenever I went outside, shrieking & flying up into the trees. It got very noisy around here. Don’t think the neighbours were too impressed!

      They were also making a bit of a mess because pukekos could poo for the Olympics, frankly. So I began to shoo them out of the yard & feed them over the fence. Poor Sweety took it very badly. She looked really dejected when I insisted she had to hop down on the other side too. No more special feeds on thectop rail.

      I think the whole family moved North, upstream, & once my cousin left (she stayed with me a couple of days post-op & they didn’t know her, so would fly away when they saw her, it was quite strange not to have my little purple friends around.

      But around lunchtime today Bluey did a quiet little call & wandered cautiously up near the fence, & then Sweety joined him, so I fed them both some wheat over the fence, & they wandered back down to stream afterwards.

      The pair of them have just come back & hopped into the yard & nibbled some grass, & called softly to me, but I’m ignoring them because I think it’s time they went back to living in the stream. I don’t want the whole family visiting again. It’s a bit much, & at the rate they breed, once they get to full size the whole family’s too much of a handful.

      They’ve certainly given me a lot of pleasure & interest, watching & videoing them raising their pooklets over the last two years. I expect they’ll visit less often & eventually keep moving North, downstream.

      That’s what happened, I think, with Pooky & Bluebelle, who were the first pair I befriended but who moved on elsewhere when I went up to Northland for 3 weeks in November 2017.


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